How to Make Candles : Additional Recipes for Soy Candle Making

How to Make Candles : Additional Recipes for Soy Candle Making

For, this is Matt Freedman
owner of The Blue Creek Candle Company. In this clip we’ll be talking about today’s
candle recipe. To find out more about my candles please visit my website. Now you may have
a question as to why I chose golden yellow to make my sunflower color. Keeping in mind
that sunflowers are not lemon yellow bright, we want to go with a yellow that’s a little
bit darker than that and also it has a brown center in the middle of the sunflower. So
what I found is that this particular golden yellow that I have has a very slight tone
of brown in it, so I think that it creates the whole overall color effect of a sunflower,
incasing the brown and the yellow together. So we’re going to go ahead and pour this
now, we’ve got our wick and it’s nice and straight, I’m going to pour it from
this way. I’m going to pour kind of slowly, make sure there’s not a lot of air bubbles
in there and again we’re using a soy wax and this is a one pour wax. So once we’ve
got it poured all we have to do is let it cool and fill this up just a little bit more
and there you go. And we’re going to take our wick pin and we’re going to hold our
wick up in the middle and let it rest against that wick pin that way it will stay up and
we won’t have any problems about keeping that centered. Now all we have to do is let
it cool off, the candle will be ready to burn in about two hours. There you have it, a nice
quick simple easy recipe. That’s how you make candles.

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  1. how do you clean up the pot after having wax in it? Doesnt it stick?

  2. you dont warm the glass before pouring the wax into the gar so that the wax sticks to the glass and doesnt come off the side???

    and arent you supposed to dip your wick in wax?

  3. A LONGER video is much better then short clips. This is fragmented and seems very unfinished.

  4. When my wax dries it shrinks up and creates a hole or cave like area, then i have to pur more on top of that to get a smooth top. Any suggestions as to how to stop the holes from forming.

  5. doesn't appear to be any recipe for anything in this video, just a waste of time

  6. well done, i have learned a thing or two

  7. Every time I watch an expert village video the titel seems really nice, but the actual video is very unsatisfiying. The so called "experts" sometimes haven't even got a clue what they are talking about. This video for example the "expert" says the candle is ready to burn in 2 hours. Which is so wrong! It might look fully hardened after 2 hours, but it's still soft on the inside.

  8. Probably don't skip to part 4 and complain about a lack of information, just a clue.

  9. Hi I love the video, I'm having a problem with frost on my soy wax candle,temp was 160 degrees, also how many times can you reuse soy wax!.

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