I Tried 18-Hour Lipstick

I Tried 18-Hour Lipstick

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  1. HELLO LOVES! i've been wondering about lipsense for so long, i finally tried it out! how are you guys doing? would you ever try this? also, let me know if you got a notif for this video!!

  2. Bullet and fire proof

  3. I did this for cheer

  4. Oh Saf. Your poor, poor lips. If you haven’t already, please get rid of this stuff.

  5. Saf being so supportive.
    Ty: what do you think about this?
    Saf: it looks cute!
    Saf, when Tyler leaves: "it's a plain white tshirt."

  6. Guys, I get that this is not the best company (or even a good) to support, but please stop bashing her.

  7. 2 years later buuuuutttt….

    Who all yawned when Safiya yawned at hour 20? 🙋🏻‍♀️😂

  8. people are irritated the majority of the comment section is calling LipSense a pyramid scheme…a comment should be based on the video and if the company and lipstick IN the video are part of a pyramid scheme then that seems pretty valid to me

  9. My mom uses that lipstick

  10. imagine loosing the remover

  11. Tyler in the background at 8:04 😆

  12. hmmmm id better comment about lipsense being an mlm just in case saf didn't see the other 11k comments

  13. Saf= lipstick
    Simply= nail Polish
    Me= sleep

  14. I am a competition dancer, we use the lip sense for our makeup it burns bc your lips are dry. I have also found that ranch works really well to remove it

  15. So is this a pyramid scheme or not

  16. 4:38 Will make you smile

  17. I have to use it for cheer and it breaks my face out

  18. My mom owns lipsenece

  19. I use this for pageants…..and modling shots sadly

  20. @0:20 Everything proof? Bulletproof? Scientist should look into this for technological advancements

  21. I live in Oklahoma and this stuff is pretty common here. I had no idea how hard it was to get in other places 😅

  22. I don’t like lipsence because it dosnt work well especially for cheer

  23. plot twist: safiya's a lipsense mlm seller

  24. Saf is a nevernude confirmed

  25. I’ll wear it’s for 19 hours

  26. Her “I think my lips are swollen.” Me sitting here with a half swollen lip because I just got my tooth pulled: 😑 Yeah SURE YOUR LIPS ARE SWOLLEN I can’t feel the whole bottom right half of my lips and chin

  27. I never wear dark lipstick because it never survives on the butthole lip and it looks pretty bad after an hour. It makes me sad because I'd really love to wear dark chocolate, black 🖤 & purple lipstick.

  28. My mom I literally obsessed with that she literally had like 20 colors😱

  29. When U listen carefully in the background song it is senorita song

  30. I see that the habit of doing stupid, sometimes harmful content has rubbed off on this girl from her days at BuzzFeed. But she’s obviously happy in her ignorance. Promoting a pyramid scheme? What’s that? I need the clickzzz 🤪

  31. I wear lipsense for cheer competitions, and in winter, when my lips are dryer than normal, it stings so much. And by the time the competition is over, it practically gone

  32. Wow I'm surprised that this is the first time I've seen Tyler kiss safyia in a video. I've been watching saf's videos for almost three years

  33. 96% of the comments: lipsence is a pyramid scheme!
    4%: don’t exist

  34. Saf what you do is apply the gloss from time to time aka a hour and thirty minutes

  35. or use a lip tint which is generally very cheap and doesn't hurt at all 😅

  36. I have noticed that since Saf has left Buzzfeed, she and LadyLike have done basically a hand full of the same videos, however, she tends to get WAYY more views. Kinda curious as to why??

  37. applying in ONE DIRECTION lmao😂😍

  38. Omfg I know the owner of lipsense and I didn’t even know I knew her but I was a counselor at a theatre camp her daughter did

  39. The ultimate cosplay con lipstick

  40. When she said One Direction, my heart went like: 🥰😭💔

  41. Video idea: wearing 100 layers of 18 hour lipstick for 18 hours

  42. it was actually pretty good

  43. Who else wouldn't were this!

  44. So allergic to this product😷

  45. I felt bad for her when she said it hurt, and I feel a little mean saying this, but her faces when it hurt were priceless.

  46. Alternative title: Safiya Buys From An MLM.

  47. Tyler was killing it with his dance in the gym lol

  48. Thanks for trying this! I would love it if it didn't seem painful/vinigery

  49. Wait isn’t there a 24 hour lipstick from maybelline which is pretty much the same and sold in drugstores?

  50. I came for the kiss
    They're literally the cutest couple next to Cristine and Ben


  52. But was it ninja proof tho ? Lol loved this vid , u are such an inspirational, smart , gives no effs type a lady

  53. My aunt Nora sells this

  54. It has alcohol in it which makes it stay on for a long time and that is why it burns

  55. I love lip sense so much I love wearing it! It doesn’t actually sting that bad and I wore it for a musical I was in and even through all the singing and dancing it stayed in perfect condition

  56. 4:38 so cute 😍😊❤️

  57. i have that lipstick!

  58. Your apologizing for your scab makes me feel like I should apologize for my entire face.

  59. Late to the party here—but would love to see the wear on “long stay” drug store lipstick. Like maybelline matte ink. Because that stuff STICKS


  61. Thumbnail is literally a picture of Miranda sings

  62. My mom wears that and it doesn’t last 18 hours I put some on it lasted for 1 hour

  63. I completely agree with all the comments asking Safiya and other not to support MLMs, but I’m also kind of shocked no one has mentioned anything about wish. Surely products that cheap are coming from sweat shops.

  64. I've used lip sense since 2015

  65. 4:39 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OMFG I SHIP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Or professional dancers!!!

  67. So here's the thing about lipsense. I have a couple of bottles myself and I love them, but you do have to continuously reapply the gloss. Not just for comforts sake, but for the lip stain as well. Without the glass, the lip stain will begin to crack and crumble because it's getting too dry. Unlike most traditional lip stains, the colour is more opaque and lasts a lot longer, but the gloss is all part of that. So if anyone decides to buy this (because the product does work very well regardless of anything else) make sure you consistently apply the gloss to keep it from chipping.

  68. 10:25 i yawned at the same time what

  69. maybelline, covergirl and beautybakerie(the best) all make similar lipsticks to lip sense, but its safe and cheap and doesn't support mlm con artists

  70. You should try Beauty Bakerie liquid lip whips. They are cheaper, they look better, the smell better, they work just as well and are much easier to remove when you want to remove it

  71. you should have gone swimming

  72. I just partnered up with that company last Tues day (9-3-19) so I haven't really started my business yet but I'm seeing a lot of great reviews on the lipsenses.

  73. Stay matte ink liquid lipstick by maybelline works just as well, for a fifth of the price for anyone looking for a dupe!

  74. You look like a vampire queen trying to pretend you’re a normal vampire

  75. I’ve tried this brand. It burned putting on the first layer. And I didn’t like that I could only go in one direction. There was not a good way to fix it. It’s not worth the money. Plus it’s not good to put an alcohol based product on your lips.

  76. so pretty much Maybelline 24 h super stay liquid lipstick. BUt of course Maybelline does not hurt and is not a pyramid scheme

  77. 8:04 Tyler dancing in the background🤣

  78. My ballet studio uses this for shows. Wearing this for 5 nights in a row ruined my lips.

  79. I thought that Tyler was your BF


  81. My aunt works for lipsense!!!!!!

  82. 8:05 My last 2 brain cells falling asleep

  83. I love how Tyler is in the back of the gym dancing 8:01

  84. Hey I wore Revlon Colorstay for years and it works great. Actually it has to be removed with vaseline. If you leave it on overnight it too can dry out your lips. It's kinda hard to find in stores now.

  85. Tyler dancing in the background at the gym

  86. Nota TRing to bé mean but your thimnal is kind of ugly sorry but not trying to be mean

  87. Shout out to Tina for being a Britney Spears fan!

  88. ok so i keep getting this Charmin commercial and in the commercial the bears are brown on the packaging but red or blue every time it is weird and i am weird for talking about a toilet paper commercial

  89. They had a booth to test this at the fair and while it lasts a while this stuff is terrible! It tastes terrible and is hard to get off. After hearing the MLN comments I’m happy I didn’t buy any

  90. That stuff make your lips bigger

  91. I love Tyler’s dancing in the background at 8:04

  92. This lipstick would be good for traveling on an airplane where you cant bring liquid to reapply

  93. I went to a event today and it had lip sense and saw that someone was showing the 18-hour lipstick. I went over there to try it out.It does sting a little bit after you apply the layers but it does look nice and I loved it, I didn’t have it on long like 3 hours.

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