How to Setup and Use the ET Hydrogen & Oxygen Torch

How to Setup and Use the ET Hydrogen & Oxygen Torch

his hydrogen and oxygen generator is a safe,
reliable unit for your soldering and casting needs. It uses electricity by utilizing hydrogen
and oxygen without using an external tank, creating a safer, cleaner and more economical
fuel. Let’s go through how to set up and use this
machine. As always, be sure to wear safety glasses
and gloves before you get started. Make sure the switch is in the off position. Plug the power cord into the machine and into
the electrical outlet making sure it’s the correct voltage. Unscrew the safety cap and leave the booster
tank disconnected. Click the button switch down to the fill/refill
position, which looks like an equal sign. When the green light is on, it indicates the
machine is connected to power. Yellow, indicates the internal tank is empty
and needs to be filled or the water level is below normal and more water is needed. Red means the internal tank is at max capacity. We suggest using this pre-mixed electrolyte
solution. Once the electrolyte is cooled, pour the solution
into the internal tank using a funnel, until the red light comes on, indicating the tank
is being filled and is above the minimum required level. Be sure not to overfill the tank. Close the safety cap. The solution will last one year, refilling
when needed using demineralized water. For the flux, we suggest using this flux solution. Wearing gloves, Pour the flux into the unattached
booster tank by placing your finger on the threaded tube in the center of the tank to
avoid filling the interior chamber. Fill to the maximum level indicated on the
outside of the booster tank. Do not overfill. Once it is filled, mount the booster tank. Carefully tighten the handle, making sure
not to cross thread the booster tank. Unscrew the nut from the booster holder. Insert the plastic hose to the fitting and
tighten the nut with a wrench to make the connection secure. After mounting the booster tank and torch,
select the green burner tip and push it in place at the end of the torch. Before turning on the machine, set the power
knob to zero. Turn on the machine by pushing the switch
to the top position, which looks like a minus sign. Adjust the setting for power according to
the diameter of the burner tip. After the machine is on for a couple of minutes,
gas will begin discharging from the burner tip. You can now light the flame. Keep in mind that if you don’t follow the
suggested settings for each burner tip, it could melt or fuse. You can now use the torch. To shut off the flame, push the torch hose
fitting, then turn the power control knob to zero, then turn off the power switch. Always shut the flame off before turning the
machine off. Leave the internal tank pressurized when your
work is done. Remember, the yellow light will indicate low
water levels. Before refilling the internal tank, remember
to detach the booster tank to avoid contamination. Once removed, fill the internal tank with
demineralized water until the red light comes on. If needed, add flux solution to the booster
tank, covering the threaded pipe with your finger until it reaches the max fill line. Secure both tanks before continuing. If you aren’t using the machine for a few
days, unscrew and pour the flux from the booster tank into a clean, covered container for future
use. Get your ET torch today at

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  1. Hi, that looks like a nice set up. I am slightly confused about the 'flux' solution? 'Flux' is generally used to clean the join on the work prior to soldering so I am assuming that this is something entirely different? My understanding was that the machine was transforming water into oxygen and hydrogen gases? It would be great to understand what the 'flux' is. Many thanks in advance, (defo interested.)

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