Human Torch & The Thing Strange Tales The Complete Collection Review Epic Trade Paperback Book

Human Torch & The Thing Strange Tales The Complete Collection Review Epic Trade Paperback Book

This will be a review on a fantastic book called the Human Torch and the Thing Strange Tales the Complete Collection by Lee, Leiber, Kirby and Ayers but this is the funny thing this is called The Complete Collection but in essence this is The Epic Collection even though, even though it does not say The Epic Collection in this volume everything about this format is an Epic Collection book the only difference is I suppose this is the Complete Run from the 1960s basically and I’ll get into it is see right there The Complete Collection the Human Torch had a solo series okay because they thought he would be the most popular member of the Fantastic Four but he’s not and they put the Thing in near the end run to try an boost sales and eventually got canceled but you could see it here issue 101 October 1962 – issue 134 July 1965 and so that was that complete run but check this out and this is what’s very interesting besides it being just over 500 pages for a cover price of $39.99 but I got it for like 26 bucks with online sales also notice this very funny thing collecting Strange Tales 1951 101 to 134 and Annual 2 that 1951 is a error because that’s not it so an obvious error and somehow it made it through the editing process I mean book collecting people it’s right on the cover how could you mess that up so with that said okay if you know what an Epic book is this is the same thing such an enjoyable read the color reproduction the restored art look at this Kirby started out the art and then later on an Stan Lee writing as well and then it went into a couple other artists hands and volume but you get character introductions for first appearances like The Wizard, PastePot Pete and other characters that became mainstays plus you’ve got this really nice crossover issue which was in the Strange Tales Annual 2 look at this cover it’s a really classic cover look at that nicely done here this out some nice first appearances things that nature here again if you like the Epic Collection it’s the same thing but one of the appealing aspects of this is you get the complete run of that early 1960s comics of the Human Torch in his solo adventures all in one book all the issues and that’s pretty appealing for a reason to get it especially if you want to learn the early Marvel history or you just like the 1960s stuff that you’ve had other books on before and you want to see more then this is it I mean it’s enjoyable is it perfect no if you don’t like the mindset or the stories in the 1960s then you wouldn’t like this but if you did like that stuff back then then I think you’d definitely like this volume check that out team up with Iceman, Fantastic Four members appear here and there look that nice page right there look at this Iceman was trying to ask out and hit on Human Torch his girlfriend because he didn’t know pretty cool and they have to team up just flipping through the art so you get a feel or a sense of if this is something you’d like to buy or not the only thing also that is kind of iffy with a question mark is what I don’t like is you see this for some reason on the covers they put an orange trim on the issues you see only on the cover it’s not on the pages but when you get to the covers you see an orange trim and that I don’t like that honestly why couldn’t they just keep it plain white or plain black for a background but that orange thing it’s mmm you’re just trying to be fancy just for the sake of being fancy and they did that on the bonus pages as well and I guess they wanted a Human Torch type theme to it because I kind of get it why they would put that on the cover for an orange type of theme I get that but then they continued it throughout the table of contents and and especially on the cover is that’s the that’s the thing no need to be fancy they were just trying to get fancy and if anyone at Marvel’s listening to this don’t do that anymore just white background or a black background don’t try to make the covers fancy on the background so that to me is just a little hmm off putting and I guess only that negative plus the price of 40 bucks might be a bit much but again you buy online cheaper and if you like the Epic stuff the color reproduction the art you get everything complete it’s just fantastic but another thing to notice and about issue 130 to issue 134 I thought the art got pretty bad I didn’t like it as much as the previous artists and what they did was they change artists they probably knew the book was gonna get cancelled at that point so the good artists left and they went with lesser artists and the stories weren’t as good either on the last four issues I would say is not too enjoyable overall issues 130 to 134 but the rest of it is an enjoyable book so last few issues average and the cover with the border trimmings I didn’t like but I really like the fact that you get that complete run of the Human Torch in the Strange Tales volumes I like the fact that you get it all for this Epic Collection type thing for one price and you get it cheaper with online sales and they do give you a few extras which are pretty nice some of original art pages here for example look at that this is advertisement it’s pretty good some reprint covers that’s nice they made a modern one a couple of years ago but it’s I’m not even gonna bother with that they just wanted to bring it back for a short run in the modern day but here Strange Tales 101 to 134 for complete run from the 1960s of the Human Torch’s solo tales and they added the Thing in much later in the series to try and boost sales but it’s really mostly the torch if you like this stuff I would definitely recommend it not a perfect volume in terms of format 1 or 2 question topics there because of the border colors and last few issues weren’t that great but overall the vast majority of this stuff really enjoyable run I would recommend it especially if you get it under the $30.00 or under price range then I think it’s a good investment you’ll have a good read checking this volume out and that’s the review thanks for watching and talk to you later

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  1. They better not change the goddamn banner, thanks for covering this though. I might get it.

  2. I’m happy you are back with the comic book reviews.

  3. I agree. But nit picking over colors that are not technically changes to overall images is just nit picking. And that's the long and short of it.

  4. No idea there was a solo torch run 🙂 You can tell you really love this book 🙂 Great review. Looks awesome.

  5. Like the artwork but not sure I'd like the stories. I haven't read much from the 60s.

  6. I should have mentioned an obvious cover error is they call it Human Torch and Thing but they put Namor on the cover? The Thing is not on the front or back cover? Who is editing this book? They should have hired me. 🙂

  7. 4:37 Right before SJW Marvel retconned Iceman to be a homosexual…

  8. The 1951 on the back is not when the issues were released, but the year the volume was first published because there are multiple volumes of strange tales.

  9. Actually the back cover is not an error that is when strange tales was copyrighted 🙂🙂

  10. Same as Marvel Masterworks The Human Torch Strange Tales Volumes 1 & 2.

  11. Great review ! Thanks. I've just ordered my copy on amazon in order to read it soon … 🙂

  12. Great review! I just ordered it myself for about $26 from Amazon. I paid about $20 a few years ago for a second-hand copy of Essential Human Torch that has these same 35 stories but in black-and-white and on already-yellowing newsprint. I'm glad to upgrade! I had forgotten just how much the color adds to the experience. I just wish the packagers would have included the original letters pages and maybe even the Bullpen Bulletin pages that would have helped place these stories in their bigger Marvel Age of Comics context. But I'm not complaining! These are fun stories and I'll be glad to have 'em in such a nice format.

  13. I don’t think the ‘1951’ is an error, in ‘S.H.I.E.L.D (the “complete collection by Lee n’ Kirby) it shows the same number. So it just shows the year when ‘Strange Tales’ really began.
    Great book btw. I’ve been in love with the 60s Marvel Comics ever since I bought my first omnibus.

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