I Almost Learned To Fly In The World’s Only Wingsuit Tunnel

I Almost Learned To Fly In The World’s Only Wingsuit Tunnel

– I got an email from the
world champion wingsuit team that said, “Would you like to learn to fly
in the world’s only diagonal wind tunnel?” I’ve got to start saying
no to these things. – My name is Jarno Cordia. As part of the Wingsuit Tunnel here I’ve actually been setting up the coaching
here the last two years. And together now with Jenna, I teach here
and try to get everybody flying. Currently Jenna and myself,
we won the last World Cup in Italy in both indoor skydiving
and outdoor skydiving. We’re at the moment the reigning team
in wingsuit acrobatics. This wind tunnel was around since 1935. Used for testing aeroplanes ,
cars and those kind of things. I think they tested the Saab aeroplane and
the Huygens space capsule here. This tunnel was up for auction
a few years ago and then four of the local Swedish guys,
who are also skydivers, they basically thought,
what if we can convert this into an angled wind tunnel
where you can actually fly wingsuits. And because that hadn’t
been done yet, nobody really knew if such a
thing would be possible. So, they basically took the
horizontal wind tunnel here. They put a small angled tube in it. Once they had done the initial testing, I was called in to actually see,
besides stable flying, what else can we do in the tunnel. When that was all a big success,
they raised the money and actually built this amazing machine. Now it’s essentially an angled
tube that is on a pivot point and that can actually rotate
the tunnel up and down with a piston. I would say in terms of physical workout
for a beginner, it’s insanely heavy. And that is mainly
because, in the beginning, you are not flying super efficient. So you’re using a lot of muscle tension. You’re tending to bend the arm
which creates a round wing that really creates
drag on your body. In the beginning, maybe 40
minutes a day is the max and then people really feel like
they ran three marathons. I currently have the world record, which is definitely the most
boring thing I ever did, but somehow the most
watched thing, and it’s flying six and a half hours
non-stop in the tunnel without touching the
floor, walls or anything. – I can’t think right now. Ah. The last 10 seconds, you
were giving me instructions but my brain just wasn’t
parsing anything. – What we start with is this cable system where essentially you’re
on two pulleys that are on the ceiling that allow you
to move around, but they don’t allow you to actually
get close to the walls. The cables definitely influence
you a little bit as well with like the bounciness
of cables, but it essentially limits the motion
to safely learn to just control your body. Kind of like an aeroplane. Like you lean a bit left,
the wing goes left. You raise the chin and the chest gets air. That changes your angle,
pushes you backward. With those kind of motions, you need to really learn to fly. And even for skydivers that have a lot
of wingsuit experience, they tend to fly more by instinct and even for them, this
is a lot more precise than what you normally do outdoors. – So am I too far back or too far forward? – Too far forward. From that point where you can actually
control yourself on the cables, there you can continue to
flying without the cables. There’s a small, intermediate step we do, which is flying with a leash on the belly Which allows us to let people fly free but in case they do anything less smart, we can still put them on the floor. The difference between
flying in the tunnel and flying in the air is
definitely the lack of space. So in the air, if you’re
learning to fly and you’re essentially all over the
place, that is not an issue. In the tunnel if you’re
all over the place, you can be all over the
place for about two metres and then the wall stops you. Another thing that is
definitely different is your reflexes that you
have from the ground. Like if you’re flying on your back
and you’re falling backwards, we tend to put our butt down to cushion our fall, which of course in the sky,
you would never do. And definitely the walls and the floor,
they introduce these reflexes that we’ve trained over the years to put your arms in front
of you or to the sides that in flying don’t have the best effect. A big thing that the tunnel brings
that skydiving doesn’t get you is the amount of training you can do
and the reference you get where normally in the sky,
if I’m flying with a training partner, when we’re having a little bit of movement
between each other, we don’t see who is making the movement. In the tunnel, because you
have a static reference, you see every little move so you learn so much faster because
this gives you so much more feedback in terms of what you’re doing. Once they showed that they can fly well
with the belly leash, that comes off as well and then
you’re flying fully free. And then from there it’s
quite a rapid progression to learn to fly on your back and then actually learn
to do the transitions, carving around the tunnel. Typically that whole
progression takes around two to three hours of
flying for most people. in general, it’s quite cool to
see that where normally people would have 200-300 skydives
before they could even try this, now we’re taking people off the street
and teaching them to fly in one or two days. – I did not get to the point where, like,
I could just fly free in the tunnel, but there was four or five seconds
in there where I felt stable. And I don’t think you were pulling on me? – No, no no. – Thank you. -You’re more than welcome!
Super good, man. – Thank you very much.
I’m done! – The amount of flying you did now is what
the super trained people usually do after building that stamina. So you flew more than most people do
on the first day in a very short time span so all the muscles you’re feeling that
you’ve never used before, that’s quite normal. – Yeah! But you did really good. And you’re going to sleep
really well tonight. – Yeah! Yeah I am! – Should we just turn off the lights here
and leave you here? – No, because then it’s a slow slide
down into that! All right we’re good. We got an outro.`
Thank you so much. All right, yeah.
We’re good.

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