How to Super Clean your Windshield

How to Super Clean your Windshield

Hey guys, ChrisFix here and today I’m going to show
you real quickly something neat that I learned that I do to detail my cars the
windshield here is all dirty and everything and you know it’s one thing
to use some glass cleaner and clean it off but I’m gonna actually show you how
to use wax carnuba car wax and make it shine and repel water better than rain-x
and it’ll last a lot longer and then all you have to do is you get a towel after
you do this and if there’s any bug splatters or whatever you just wipe it
off and it comes right off so I’m gonna go show you how to do that right now
just to give you an idea you can see the windshields all dirty water doesn’t do a
good job repelling off of it when it’s raining you can see how it’s not really
beating up sure it flows off but you see how it’s all blurry when you use the wax
and you get it really nice and clean it will be very clear so you don’t even
need to use your windshield wipers if you don’t want to first step is to use
an ammonia based windshield cleaner glass cleaner uses regular paper towel
to clean it good press nice and hard you want to get all that dirt off this stuff
is super important because depending on how clean you make it right now is going
to make the windshield turn out either really nice or not very nice at all
before you put your wax on you want to get this windshield spotless make sure you hose off the ammonia based
cleaner you don’t want any of that ammonia on there you watch the water run
down and you’ll see like there’s a little spot here and you could clean it
off just like that and then now we’re going to dry this finish drying with a
microfiber cloth this will get any of the paper towel pieces off the window
any link or whatever just add a little bit of water to your wax it shouldn’t
absorb or anything should just beat up and get your microfiber towel rub it in
there just like that now we’re going to apply the wax onto the windshield finish
up you should go without saying you always apply wax in a circular motion so
the whole windshield is now covered with wax now you’re going to go let that wax
dry and once it’s dry so that when you do that it comes off you’re going to go
and take it off with a another microfiber towel so now to test to see
if this is ready all you do is you find a spot and you rub your finger and you
can see how it’s like there’s pieces coming up and then below it it’s nice
and clear that means it’s ready to to get polished up and now you can just
take a microfiber cloth and polish it up just like if you’re going to polish the
body of your car so you could really see the difference
here nice and smooth finish it off with a fresh microfiber towel and then you’re
done let’s go see how it turned out if you’re going to clean your windshield
let’s just say you get a bug splatter doesn’t come off very easily just get it
a little wet and rub it off don’t use any any chemicals on it cause then it’ll
mess up your your wax your nice layer of protection look at that beads right up
totally different than before very nice so this is how I do my windshield I do
it on my vette just like this and the people at shows love it gives it a real
nice shine in the Sun as well so now I’m going to go show you what it’s actually
like in use when it’s raining down on the highway and let me know what you
think let me know if you have your own little techniques leave it in the
comments as a tip or whatever and maybe I’ll throw it in the annotations if it’s
really good and maybe I give it a shot – it’s like like the video subscribe to
see more how-to videos and comment below so here’s the windshield nice and clean
and waxed and you can see that’s working really well the droplets are going right
up and over the car and it’s given me a really good visibility it’s raining here
and I’m not even using my windshield wipers and I’m not having any problems
at all seeing outside when the windshield wiper goes on it’s nice and
smooth and it’s clear some other ideas were to use wax to same
procedure right on your chrome bumpers so that falls right off beads up and is
also protected another idea rear windows any windows really it’s a good idea
especially if you don’t have a windshield wiper it rolls right off so
give it a try

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  1. Do not add oil to the glass.

  2. For the very first time I saw his face and know I will remember who Chris fix is I have watched so many videos of is but never ever seen his face in it and great job on the windscreen !!

  3. how to Buss glass clean

  4. You said that once the application is finished, we should avoid using chemicals on the windshield. What about car window wash? I live in Minnesota, so using plain water in the winter is out of the question.

  5. Glass cleaners do not clean the haze off my windshield. I've also tried white vinegar, and alcohol at other times. How do I get the haze off my windshield ???

  6. Try Aquapel. I get mine from Tire Rack

  7. Pick up the windshield wipers

  8. I Ben doing that for 10 yrs not something. Ne

  9. I tried this on my tractor years ago and I have to admit it worked really well. But the snag I ran into was when I entered Chicago…at night. And the first street lamp I drove under scared the living hell out of me because as soon as I was under each street light for a second it was like my windshield was covered in milk or waxed paper and I couldn’t see a dam thing. Now, this might be different like less of a problem with cars or pickup trucks, but I highly… Highly… Do Not recommend doing this on vehicles you care about driven at night under street lights. I didn’t have any problems with oncoming headlights. Anyone else have this problem too, chime in. Just a Heads Up for Safety’s sake.

  10. How about the inside ??

  11. Ill give you 10. Good job

  12. Question: Would waxing the glass on the inside of the vehicle make it easier to remove smoke and other recurring interior related buildup?

  13. I use Simple Green for cleaning the auto windshield & house windows.

  14. What kind of wax do you use? Is that a wax that special for windshield? May i know the wax brand in this video? Thanks

  15. distracted by antics antenna

  16. I think the wiper will take off that wax in few seconds due to the friction of rubber to glass !

  17. I could really use this on my rear glass as I don't have a wiper there …

  18. Man i was doing that back in the 80s and 90s before rainx where you been smh

  19. This is nothing new I used to wax all my windows inside and out back in 1985 never use wipers for a whole year cuz at 40 mile an hour what are we just blow right off

  20. I am freaking shocked when I hear "…use regular PAPER TOWEL…" on ChrisFix's channel.

  21. Why not use a microfiber towel?
    Have fun driving with lint and residue all over the windshield

  22. Chris, I appreciate your dedication to clean the windshield but let's be honest. Once you take the car outside, it doesn't matter. It gets dirty again in 5 minutes.
    The best way to clean your windshield is by washing it with the windshield washer fluid everytime before you drive. It's perfectly sufficient. And the wax comes off and makes a mess when you turn on your wipers. So I don't suggest it.

  23. Going to do my Ford Falcon front & rear screens tomorrow cheers for the tip mate nice work

  24. So there is no HEY GUYS CHRISFIX HERE.

  25. Does windshield washer fluid remove or damage the wax?

  26. 2:29 he applies fingerprint oil to his windshield😂 not something you wanna do to your windshield lol

  27. Then after the wax starts wearing off you can't see crap through the windshield and driving becomes dangerous

  28. if you drive your car in the rain without using your windshield wipers it's amazing how many traffic tickets you can get

  29. y dont you show ur face ??? plz rply

  30. You don’t want water to bead on the windows smh. Try Rupes Window cleaner.

  31. Mr Chris, have you ever done a video on how to upgrade a car's windshield washer nozzles? Mine got worn out and try as I might I cannot seem to find the right replacement. They either shoot too low or not at all. I want to come up with a solution that drenches my windshield, especially when driving through snowy mucky roads. Thoughts?

  32. How to fix a soft scratch on windshield??

  33. Chris, clean the window real good with glass cleaner (I use stoners) then get you some quick Detailer as a spray lube and claybar the window really good then use a good wax and the results are amazing and will last you a long long time. I do paint correction and detailing, I have plenty of tricks if you want some more pointers let me know 💪

  34. Thanks Chris love your videos

  35. Could you use it one the side view mirrors?

  36. What can I use to clean tinted windows??, is windex good?

  37. Exelente cera.
    Utiliso ela .

  38. Hi Christ. Just wondering if we can still use windscreen washer liquid?

  39. After washing why not use a washing shame? Whys he using paper towels?

  40. We see now your face at first time 👈✊👍☺

  41. How many microfiber towels do you have? How do you clean them?

  42. Nu-finish works pretty well, Rain-x destroys all rubber it comes in contact with. Clean your windows really well use Nu-finish and get some great quality silicone windshield wipers it will be worth the investment and like the results.

  43. Never use wax in the car it does work I did by incident and I leave a a layer of was and it hard to take off. I look like vaseline on a window.

  44. Hey ChrisFix here ( ChrisFix pops up on screen)

  45. 0:48 ammonia based (ammonia free)

  46. i tried this today…you are a lifesaver dude

  47. I can see Chris on this video…. Awesome 😊

  48. What sort of wax are you using?

  49. OMG i saw his face! Ahhh! I feel like that should not have happend… You know when you picture a character in a book a certain way, and then you watch the movie and it throws u off? Yea, that just happend. Oh well. I will still always search ChrisFix videos first for auto advice. (Ps. if your reading this Chris, my comment has nothing to do with the way u look. I just had u pictured way differently. (like picturing Hugh Grant in your head and seeing Tom Cruse instead) Not bad, just different) Anyways, keep up the great work buddy!

  50. That does not bead up better than rain x

  51. Hey Chris, will you do me a favour and let me know how to adjust windshield wiper nozzles? I know using a pin inside the hole and stuff, but it didn't work for me…they are either too low or too high. Thanx in advance

  52. Hey Chris is it a good idea to claybar glasses?

  53. Do you have a how-to for interior cleaning

  54. Chris: I'm aware that this is a video you made way back when, and I just felt the need to add my personal experience re. having a clean windshield (at all times!) as well as not having to apply the use of the wipers (any more than absolutely necessary!): I 'discovered' Turtle's CLEARVUE RAIN REPELLANT – and, let me tell you: there's no going back! (I'm sorry to say that the footage of your pickup's windshield going down the highway through that rather moderate rainfall, equals BAD visibility – compared to a thoroughly cleaned windshield correctly treated with 'CLEARVUE' – That's a fact! – I'll hasten to add, that from experience, I know full well that the only real 'downside' of using this Turtle product, is: Keep all other cleaning products AWAY from your windshield – once it's been treated – this includes automated car wash as this will SEVERELY DIMINISH the desired effect this product gives!!! The alternative is to just buff off any containment with clean water, and repeat the adding of a new coat of CLEARVUE once you see it's starting to loose effect, I've found that to happen maybe once every two months, according to local weather conditions (with a fair amount of precipitation here on the Norwegian South West Coast!), keeping ones rubber wiper blades squeeky clean is off course part of the deal….)
    [By-the-by: This is the first time I noticed what a handsome individual your voice belongs to! . . . . Please don't be shy Chris!] 😉👍

  55. How to remove water acid mark in the windshield ? Is that the same procedure?

  56. This also saves wear and tear on your wipers because it lowers the amount of friction.  Another added benefit if you live in a cold climate is that it makes it easier to scrape the ice off your windows.

  57. If u use wipers after applying any solution on the windshield, it will screw up the visibility. Be it rainx. Be it any wax. Windshield is always best left to itself. No offence to your video though.

  58. In one video you "avoid harsh chemicals, like ammonia" and now I am using a glass cleaner WITH ammonia?

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