How to use your Presto candle wax melter

How to use your Presto candle wax melter

Any leftover wax that was in the spout previously will melt once you turn it on. The spout never clogs.

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  1. 0:03 My favorite B&BW candle! 😊

  2. Owo Jeffstendley yeahh. U make me always happy. And your your candles soo cool etc. I wish I had one. But u have all the paper make with my name that is/was sooooooo AWESOME!!🇳🇱😁 and i go now zzz 00:56am but ure have a nice weekend and week. 👍🏻🇳🇱greetings me😊

  3. Super! I've got to get one Jeff😊 soon very soon! Thanks as always for sharing.

  4. This part 2:58 Inside joke LMAO Hahahahahahahahaha

  5. How do you clean the spout?

  6. I just purchased your last two lol thank you Jeff

  7. I've been watching some of your videos for a while and like the content you put out, so finally subscribed!

    I mainly do wax melts but just started dabbling with the idea of selling candles (after almost 3 years) 😬. They kinda intimidate me… Gotta have the right wick, right container, right wax, etc… I already use 3 kinds of waxes just depends on what I'm making. I guess being that I already use 6006, I could just use that wax as I know it's a great container wax for candles but… Any suggestions for wicking or
    container suggestions? 😇

  8. You are the best! Thank you!

  9. Thanks for sharing the conversion of the presto pot and how to set temp. Does the spout ever get clogged? I've read online where people complain about clogging. Forget that question just saw that u answered it below. 🤣

  10. Hi
    I saw you adding more wax into the melted wax. Doesnt that damage the wax?
    (thats what i have been assuming all this time, maybe thats why i havnt become confident in making candles yet🤔)
    How many times can someone melt the wax if some of it is not needed?

  11. Awesome video thanks! Should I warm up the pouring pot before poring the wax goes in there or is it okay just at room temperature?

  12. Thanks for the very descriptive video. 👌But l need help. lol On first use with gel wax (hotter than normal), first candle poured fine, then clogged by the time the second pour. Any suggestions. Thanks again.

  13. Thank you Jeff for all of your amazing tips, ideas & resources!!!!! I’ve learned so much about the art of making nice candles from your channel👏🏻. You’ve inspired me to look into creating a little side biz with candles in my area. I’m still trying to decide if I am gonna go that route but I love making candles. So we will see where it goes. I hope you get some sorta referral points for referring candle science etc…you deserve it for all the time you put in. It’s always nice seeing your beautiful daughter part of your candle journey too . Thanks again for all the great info you share!

  14. How long does wax last? If you buy candle from thrift shop that are old, can you melt them down and reuse that wax?

  15. With the lid on there while it hot wouldnt that cause condensation and water to drop in the wax

  16. Mr. Standley, can you do a diy video on how you put the spout on the presto?

  17. Do you still sell these? I can’t find it on the website anymore

  18. is your website up and running? Would like to purchase pot and do you offer a warranty.

  19. I asked a question on your other page when you are actually making this but I forgot to ask you, how do you know what temperature your wax is at? Would you then still use a thermometer?

  20. When your pour the wax into the pot does that cool the wax dramatically before adding fo .and does it effect pour temp..thanks

  21. Teflon:

  22. Using the presto melting pot how do you measure fragrance load? Your other videos use weight of the raw solid wax before its melted to calculate % FO. But with the melting pot do I weigh the melted wax in the pitcher and what extra % allowance FO should we calculate considering that raw wax is heavier than melted wax? Eg. With 464 soy – For 10% FO load, I’d end up with much less FO in the finished candles using melted wax weight calculation in a pitcher compared to the weight of solid wax flakes before you melt it? 10% of one mass is not same as 10% liquid mass when its wax

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