How to Make Healthy All Natural Deodorant – DIY Organics

How to Make Healthy All Natural Deodorant – DIY Organics

In this video I’m going to show you easy way to make and all natural homemade deodorant. let’s talk first about why somebody would want to make their own deodorant. There is so much evidence now showing the problem and carcinogenic ingredients in regular
deodorants what most people don’t know is even in
the so-called healthy deodorants that don’t have aluminum and parabens in them, there are still so many
problematic ingredients that you want to avoid deodorants and antiperspirants are now being associated with higher rate of breast cancer and prostate cancer and the reason that is is because
when we’re sweating we’re eliminating toxins from our body when you use antiperspirant your blocking the ability for your body to eliminate these
toxins the reason these are being blocked is
because of aluminum aluminum itself is linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer the next ingredient you
want to avoid are parabens. Paraben are synthetic
preservatives Paraben exposure has been linked to birth
defects and organ toxicity and their suspected to disrupt hormone
balance this can lead to hormonal cancers including breast cancer now the Center for Disease Control
recently did a study in a hundred random urine samples they
found that all 100 of them had parabens in them, and it’s not just because deodorant is also in make up and so many other things but the point is how easily parabens and other
ingredients are absorbed through your skin. Anything you put on your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream as oppose eating it, where it goes through
your digestive system first. So often its worst to put anything
on your skin that’s bad for you, then it is to eat it. For this reason you wanna only put
things on your skin like your natural deodorant that are edible. The next ingredient you
want avoid is propylene glycol. Now even though all these healthy
deodorants have no aluminum and no parabens in them often the first ingredient they have
is this propylene glycol What this is, is an antifreeze and coolant, and its used in motor oil it’s slick so it’s used as a cheap way to
make your deodorant more easily applicaple to the skin now in
small amounts arguably it’s not bad for you but in large
amounts is been proven to me problems my central
nervous system as well as your heart and your liver
next you have fragrances which are bad amongst themselves but
the fragrances are legal way of hiding hundreds of
chemicals including thalates. These are used to create a better consistency that they’ve been
linked to birth defects and other problems. Next we want to avoid is triclosan Triclosan is used because of its
anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties the problem is it kills all you gut
bacteria. Leaving you more open to sickness and disease and digestive problems is classified as a
pesticide by the FDA and is a probable carcinogen by the EPA. In addition to these few ingredients that I mentioned
there are so many other ingredients on a label of regular deodorants and the so called healthy deodorants, that you really want to avoid
mainly because they’re not anything that you will eat
so you don’t wanna put them on your skin as I was saying earlier all the ingredients that we’re going to use in our deodorant we’re going to make you can actually ingest and are edible and they’re healthy for you as well let’s talk about what we want to put in
our deodorant. now to begin with when your skin the first protective measure that it has
is a fatty acid called sebum, and what this sebum does is it prevents infection and so many other bacteria from getting not only on your skin but into your blood stream. What happens when we shower and we use soap we wash that sebum off. We want to replace that with a similar oil that’s going to be
beneficial to you and that is coconut oil it’s also
antibacterial you always wanna look for organic unrefined virgin and cold pressed. Other ingredients that we want to use to help with the consistency is shea butter. this is also a great moisturizer in addition to that we’re going to use baking soda this has cleansing and antibacterial
properties but it also absorbs sweat if you have irritation from this deodorant, you’re going to want to use less of the is the baking soda another thing that we
use in there is arrow root power. This also absorbs sweat and then you want to put in some
essential oils this helps the fight bacteria and also gives it a great smell. So these ingredients alone for about twenty five dollars you can
have mabye two years of deodorant not only is it way better for you and
the environment is also way more economical and actually works better in my opinion you
don’t want to make this your cell in the blog below I have a couple of deodorants that I like The problem is they are just a little bit expensive, especially compared to what we doing here now if you want to take this a step
further there’s a few ingredients that you can add to this that are actually
really healthy for your skin the first one is coco butter, this has a
great consistency all in this together and has a high
melting point so it’s important add this in the summer and it is great for your skin. next we’re going to use beeswax because beeswax also helps that consistency and it’s also great for your skin I also
like to use bentonite clay because it’s so healthy for your skin it helps with allergies, excema, cuts, rash and acne and its often used as a mud mask warning with bentonite clays is if you use too much that it might stain light-colored clothing so you don’t wanna go with a whole lot of that. I also like to use a Vitamin E oil. couple drops of that because it’s
very good for your skin protects your skin and helps to repair it and prevents premature aging something else I like to put in there is
a capsule full of probiotic power. I do this because it provides good bacteria for your skin and this helps to fight off infection especially if you’re cut or something like underneath your arms from shaving. to make enough for one person in a typical container like this to start mix up the powders. Start with 2
tablespoons of arrow root powder 1 tablespoon of baking soda, if you decide to add the bentonite clay add a half of tablespoon of that. Next in a double boiler or small pan like this. Combine 1 tablespoon of coco butter a tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon shea butter 1 tablespoon of beeswax. if you leave any of those ingredients out just use equal parts have all those, equalling 4 tablespoons melt those at a low to medium temperature until it liquid then once melted together let it sit for a few minutes until the consistency becomes that of putty and mix it with your powders add a quarter teaspoon of vitamin e oil then add about 15 drops of essential oils I use peppermint, tea tree, and lavender
then add one or two capsules of probiotics now there are a couple different ways you can use this, you can put it in a small glass container and here have it in your bathroom. you just take it off with your fingers and just wipe it on yourself like regular deodorant or you can save your old deodorant containers and just pour them right into their then put it in the refrigerator to
solidify totally after an hour or so you take it out and you may have to twist the containers a bit to get the deodorant sticking to the sides so can be turned
up. More videos on health and wellness can be seen at

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