I Don’t Like My Parents Because They Don’t Accept Who I Am

I Don’t Like My Parents Because They Don’t Accept Who I Am

I never really liked my parents. We
butted heads on everything from political to religious beliefs.
I consider myself an atheist and very liberal and I am also unapologetically
gay. My parents are rather conservative
Muslims and are also extremely homophobic. I never was really public
about my disagreements with them because I still wanted a roof over my head food
on the table and money in my pocket. Because of that I was able to forge a
good but very artificial relationship with my parents. They saw me as
practically perfect a good and trusting kid. Both of my parents had very
noticeable flaws however. My mom liked to hold grudges, was quick to judge, and
loved to enforce gender roles. My mom adamantly believed that boys were
supposed to do yard work and take out the trash. And that girls only belong to
the kitchen and were predestined to become subservient Muslim housewives . My
father was so invested in his work that he neglected to form any bonds with his
children. They were constantly belittled my four sisters by not allowing them to
have friends outside of school, have phones, participate in extracurricular
activities, nor drive when they reach the legal age of 16. And then there’s me…a
couple years ago, I tried coming out to them, not once but twice. The first time
they begged me to date girls because they took my coming out as a threat. The
second time and proceeded to fire a barrage of insults and false homophobic
stereotypes about gay people ranging from their being mentally ill to calling
it a phaser choice. The threatened to completely disowned me and assured that
I won’t succeed in life if I didn’t quote unquote “fix myself.” A fog of depression
consumed me…I can only see myself being forever indebted to my parents. So I had
to continue the facade of the straight Muslim boy in the house. I didn’t think
much of it at the time, but after telling my friends that convinced me I was in a
nearly abusive relationship with my family and I had to get far away from
them to live my life and discover my full potential. It was at this moment
that I took a much harsher stance against my parents. Seeing them as my
prison wardens instead of my loved ones. So I thought where was the farthest I
could get without them having a harsh impact on me well I could still be
successful and thrive as a young gay…? After doing some research, I could finally conclude that California would be the
best place for me; a thriving LGBTQ community lots of racial diversity and
acceptance and on the complete opposite side of the country. So I applied to a
few schools there in hopes I would get accepted and sure enough I did get into
one of them UCLA. It truly was one of the greatest moments of my life. I felt like
a livable future was finally plausible. My parents are hesitant at first because
of the distance but happy to have me go because they trusted I could succeed at
a highly acclaimed school in Los Angeles. After moving there I have never been
happier to be part of a diverse community with amazing friends support
and education. Although I have to come home every now and then to keep up my
fake relationship, I am so relieved to be so strongly associated from that
sinkhole I once called home. My next hope is that my sister’s see and
believe the truth about my parents and follow my footsteps and escape so that
they could live happy lives too.

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  1. Don't mind me just putting back my dislike becouse it keeps getting remove

    God I hate that disgrace of a human being

  2. In my opinion, this story doesn’t have a good message. His parents want good things for him, and he’s just being ungrateful and a hypocrite. I’m not saying it’s ok that his parents are homophobic, but instead of calling them toxic and stuff, he should try talking to them about what’s bothering him and try to solve the problem, getting away from them won’t solve it, because they’re still his parents. It’s also not good that he wants his sisters to “see what type of people their parents are”, because again, they’re still their parents and they want the best for them, just maybe they don’t know how to express it.

  3. First thing that comes to mine
    Very liberal-Grouse:amanda, oh ALRIGHT BRING IT ON YA FUCKIN LIBTARDS
    Im unapologetically gay:GAY OR EUROPEAN
    Alright imma go

  4. I am a Muslim and I don't like the person who does not accept islam

  5. My favorite episode

  6. My mom wants me to be a girly girl but I'm a tom boy my mom dose not ace me at all so yeah

  7. As a former atheist , now Islam , a lesbian asexual , this is offensive

  8. Ye my dad doesn't want me to have a gf until i turn 18

  9. Wait wait wait…california actually has more LGTB?…Well at least I know cause I live in cali ._.

  10. U uh unuh uh uh ubu

  11. What Happened If His Parents Watch Storybooth

  12. No offense kid, but you're messed up

  13. This is fake, as a Muslim we can't date anyone. Once we woman r adults our parents choose a guy to marry. We can't just date. Even being friends with a male in Islam is forbidden and u will go to hell. So this is fake.

  14. ME: Yay you're also an atheist

  15. This was so real and relative. I need this, thanks for sharing so much

  16. Im Muslim but this is not right.
    Sadly most of the Muslims think wifes are suppos to work in the house and do noting my dad was and still like that but me and my mom just ran from him. what they do is not Islam and they are not Muslims like that

  17. Its ok to be a gay I may not be gay but I respect people like you

  18. Not all Muslim parents are like that. This boy is just trying to make muslims look bad

  19. My parents are the same , but I'm Trans/Pansexual
    I tried 3 times (I was 11 the first time)
    I'm 17 now
    And I lie to them
    I say I'm straight ….

  20. And we do have phones play music driving in age of 16 like you said and having friends from school

  21. Lgbt rules homophobes drool!

    I am the T and straght and also the B (biromantic)

  22. I relate to him so much except for the gay part, not that im homophobic, i like gay people, no that im gay.

  23. I'm a Muslim but I'm not upset about
    Gay or Christians .

  24. My super religious Christian mother says that I shouldn't even talk to a guy before I get married. Excuse me,mother but to marry someone I have to talk to them first!

  25. You can't blame a boy who has 4 siblings who are all girls if they become gay tbh

  26. So you don't believe in God well have fun sucking the devil's mayonnaise you know what I mean

  27. I love gay people no one is perfect I wish I had a gay friend

  28. No matter who you are
    Always remember to be yourself and do what you want in life

    Trust me it wil be worth it

  29. All these muslims in the comments saying shit like islam isn’t homophob and misogyny makes me laugh so hard lmaooo

  30. Your parents should be supportive no matter the circumstance. Supports sent your way♥️

  31. Why some people don't like gay people we are perfect how we are you are preaty cute handsome just like u rare ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤♥️💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💌❣️💟

  32. Dude… this is abusing…

  33. Dude yr a Muslim like me I was also like you but now i respect my religion other religion also.😀

  34. Liek If Ur a Hellicoopteerrrrrrr


  36. I live in California 😱

  37. I can relate to this so much i cry every night because they are homophobic

  38. Keep going dude. I’m lesbian/Bisexual ❤️

  39. I'm bisexual and my friend just came out to her family and there family accepted her but when I showed my mom and step dad they said "I'm glad you weren't with her". In my mind I was like wtf you can't accept my friend then you can't accept me.i was just crying when I showed my father he didn't like it. So that means I can never like a girl but my crush right now is a flipping girl and also I can't even move countries because I'm only 13 years old. So that's why I started cutting myself and when my parents found out they told me why I did that I still haven't told them why.So now I have depression and suicidal thoughts.

    If anyone can relate to this I'm sooo sorry that you had to go through this and I hope you get luck and I wish you to believe in yourself and to never let anyone down. Oh and one last thing you will always have people that will believe,support in you NEVER give up.

    PS:this is my story

  40. (To Obi-Wan Kenobi.) I kinda agree cause yeah the gay thing but he didn't say it was an abusive relationship. His friend did and she said nearly abusive relationship. You also said you thought nobody is perfect but at the same time, even though nobody is perfect some people aren't generally "good" either. You say his parents ask him to date girls because they think it is a sin but you're just saying that. When I say "just saying that" I mean just saying it without saying it's a bad or good thing (you don't always have to but in this case, yes). What I mean is if I said that I would think of it as a bad thing (not completely as it's not completely fact or opinion). All I'm trying to say is I don't want to argue with you but I strongly disagree with your opinion. I disagree with it but I still accept it.

    P.S I didn't reply because there were already 500.
    Also, If I wrote things wrong as in bad grammar or things I'm just a kid(oh, and I use English grammar not American) with a strong mind but as u probably know, kids are kids. They (we, idk if ur a kid tho) aren't the best in writing. Anyway I hope you maybe reply to this and have an awesome day/night/wherever you are on the planet. 🙂

  41. To the ppl "hating" on this, some Muslims think it's allowed to date. Some don't believe that (I do). that's all im gonna say…

    P.S who else hates the ppl that always comment or reply "lol stfu" or "lmfao like I care"


  43. This dude shouldve changed it earlier if you make fake relashionships its gunna backfire

  44. This reminds me of the song you need to calm down by Taylor Swift 🏳️‍🌈

  45. wait, your parents are letting you to date
    which Muslim parents does that !

  46. Muslim are not allowed to be LGBTQ and its not my fault!

  47. Be you!😀😀😀👍👍

  48. Choosing to be gay or not is a choice. It’s common sense.

  49. Islam is right about women’s right
    Islam is right about gay rights……they have non

  50. Im homophobic and he is disgusting species

  51. Parents see video


  52. I hate it when you think your religion is entitled to your children yes I'm a religious Christian but I will love my children because that's how God made them and genetics and genes but are my children still you made them just accept them plus my niggaa you signed up for this just take it and leave it all right

  53. Your gay go fuck your self

  54. I am also a atheist who has Muslim parents i am also liberal and lesbian my mom also believes gender roles and recently I got beaten up by my dad because I got a hickey on my neck I am constantly unhappy I moved from my home when I was 13 then got back when I was 19 now I am 20 and I have to live with my parents because I have to stay here in order to study medicine but I don't know how to do that I feel trapped what should I do please someone help me ! BTW I live in Turkey I wish I was in somewhere like USA

  55. Now i no why your parents hate you

  56. man must feel bad to come out TWO TIMES

  57. I'm Muslim and everyone is calling me a teroisrest but then me and my freind said if i were a terrorist you should be scared

  58. People need to be more supportive to others and show some respect. Not be some a-holes/d-heads.

  59. Im a MUSLIM and I except who I am

  60. My parents also don't accept me who I am because I am an antisemite. So?

  61. I’m Islamic too

  62. I feel way I just hate them

  63. a athiest,liberal and gay damn all things i hate i would agree with your parents

  64. I don't care about you being gay but keeping fake relationship and abandoning your parent are evil thing to do

  65. Gay liberal and a terrible division what a cunt

  66. Stay strong my man

  67. Wow you are a muslin me too but not gay

  68. Did I write this story without realising?
    I am:

    An atheist
    Very liberal
    Very, very, very lesbian.

    I'm here for ya

  69. My parents don't except who I am either only because I want to be a beauty guru

  70. Its okey to be gay

  71. Your parents are right,you will see later😒

  72. Muslims religion that you can't be gay but you can if are not Muslim

  73. Candice DeLong: Disobey us and this will happen to you. We are powerful, you are not.
    (from "Deadly Women" episode "Keep it in the Family", segment "Farzana and Iftikhar Ahmed")

  74. Literally this kid is the biggest douchebag in history. He is so ungrateful that his parents do everything for him and want him to grow up and be successful. He talks about how he gets money in his pocket but I’m nice to my parents not because I want food or a house or money, BUT BECAUSE I LOVE THEM. I don’t even get a damn allowance to begin with. Also his parents just don’t want this kid to grow up and become James fucking Charles. He also mentions how he wants his sisters to run away with him. Wtf 💥. Like why tf is the FBI at my damn door. Oh my parents have different “religious beliefs” so I fucking HATE them. Oooh they don’t want me to be gay I HATE THEM. Just stfu and thank them when you don’t grow up on the damn streets. You also have the balls to say they are like your prison wardens. It would make sense though because you are breaking around a billion laws and might as well be locked up for it. Idk, just shut up idiot. 🤐

  75. This kid is kinda a bicth

  76. Unapologetically gay?


  78. I was never homophobic just to be honest.

  79. His parents probably didn’t know that being homosexual to people is a sin

  80. Im a Catholic and I have nothing wrong with the LGBTQ community 🙂

    one if my best friends is a lesbian

    (just goes to show you cant judge a book by it's cover) 😀

  81. Why do they think gay is bad. There is no differince man. The onley different thing is you like men, and thats ok😉

  82. No offense but I’m Muslim and being with people unless marriage is haram

  83. I HAVE IPHONE XR but no offense my parents are not that strict and I am a Muslim I am not aloud to date love when we grow up a random man knocks on your door and be like I want to marry your daughter I can say yes or no many of my friens get jealous of me because I I have iPhone XR and they think I am spoiled ok I am but won’t u be spoiled if your dad was a millionaire ya you will but my parents are strict but not like that last year I was only absent for 2 days my dad says it is haram to be absent but I don’t believe and everybody need to appreciate there live although my gad is a millionaire I didn’t see him in 5years T-T

  84. Eww that’s discussing

  85. 1. The democratic party more affiliates more with leftism than liberalism.
    2. Phobia is an irrational fear of something. I don't know his parents, but I don't think they're homophobic, but rather think relationships should only be between males and females most likely because of their religion.

  86. That lie is not going to last long, and if you don't change your attitude, I don't think you're dignity is going to either.

    Edit: We can't judge him by his actions, because we are not perfect. But with the right wisdom, we can judge his actions.

  87. Muslims cant date you big dumbo

  88. Muslims cant be gay too right? Its against the rules that was in the quran

  89. This is bad u would rather be fake with your family that’s bad why be fake they love u somewhere they are proud of you and your just gonna leave them like that it just bad to live like that

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