How to pick out the perfect every day carry flashlight. Plus my picks for the best.

How to pick out the perfect every day carry flashlight.  Plus my picks for the best.

People ask me often hey bro, why don’t you
do light reviews much anymore. Good question- I hate flashlights. Anyone else? Ok that’s
not the real reason. The real reason is that I already own the brightest production handheld
light. The insanely stupid 60,000 lumen Acebeam X70. Lights with some of the farthest throwing
beams made- beams that are so ridiculous that you need over half a mile of open unlit area
and a spotting scope to appreciate. Not practical is kind of the je ne sais quoi of this channel.
And I also own many other boring lights with just average 5-32,000 lumen outputs. Like
most people. In all that bullshit there is also some reliable every day carry lights,
that are hard to improve upon. This quick video will tell you what I look for in a light,
and give you a list of lights I actually carry. And I’m sure you may have others you carry…
cheaper lights…. More expensive ones… or ones that fit your tactical lifestyle or
some with a spec you like and this isn’t for you. This is for the people who have trouble
making decisions about lights. Or just want one good light. So here’s a brief list of what I look for
in an LED light, that also might alert you that nothing in the rest of the video will
be fun or interesting .
1. Powered by a single battery. Either a lithium ion or AA. I only use rechargeable, you can
do whatever you want with your batteries. 2. Relatively compact. Jacket pocket sized
to smaller. No massive reflectors or USB charging like your cellular phone. 18650 battery size
is my favorite. Buy a damn separate charger. 3. Good tint. I usually pick warm to daylight
tinted LEDs 3000k to 5600k. Are all acceptable color temperatures.
4. Intuitive operation with shortcuts. I prefer electronic switches in lights, because they
often allow you to access lows and highs easily from the off mode. Luddites won’t find mechanical
clicky switched lights here. 5. A moonlight mode. Anything over 1 lumen
is kinda pushing a moonlight or firefly mode. But I prefer a few options under a half lumen
or even a 10th of a lumen. These are modes for night adjusted eyes.
6. No visible PWM. I made a video about this linked at the end if you don’t understand
nerd acronyms. 7. Don’t get too caught up in the max output.
Most of your usage will be under 300 lumens. Alright. I generally stick to two main brands.
If your light isn’t in here, feel free to make a video about it. You won’t find expensive
brands like HDS systems, or exotic materials like titanium or plastic. All of these flashlights
range from $35-$119. If you think those are too expensive or not expensive enough- then
you’ve probably spent too much time on the internet today. Later. My list above excludes
lights on the lower end- and there’s nothing a light over $120 offers that I require in
a flashlight. First up Emisar lights. Emisar makes 5 or
6 lights, and 2 are ones I’d carry. I don’t need a pocket thrower, or pretty and expressive
titanium, so I stick with the D4, which is a single 18650 battery sized light. Then the
D4S which is a bulkier larger diameter version of the D4 that uses a 26650 sized battery
for brighter output and longer runtimes. The The D4 is one of the most compact 18650 lights
you can get, comes in 4 colors, with a range of tint options. You see cool white to warm
white. In flashlight nerd terms 3000k is close to incandescent light bulbs, 4000k off whitish
tint, 5000k neutral white, 5600k is daylight tint. Those gross blue tints people idiots
like or people hate in flashlights generally are tints above 6000k. These lights offer
an easily adjustable brightness scale and very bright turbo modes. The negatives are,
they are tiny for their size, so they heat up quick. The highest output is only a wow
mode and is only good for under a minute before the lights temperature controls put on the
breaks and pull it down. They are just fine in use on the lower end… 300 lumens or less
is what most people will ever need for indoor and outdoor use. Another negative is that
the brightness ramping moves a little too quickly for my tastes. If you’re trying
to access lower modes you often pass the mode you want. The last negative is these lights
do not a have a sub lumen mode as low as mode as a zebralight or Armytek. These might not
be negative for some people and thats fine, because that’s your opinion. My two choices
that I bought was the D4 in a 5000k Nichia tint, and the D4S in a 3000k tint. If you’re
new to tints don’t overthink the options if there are several- just pick one that sounds
nice to you, that I described earlier. The D4S does not come with a pocket clip. Ok the next brand is Zebralight. Zebralights
are my favorite lights because of their size, sub lumen modes, and their shortcut based
UI. However, Zebralight’s kink is to confuse people, so they to have a a lot of options
in their lights. I’ll tell you what I look for, to help you narrow it down- which is
your kink. I look for a 3000-5000k tint. I avoid the HI or High Intensity options because
I like less BI or beam intensity in my every day carry. Ok BI isn’t a real acronym. Frosted
lenses from them often have the most diffused beam, so that’s cool. From experience I
tend to like an option under half a lumen, and one under a tenth of a lumen. The user
interface or mode operation gives easy access to Low modes, medium modes, high modes, and
the idiot’s favorite- the blinking ones. A quick primer is press and hold from off
is low. A quick press from off is high… and a double click from lets you access to
the medium modes. When in each of those modes if it’s low medium or high you have a secondary
mode you double click to access. It saves whatever of these toggable modes you were
using last in memory after you turn it off. If that’s not programmable enough. Zebralights
new UI in lithium ion since the mark IVs, the 64s and the AA models since the 53 and
the 5 mkII have completely reprogrammable UIs that you can assign whatever light level
to which ever button sequence I mentioned to one of the 12 available modes. I hope you
understood that, because I didn’t. My lights are these. The 18650 powered SC600Fc MK IV
plus in a 4000k tint. Not quite a low enough moonlight for me. Then the AA powered SC5c
Mk II High CRI in a 4000k tint. Runtimes on AA are kind of short if you use the higher
modes often. And now the newest sized Zebralight, the SC700d 21700 Neutral White 5000k tinted
lithium ion battery powered. This new Zebralight has the highest output range of all my zebra
lights with the lowest low and highest high. There may be some zebra light with a lower
low, but they’re too low for me. .04 lumen is about as low as I can use with completely
night adjusted eyes with no ambient light. The SC700 comes with a pocket clip but it’s
kind of big for anything other smaller than jacket pocket carry. It’s getting rucksack,
holster, or body cavity sized if you’re not wearing a jacket. Ok the next few lights are kind of outliers,
because I tend to just carry zebralights or Emisar lights. Armytek prime Pro A1. I have
an older prime in a warm tint. They make good lights, but make sure it’s the pro version,
the non pro versions don’t have decent moonlights. They also have a confusing amount of options
in their flashlights. I have found Armyteks warm tints pleasant. The C2 pros are the ones
that feature 18650 battery compatibility I’d get that over the A1 I have because of the
larger battery. Olight make decent EDC lights too. I still carry a limited edition copper
S2. The tint is a little blue for my taste, but I like the light even though it’s kind
of Heavy. There are better tinted, non copper versions of the S2 that you can still buy.
Look for those. Another honorable mention is the updated Jetbeam
RRT01. This one was out of production for a while, but it’s back and they’ve updated
it with a brighter output, and a lower parasitic drain. It features a simple operation via
a dimming ring, which is about a letter off from a really hot sex toy, but unfortunately
has only a cool white output option. It’s like Jetbeam still doesn’t understand that
their core audience is the nerdy internet EDC community that argues for pages about
some shit called CRI. The variable output gives you the lowest output level out of any
of the every day carry lights seen in this video. The RRT01 will set you back about $60-$70
and is powered by a runtime hating 16340 battery. Anyway, if you need a sleep aid or further
education on lumen output beam intensity, lithium ion batteries, moonlight modes, and
how I measure and test all my lights, check out the video description for links to those
videos, or wait for the end screen. They’re super boring like this one, but hopefully
they help you sort out flashlight bullshit. So like, subscribe, comment, Patreon me, follow
me on Instagram, and thanks for watching.

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    Have you considered any of those other new ones yet? The sc64c LE and such (with Samsung LH351D LEDs instead of Cree), so far I haven't been able to convince myself it is worth picking up yet.

    But it would be interesting at least to see the tint shift from lower to higher modes in both models side by side if you do happen to plan to get one (and maybe end up with more questionable financial decisions).

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  13. Hey, I have a D4 and an SC600 mk4 and have opinions about them: The D4 is awesome for the price but mine (SST-20 5K) is really green until it drops out of regulation into PWM. The color is a brilliant pure white after that. On the SC600, I reprogrammed the mode order (which is awesome that you can do this on a mass produced light) so a single click from off comes on in a medium-ish (every day) mode, but I still have instant access to low (hold) and quick access to turbo (double-click). Having to double-click for medium didn't make sense to me because I don't want a 1600-lumen pre-flash every time I turn the thing on.

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  44. I really like streamlight. The new polytac x is pretty perfect, though no moonlight mode. Almost all olights are great but the button is impossible to find on the light. If olights had a normal tailcap they would be amazing, but they dont.

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  62. Love your review style.

  63. Thank you. My needs are a bit different so I list the criteria.

    1. Girlfriend – misplaces flashlights. Won't check batteries-has me do it. She gets the single AA, under $5 sipik sk68 flashlights.
    2. Me – Get confused on shifting between modes. If the situation is bad, no one is going to respond to the useless Morse Code mode. KISS principle. The absolutely, must be reliable lights are from McGee Engineering where the owner personally tests every light sold.
    Recently, I determine that I simply must have under 1 lumen lights as well. Picked up a couple.

  64. I settled on two plus a headlight, a novatac 120p, that’s got the nicest beam I have ever seen, and would swap for a hds if it ever broke but it never has, and a Nitecore srt7gt, which I use as a work light, but bought because of the ring…there I said it.

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  68. Here again. Im stuck between sc600 iv plus, 700d, d4. I have the ZL sc63 and its an amazing light. From those 3 which would you get just cuz you like flashlights. Thnx

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    The 600 head is too big

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  71. My issue with many edc lights including the ones you talked about in this video is none of them have tail cap switches. I prefer to have that option in my line of work. I find side switches cumbersome or annoying when clearing a room holding a firearm or conducting a traffic stop at night. The Fenix PD35 is what i carry right now.

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  81. You and I share an affection for Zebralights, although they are not something I would hand to a novice. My SC52, SC5W, SC600MkIV+, and SC700d are all stellar performers. Due to their toughness and reliability over the years – – – I have found myself becoming less of a "collector" and more of a "user" as I empty my shelves of most of my other branded lights. I have kept one "thrower" and one "monster flooder", and my Zebra's. The rest are either going or gone.

    For me (I'm 64) it also simplifies things as I basically have to remember only one UI, although on the IV's and newer lights Zebra has 'expanded' the programming modes a bit.

    Keep up your great reviews!

    How do you like the extended runtime on the 21700 cells in the medium to lower modes as compared to the 18650's?

  82. I absolutely love my Zebralight SC700D. So much so I bought two of them. My SC600w MK IV Plus and SC5w MK II have seen far less use now lol. This new Zebralight has curbed my flashlight collecting for now. High CRI, 3000 lumen output, 21700 battery support and high build quality, the SC700D ticks all the right boxes on my checklist. Highly recommended.

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  84. I too edc the exact 2 as you.well…almost exactly
    – D4
    – ZL SC64w

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  89. My first "quality" flashlight i ever got was a LedLenser M7R X. I still use it daily, fully working. Only thing, 1 battery carrier has already a bad switch, bad in the way how it feels but 100% ok technically. But LL sent me a free one replacement, because of that and a bad coax-connection to the light itself. I have worn out with this lamp already 3 cells, not including the original LL battery.
    As i found out, there are many good other flashlights, especially cheaper than the very expensive LedLenser, i began to collect some interesting ones.
    For example a very nice EDC lamp, but i always ran out of battery bcause of 16340 size, so 550mA AW IMR… a modded LedLenser F1, with custom driver/LED/heatsink, around 2 Amps to the NW Cree XP-G2 LED. And it was not very "EDC friendly" to use a nice looking EDC light only with a battery box with 2 full 16340, so i sticked to a DQG Tiny 3 or so, nice runtime bcause of 18650. this special, custom LL F1 also deserve more to be in a showcase, i dont want to risk any scratches/issues with it, the switch is already worn out a bit.
    I am also still very happy about the Nitecore TUBE lights, my oldest one i have is still working 100%, have about 70mAh from the original 100 left and its on my main keychain, what was also at least 2 times in the washing machine with this light. I have also a Nitecore TIP on the car key, but if i need that much light already, i still go outside with my M7R X, much nicer, zoomable beam 🙂

    For any usage i need more light, i stick to the Meteor M43 with XP-G2 S3 3D NW with 2 replaced lenses: 1x 10509 and 1x 10508, so there is 1 wide beam cluster, 1 mid beam cluster(both frosted) and the 2 "original" narrow, clear lenses. If im also ok with a bulkier light, i use my Thrunite TN35. Its such a nice allrounder, it got everything from a good sized, strong spill to a throwy spot, and its "Turbo" stable if needed with its 2750 Lumen. Also the magnetic control ring feels so nice, only thing i dont like, but thats depends on the user 100%, the "Standby" position is between "Strobe" and "Turbo", so you cant turn it on with moonlight or low, and switch all the way down from turbo to lower settings.

  90. At least, you have a good taste in flashlights…

  91. FW3A? Unfortunately, it came out after this review but it is a very good light.

  92. I will share with a different perspective. Single AA battery in a button control Sipik SK68, costing under $5. Will work for 2 hours. Can read with it. Simple to operate. Why? 1. the girlfriend is not a flashlight expert, loses them and I want her to have multiples (car/rooms in house). 2. I gift them – flashlight, 4 AA batteries in a Red Chinese clear plastic container and all within a ziplock, water resistant baggie. Why? I may be at the relative's house, in the relative's car when shtf.

    My preferred (if it is stolen I will not cry like I would if someone stole my expensive lights) light is a single 18650 battery operated Sipik SK98. Simple, one mode. If I cannot find one mode, I settle for 3 mode. Why? More lumens, longer life than the AA Sipik SK68. I have to anticipate that someone will use the light and not be sophisticated with the b.s. about different modes, last mode memory, default mode and similar b.s., much less having to read a small print, multipage manual issued with the flashlight.

  93. Would you give me one of the 5,000 lumens flashlight for free? I can't afford to buy it, I have a low vision that make me can't go anywhere after 6 p.m.

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  96. For me The Fireflies E07.

  97. I have Zebralight H53c headlamp and I'm perfectly happy. But it has downsides. Low lumen mode is activated by pressing button for just right time span. Too short, it goes to maximum. Too long, it goes to medium and medium-high is way too bright as well. Headband needs re-routing. Bright cone is too narrow for reading, but it's fine for hiking.
    I don't understand why to have a flashlight that you need to hold in the hand. I use Fenix E05 on keyring, it sort of sucks compared to zebralight (bluish tint, horrible color reproduction, no sublumen mode), but it's fine for EDC light. I'm carrying Zebralight headlamp with some spare batteries anyways when there's chance of needing it (evening walks, bike rides, night in some cottage)

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