How to Make Personalized Art Candles | Sophie’s World

How to Make Personalized Art Candles | Sophie’s World

Hi, I’m Sophie and welcome to my world and today is very exciting because I have Mr. Connor with me and this may be one of the last ones for a while because you’re heading off to college very soon so we might have to have a little party and if we have a party maybe we’ll do personalized votive candles what are votive candles well these in front of us here these are votive candles and we’re going to personalize them oh yeah and we’re going to do this in a really really cool cool way I learned this from a website called i did a You Made It i love it for my blog and I was just like blown away by this idea and it’s really really cool so what you’re going to do is you’re going to put your own artwork on a candle sounds like fun, huh that does sound like fun for this project you’re going to need votive candles wax paper and ink pad think stampers pens or markers white tissue paper scissors a ruler a cutting mat hairdryer and exacto knife so the important part about this Connor is the hairdryer believe it or not without the hair dryer it’s just a piece of paper wrapped around a votive candle now the fun thing about this though is that once you start to get the hang of it and the techniques down you make these big small medium-sized you can make whatever size you want so first thing we’re going to do yeah you can make the big ones i mean as long as you have tissue paper that’s big enough and you have the patience with the hair dryer because it does it does get a little tedious to do a big big big one so the thing about it is we’re just going to need little strips of paper from tissue paper here the white tissue paper that we’ll wrap around our votive so we just want to make sure that it wraps around doesn’t go over because this is the artwork that’s going to get attached to the to the candle ok so basically I just took my paper and trimmed it to the size and I and I made it really long you know trimmed to that size and then what i did is just held it and wrapped it till it reached it’s end again so you didn’t use math no i didn’t use math because you know what I’m really not very good at math I hate to say but we don’t need this anymore so we’ll put that there now you can stamp this if you would like do you want to do stamping or would you like to just create your own art how about you make your own and I’ll use stamps okay or if you want to use this no no it’s all good so let’s just clear this away for you what you want to do is take your Stamper and ink it up and you don’t have to go too crazy because this is tissue paper the nice thing about the tissue paper is that you can use whatever you want that the nice thing about the tissue paper is that it really shows the stamping really really well so you go ahead and give it some stamping their yes for what it’s worth I think I know see it shows up really really well now i’m going to use just markers and the thing about it is once you stamped it if you want to you can color in or you can just you know you can just stick with the pretty stamp quality and i just i love using the markers as well because they get really colorful you can make any design now the one thing about the tissue paper though i will give you a heads-up about the tissue paper because its tissue paper it is very thin of course you know hence the name tissue paper and the problem is that it will rip or if you add too much of the pen ink to it if you like really really press really hard it’ll tear so just be careful with your coloring putting on your different stamps and stuff that’s looking good I drew it myself now should we do the stamping one or you want to do one of my colored ones? let’s do your colored ones I am curious to see how that turns out and you want to keep going ok we’ll do your after mine so what we need next Connor is some wax paper oh that’s that’s ok all good yeah that’s beautiful and actually if you want to come back and color that you can – oh it bleeds through the tissue paper a little bit okay so best if you have paper under it yes that’s true but that’s ok cuz you know we have a work surface underneath here so we’ve got a piece of wax paper and what we’re going to do we just take the pretty paper wrap it around so that it goes from one side to the next and it’s ok that it overlaps a little bit then we’re going to take this piece of wax paper and we are going to wrap it around now my cameraman Louis is going to kill me but we’re going to use the hair dryer you wanna be in charge of the hair dryer ok so what we’re going to do with the hairdryer is i’m going to hold and you’re going to aim the hair dryer right at the candle let’s turn it to high and let’s also make sure – whoa! make sure it’s hot wait wait let’s make sure your stamp doesn’t blow away go ahead turn it on so what’s happening just so everybody knows because you’re probably not gonna be able to hear us when the hairdryers going what’s happening is this is going to heat up the wax that is underneath the paper and it’s literally going to absorb the paper into it now we’re just gonna hold on here and we are gonna go to town ready Mr. Connor it takes about a minute go for it i’m ready and when you open it up there you have it your own personalized votive that’s kind of cool right that is super cool so one little warning just one it does get warm when you’re holding this because that’s pretty powerful and it it’s putting out some significant heat so that’s why we use the wax paper so you can hold onto it but if you have like an oven mitt something like that that’s a good thing to put on your hand just so that you don’t end up toasting your fingers for more fun ideas from other websites that we’ve gleaned come and check us out at you can take these to college with you. Freeze! No Heat!

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