How To REMOVE A Curse And Bad Luck FOREVER

Hey my dear friends. Josie here, and welcome
to my YouTube channel. Thank you so much for watching. I want to speak to you
today about negative karma or something like
bad luck and curses. If there is somebody out there
who is doing something to you right now that is
causing you to suffer, or some negative events
are happening in your life right now because of somebody
else’s negative intention, or because somebody doesn’t like
you, if that sounds familiar, I want you to watch this
video because I will share some ideas with you that
will help you to change that, change their thinking
once and for all. [MUSIC PLAYING] So I want to tell you
a story that I recently heard from some guru. Once a man went on a journey. And he was walking a long
time, and he got tired. And he saw a tree. So he sat under the tree
and thought to himself, if I could only find
a place to sleep because I’m just so tired. And the second he
thought about it, there was a beautiful
layer of green grass just in front of him,
so he was so happy. He laid on the grass. He fell asleep. And he slept for
hours and hours. Then when he got up, the
first thought in his head was, you know, wouldn’t that be nice
to have something to eat now. And the second he
thought about it, a table appeared with all
kinds of delicacies and amazing foods. And he was so hungry, he
didn’t have questions, so he ate it all. He enjoyed it so much. And then he thought to himself,
maybe I should get a drink. And of course, the second
he thought about it, all kinds of different
drinks appeared on the table, so he was drinking
and enjoying himself. And then it started to occur
to him, this is really strange. How is it so that every time I
have a thought, it manifests? And then he became afraid. He thought, maybe, perhaps there
are demons here or something. So the second he thought
about demons, demons appeared. And he was scared, and he
was just out of his mind, crying out loud, oh
my God, these demons are going to torture me. And demons started
to torture him. Oh that’s it for
me, said the man. I am going to die. And he died. So what happened
was this man was sitting under a wishing tree. So everything that he
ever wanted manifested. Whether it was a good thing or
a bad thing, it just came true. So if you think of the universe
or energy as a wishing tree, and you are always sitting under
this tree, anything you want will be manifested, right. In the sense that your
desires, your specific focus, your intention, will bring
you the same results. Is it possible that
somebody out there is cursing you, which
is, by the way– a curse really is a negative
intention sent to someone else. So you just want something bad
to happen to another person. And because you are a spiritual
being, you are an energy being, you’re picking up those
thoughts and emotions that are coming from another person. So what happens is you’ve
been sitting under this tree. It’s not that their thoughts are
producing the negative results. It’s you. And why? Because you are now
developing fear in yourself. You are developing the
thoughts of, oh my God, what is going to happen? Demons are coming. And you start manifesting
things in your reality that are just completely
your production. And it’s completely
based on fear. Yes, it is true. There are people who
may not like you. That happens to everybody. And by the way, hear me out. Sometimes you are sending
energy to another person whom you don’t like. It’s just part of our nature. Our brains are not wired
for happy positive things. It’s helping us to survive. The negative
thinking is actually a primary mode of thinking,
because expect the worse and this is how you can survive. So you can be prepared for
all kinds of negative things. So we need to overcome that. Always remember that you are
sitting under the wishing tree. So if you are aware of someone
sending you negative vibration, just let it go. If you only remember this
from this whole episode, I want you to remember this. The way you
overcome, the way you remove all these negative
energies, is by L-A-F. LAF. And it’s not laughing. It’s Life Above Fear. Remember, we’re not removing
fear, because we need fear. Fear is a great passenger. It will tell you where to
go and where not to go, but it’s a horrible driver. If you put it in the front
seat in the driver’s place, it will take you to
dangerous places. So understand that you
are creating your reality. It’s nobody else out there who
is doing these things to you. And people can send you
negative energy all the time. The more successful you get,
the more negative energy people will send to you for
their own insecurities, for their own fears. So what you have to adapt
is this way of being. When you are always
under this tree, when you are under the
wishing tree, it can only create what is
good and nourishing for you. If you are aware of
someone’s negative thoughts and vibrations, let them go. We are living Life Above Fear. Fear is right here. We’re living up here. We’re raising our vibration. We’re staying in the
positive state of mind. We continue along
with our lives. We’re not paying attention. We’re not thinking
about these people and what they are doing to us. So we create our good luck,
and we create our bad luck. Don’t let other people’s
vibrations lower you down below that fear level. This is a dangerous place to be. They said your fear
is now taking a wheel, and it’s driving your life. We have to stop it. We have to exchange places. You need to take the control. So you cannot
change other people. Understand this. But if you look at the
nature of the universe, it is governed by laws. So you may ask why
angels didn’t protect me? Why angels didn’t come? Why didn’t spirits protect me? Because spirits cannot
work against laws. You know, just
because you are tired, and you don’t want
to go to work, you cannot pray to angels
and say, hey angels, can you please add three hours
to my nighttime so I can get more sleep and then
get to work on time? It doesn’t work like this. The only way it works is
that we all collaborate. And then we will arrange our
life around the universal laws. You are the master
of your own life, and there is nobody’s
energy out there that can really affect you. If you find yourself
being affected by this, it’s because whatever
you’re wishing right now under this tree
is what is manifested. And you can’t change that. You can change at any point
of time, just Life Above Fear. Life Above Fear. Always repeat yourself,
Life Above Fear. All right, you guys. And this is my wish
to you, be blessed. Bless everyone on your path. And this is also the way
to have an amazing life. Blessings, bless everybody,
send out good energy, and the good energy
will come back to you. Thank you guys so
much for watching. I hope this video
was helpful to you. And I love you, and
I wish you all well. I mean, that’s why I’m
doing these videos. Thank you so much for watching. Many blessings. Thank you for subscribing
to this channel, for sharing my messages
with your loved ones. I love you guys so much,
and I’ll speak to you really soon in the next video. Bye-bye.

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