Interview MARTIN GARRIX: “What my mom doesn’t allow me…”

Interview MARTIN GARRIX: “What my mom doesn’t allow me…”

hello sir hey how are you I’m good man how are you I’m good thank you like you’re the first person here in the studio who’s getting like such a great gift like you see this it’s all for you we just bought it today great thank you so much yeah well um I read that you’re not just you know DJing um but you’re like also a huge business man I’ve company with like Martin garrix is like I think right now we have 47 people working for Martin garrix so you and your name has become a very huge brand over the couple of past years kind of a little bit so how does it feel to be like the boss of so many people and I guess maybe a lot of them are like way older than you all right it’s weird because I’m I know it kind of feels responsible just like I I cannot do any stupid things because they’re reliable I mean I’m reliable known them um we has been fun and I have an amazing team around me and the fun thing is that even though we are working together it doesn’t feel like work because it’s just everybody loves so much what they are doing and it’s one one family it kind of seems like a trend right now that a lot of DJ’s do remakes any song where you are like I want to do a Martin garrix version of that song no not really I think a lot of songs that I hear sometimes in the radio being remade I’m like why would even anybody have the balls to touch this song it was such a good song before and some some songs and I’m like why did you have to use the song and try to make it into a new hit because the song was already so beautiful and don’t ruin my memories of the song so but I know I’m not gonna do it maybe I’ll do like a remix like last year remix – I can feel my face by the weekend but there was more more reason so I’m not gonna take like a 30 year old song and put it in any new thing but it’s interesting it kind of works out for a lot of DJs and producers you know to make remakes and they become huge hits do you think it’s because the people remember that song from the old days or did they these songs kind of deserved you remake or is it like totally bullshit I think it’s bullshit for me I there’s so many songs that here and there being remade I’m like really you really had to remake this song but yeah I don’t know if apparently people liked it but from a producer level I think it’s more cause if a producer does something new themselves being a DJ has changed a lot over the years now DJ’s have become huge stars you know themselves and you know are like rock stars all over the place all over the world people know you recognize it that’s something that you are familiar with so what are the positive and the negative aspects of that change of your profession the positive thing is that the shows are absolutely crazy such a hype around like electronic music vessels etc I played ER in Berlin Berlin last year at Lollapalooza and it was so so crazy so much fun no way down to this sometimes I’m in public like I’m out having fun night with some friends and everybody wants to have a photo dynamic guys come on tonight I’m free I want to hang out with my friends but I guess so much fun stuff that comes with it so you will never ever hear me complaining what is the most beautiful criticism you ever read about you and maybe the most stupid one the most beautiful ones just like how young people are inspired to chase your dreams like I get a lot of messages from young fans who have like a passion and the most negative in a criticism I get so much things but it’s funny like I read it and I’m like really um is it sometimes that you understand what they are criticizing or is it like oh my god like that’s stupid my parents raised me if I don’t like something I’ll just stay away from it sometimes I read people’s going on the internet I’m like thanks so much for your contribution but this is zero feedback that I can actually use that’s not productive at all no exactly if it’s productive I appreciate every single cone but if it’s like negative stupid comments I’m like when mom says no it always means no something that my mom told me that I would never like she’sshe if i take it to to anywhere my body she will kill me so um yeah I’m like my mom says no it’s no so no tattoos for me yeah that’s like rule that counts like for the rest of our lives I guess I hope I hope maybe one day she’ll she’ll give me permission because I would love to her too but for now I say to know I know that you don’t like to sing but I mean some other DJ’s did it that way they performed very well like Calvin Harris you know who also started to sing it on his own tracks so he started as a singer you know that’s true yeah okay but is there any chance for your fans maybe that one day you will maybe sing a verse on one of your songs maybe with a lot of autotune? no no this is not it’s not it’s not going so now that you’re officially like the most successful DJ on the planet I guess a lot of singers want to work with you but of course you can say yes to everybody I’m gonna sing songs of artists and you have to say maybe yes or maybe no oh so baby come line me up and baby I’ll let you on it a little bit dangerous I got my eyes on you you’re everything that I see like so sorry my loneliness is killing me and you’re a great singer yeah you make me trying hard should feature you and so uh no um yeah I think I would try it as well so maybe one day so Britney maybe one day you never know is there a country that is like major totally crazy I wasn’t Peru three weeks ago and I just remember I never I never went there before and the moment I got to the airport there was like seven hundred people waiting at the airport and they were for me was like like oh my god I did not expect this and so you thought you would be like on the cover you know I thought we chill like I would land I would be picked picked up by transport brought to the hotel could get some sleep and then get ready for the show and as soon as we get to the airport it was just crazy is there something that you always wanted to talk about doing an interview but you know never got asked about like now you’re totally free to talk about any subject you want to my favorite pizza topping okay I’m very excited because a pizza is like somebody I would choose even over Britney Spears oh my god and know my favorite pizza I I love um I love mushrooms on a pizza I really like that I also love Pizza calzone what’s your favorite I’m a huge fan of tuna I love Allatoona pizza I love broccoli with a lot of cheese it’s like oh yeah like really good that’s great I’m happy we got to cover this subject in India yeah I’m gonna order pizza when on your birthday and send it to you I guess there are a lot of stuff on the background that you’re always working on so any hints what is going to be the next project of mr. Martin garrix I’ve got so much new music I’m working in the studio um we we got a crazy crazy tour coming up next year and lots of amazing shows it’s gonna be it’s give me a lot of fun and you’ll be embroiled in to hopefully um I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say it but I think I’m gonna be there again next year that’s great fun he didn’t say anything it’s like maybe know where he’s management and stuff Martin was very nice to meet you thank you so much thank you so much

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  3. Totally agree with the part he mentioned about producing new songs rather than remaking and what a good interview !

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  15. Ein sehr spezielles Interview. Die gestellten Fragen waren gut formuliert und nicht so sinnlos wie einige andere Interviewer sie stellen. 😉 Keep it up

  16. i don't think remakes are producers trying to make a song better, but sort taking something they love and adding their own flare to it… remixes are just another way to listen to a song or seeing it from a different perspective but the original will alway be there..

  17. he's so cute and smart

  18. marshmello ? :-/

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  20. Meine Einstellung zu Remixen gleicht Martin Garrix seiner. Ich denke auch dass man viele Tracks "unangetastet" lassen sollt und lieber was neues und eigenes komponiert

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  29. "I think It's bull shit" – Martin Garrix

  30. Great interview, I think it was a good balance and fun. Takes balls to sing on youtube too.
    Also nice to see him laugh and talk about his life. Keep up the good work both Martin Garrix and Tolga.

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  80. Tell me about how you figure out the first sound to a song.

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