How to Make Cinnamon Toast (two ways)

How to Make Cinnamon Toast (two ways)

Good morning John. Today, we are going to
be making cinnamon toast two different ways. First way. [Happy ska montage music] Mmmmm. The butter and the cinnamon and sugar
creates this like crust on the top that is hard and the bread is soggy underneath. That
is good stuff. This one’s good. This is what we call the soggy technique:
butter first, then toaster. Now we’re going to try the crunchy technique. [Heavy guitar
montage music] I’m not even gonna put this in my mouth! Team
soggy for life! If you’re confused right now, that’s kind
of the point. I just posted something on Tumblr about the way that I make cinnamon toast,
and people criticized me for it, saying that you should toast before you butter which is
ludicrous! There was something of a debate. People died.
I mean, people did die, in the world, while we were having the debate, but not actually
because of the debate. Though I don’t know. Team soggy, team crunchy,
there’s a lot of animosity there. I know I harbor some for those team crunchies out there.
I don’t know what they’re thinking! It may be that I’m projecting other stress
onto this situation though. I mean I don’t know what could possibly go aaarrrgggwwwwaaahh. It’s a metaphor! You put the killing thing
between your teeth, but you don’t let it kill Do you think that poster’s worth more or less
now that I’ve chewed on it? We just released the agenda. Like, what’s happening at what
times during VidCon two thousand and, what is it? 2014 right now? I don’t know. I also discovered during this process that
there are places where toaster ovens don’t exist. It’s like a tiny oven where you just
toast. For people who only have toasters, I understand
why you do team crunchy; it’s a limitation of your situation. That’s fine. You can however,
broil in the actual oven, if you have one of those. It’s just so much better. It’s so…
it’s so much better. We do a charity auction at VidCon, and I actually
need to go paint some anglerfish art for that auction so, bwaah! I’m painting art for the VidCon auction. Problem
is, I don’t know how to do that. [Katherine laughs] Turned out okay. I only said I would do two;
I did four. Housekeeping! Tank tops will be on sale until
Monday. So if you want get a tank top, the pre-order only lasts till Monday, then we
may bring them back we may not depending on how they sell. And if you haven’t heard about this or have
been postponing your ticket purchasing – Tour Because Awesome! With Hank Green and the Perfect
Strangers and Harry and the Potters and Driftless Pony Club and Andrew Huang and Rob Scallon,
all amazing musicians. We are going to have a blast. And I hope that you’re going to be there to
have a blast with us. Uh, there’s a link in the description if you want to get tickets,
they’re like fifteen to twenty dollars. Ugh. You wanna know something funny? When
I get really stressed out my defense mechanism is to get really sleepy. How to avoid stress?
I know! Unconsciousness. It’s great! I would totally rather that than just laying there
in bed thinking about stuff. I just, when I get stressed out like a light bulb I go
out. Like a light bulb with a hole drilled in the
side of it. They go out extra fast because there’s oxygen in the chamber. There needs
to be a vacuum, so that the filament doesn’t burn. Yeah, sometimes it’s just better to
not… better to not. Comments: Team soggy or team crunchy? Is that
poster worth more now or less now? Thanks to Michael Aranda for help with this
video. Thanks to everybody for their help with VidCon. And John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.

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  1. I melt the butter slightly, toast the bread, add the melted butter on top then the sugar/cinnamon mixture. But now I'm going to try it how Hank eats it. The sugar crust sounds yummy.

  2. i think it all depends on your toaster….with my 2 slot toaster I have to toast then butter. but cinnamon toast is the bumb

  3. I too stress sleep lol

  4. I can`t make it soggy cause i don`t have a toaster oven.

  5. so, this was the first vlogbrothers video i ever watched, 2 years ago. quite the video to start with. nevertheless, i subscribed immediately.

  6. I've never heard of cinnamon toast, but in Australia, we do the same thing… but we don't toast it… and instead of sugar its 100's and 1000's. It's called fairy bread, and its pretty good.

  7. Extra Crunchy No Butter Method for me. I can't comprehend why anyone would destroy perfectly good bread by spreading liquefied beef product on it.

    And I didn't think the poster was worth anything in the first place.

  8. I don't have a to sterling or an oven, so I toast by heating it on this square pan and flipping. I add the butter and cinnamon mid way through toasting, so I don't think I have a team

  9. 😂this is hilarious I love it


  11. im team cinnamon toast

  12. When you werent even aware team soggy existed until now…

  13. That INUYASHA poster.

  14. Team crunchy for life!!!!

  15. Still one of my favorite vlogbros videos

  16. I've never thought of toasting it after! Must try now!

  17. Many years later I've come to really appreciate the soggy method. People I've taught it to are often amazed and I am now the primary expert on toast in the Midwest.

  18. still one of my favorite vlogbrothers videos

  19. Team soggy all the way.

  20. The butter won't spread 🙁 Stick butter just makes for a terrible toast experience no matter how you do it. Microwaving doesn't help that much.


  22. I see Inuyasha 😮

  23. The puff level is high.

  24. Why in GODS NAME would you toast bread BEFORE buttering it? thats just senseless ANARCHY!

  25. Is it okay to say that I like both??? 🤷🏽‍♀️

  26. I lightly toast the bread, slather it with butter, let it melt, then pour a mixture of cinnamon and sugar (mostly cinnamon) until I can't even taste bread.
    Never heard of this method though, I should try it sometime

  27. Before i saw this video, i thought there wasnt another way to make cinnamon toast other than teem crunchy. BUT THAN I SAW THIS VID AND I WAS ALL LIKE: YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! TEEM SOGGY FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!

  28. I put my bread in the toaster until it's lightly golden and crunchy, spread butter and add sugar and cinnamon, the I microwave it just long enough for the butter to melt slightly. Then I top it with chocolate syrup.

  29. Team crunchy. Only because butter in a toaster oven can start fires.

  30. We're getting a toaster oven this Christmas I'm so excited to try team soggy

  31. Team crunchy. Why the hell would you want SOGGY TOAST???

  32. What the hell is up with these extremist Americans, gosh, can't you appreciate some sogginess, and then some crunchiness, it's just like the peanut butter war. I get you have a preference, but don't shame people for liking something different than you do.

  33. how about Team I Don't Have a Toaster or an Oven Because So Let's Just Use a Pan
    make a butter, cinnamon, sugar mixture
    spread that on your bread
    on the pan at medium high heat
    boom for every 3rd world house hold like the one i lived in when this video came out and i had no idea what a toaster oven was i needed this in my life

  34. TEAM CRUNCHY!!!!!!!!!

  35. Or do it the way my mom does for the best of both worlds. Put a thin slice of butter in each corner and one in the middle then toast it so you get the soft buttery parts and the rest gets crunchy.

  36. I have no toaster oven so crunchy ig

  37. I mean I've always toasted it first but then I add a lot butter so it makes the bread soggy and the top is still kinda crunchy bc of the sugar sooo

  38. I'd eat both of them :/

  39. Hank, have your shed your opinion on cinnamon toast yet?


  41. Sleep is also my defense mechanism!!! Team soggy!

  42. Soggy and more valuable

  43. Its worth more. The world is a sick, beautiful place.

  44. so you had and were more familiar with a toaster oven, but still were very familiar with a filamented light bulb?

  45. Officially converted from Team Crunchy to Team Soggy. Thanks, Hank.

  46. Don't call it soggy. Makes it sound bad.

  47. I was a crunchy fan, until I saw this video, and I tried it, and am now a proud soggy fan, though I have to use my oven

  48. Butter then toast!! Always!!!

  49. Is it bad that I put mine in the microwave? I don't have a toaster oven, so my choice is toaster or microwave. I choose microwave. #teamsoggy

  50. Mmmm blood bread my favorite

  51. Everytime I see that InuYasha poster I just fangirl.
    Also, did not know cinnamon toast was a thing, shall try soon.

    What way? Not even I know yet.

  52. my family has always put the cinnamon toast (made the first way obviously) in a bowl of milk, which makes it very extra soggy.

  53. There is not a question mark after the word 'Choose'.

    I am deeply offended.

  54. It's so strange to me that Americans seem to mostly all have toaster ovens. I didn't even know what one was until I was like 16 and I have seen exactly one in real life- we hardly even have them in stores in Australia, or at least in my city.

  55. Toast before butter.

  56. You use a real toaster to get it to the perfect crisp, then put butter and cinnamon and sugar on it like a sane human. What is this toaster oven madness?! That takes SOOOOO long!

  57. No bias whatsoever.

  58. I stopped watching for a few seconds and then suddenly it was all lightbulbs and furnaces.

  59. …Hank might be a little biased in this experiment…

  60. team soggy for life

  61. This feels a bit biased…..

  62. Making it soggy right now just because.

  63. I only have a toaster, so team crunchy for life


  65. 4 years later… I'm shook at how young and baby faced Hank looked here.

  66. I wish i was here when this was made THIS IS BEAUTIFUL

  67. I have literally never heard of making cinnamon toast by toasting the bread first.


  69. I use a stove to make toast

  70. #teamsoggy

    worth more

  71. That poster was definitely worth more after lol ❤️

  72. I think this video was one of the first ones that made me think: hmm… maybe i should subscribe, I am thankful for that now ^.^

  73. I’ve never put butter on toast that had another topping, but I have made toast with banana cinnamon and sugar

  74. vlogbrothers is slowly becoming a tasty clone

  75. when u try to be like HowtoBasic

  76. Hank, I think your tumblr got taken over? It's now a page about Forex trading?

  77. Isn't sleep another state of consciousness and not unconsciousness itself.

  78. I think this was the first vlog brothers video I watched and I remembered being very confused hahaha but loving ut

  79. The poster is probably worth more now

  80. I just realized that I need an oven toaster.

  81. "How to avoid stress: unconsciousness!"

    I think I heard that as a young and impressionable fifteen year old and, whether or not I realized it, adopted it as my entire life strategy. Results have been mixed. I'll check back in another five years with more data.

  82. maybe melt the butter and mix it with cinnamon and sugar in a separate pot, then toast your bread and spred you cinnamon-sugar-butter on top

  83. personally i do crunchy way because i dont have a toaster oven but otherwise SWOGGY

  84. i’m about five years too late, but what is cinnamon toast? i- what?

  85. Why don't you just… Not burn the toast

  86. Butter bread, add cinnamon and sugar then put in oven on broil. The only right way to make cinnamon toast. FYI, put cinnamon on and then sprinkle sugar on top. 😋👍

  87. They are both wrong!!!

  88. If you're making cinnamon toast in a regular toaster and it's not at least somewhat soggy when you bite into it, you're not using enough butter. It should soak INTO the toast and make it softer, THEN you add the cinnamon sugar.

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