Intro to Butane Hash Oil

Intro to Butane Hash Oil

THE KID: I’m the Kid. I write Vice’s Sunday
weed column. I love weed so much that
I decided to make a whole show about it. When I started it last fall,
I had no idea that weed was about to be legalized
in two states. All kinds of subcultures came
to light, but the most fascinating one was also
the fastest growing– butane hash oil, an extract
that’s pure THC. Welcome to Weediquette. THE OIL GUY: I first started
smoking weed in 1988 when my big brother took me out in his
Volkswagen bus into a big oil field, handed me a bong full of
schwag, and said here, hit this until you throw up. So I did. And I threw the fuck
up in the field. I definitely smoked oil in the
’94 for the first time. I was at a fucking Rainbow
Gathering. This dude passed me a bong
and said here, light it. And then I hit that. At least a minute or two later
I was definitely– it was the most psychedelic
experience I’d ever had on weed at that point. I asked him, what is going on? He said there’s honey
oil on it. That was my introduction
to hash oil. Dabbing is basically having a
dabber, which is something needle-like to grab the
oil and apply it whatever you’re using. Generally titanium, but you can
also use quartz, and you can use glass. Take my blow torch. Heat up my titanium. Inhale. Done. THE OIL GUY: That’s
a tough question. It really depends on what
you’re looking for. Where flowers were for me, they
aren’t for me anymore. I like the way oil’s
intensity works. I like the way, when you
first hit it, you get kind of a rush. Every single time I hit
oil, I get high. I can hit it 30, 40 times
in a day, and I’m still getting higher. -There has been an explosion– -A massive explosion– -An explosion leads police
to a drug lab. What was being made in this
garage drug lab behind me? Something called butane honey
oil, a very toxic and highly concentrated– -Inside this garage behind a
home, investigators believe a man has been cooking marijuana,
a highly dangerous procedure similar
to cooking meth. THE OIL GUY: You can see that
it’s become more popular because when you look in the
news every other day, people blowing each other up. It was basically just idiots
not knowing what they’re playing with. They would take a bunch of weed,
and they would take a bunch of butane, put it into a
big fat dish, and throw it on the stove and think it’s
going to purge it. And then, yeah, you blow up your
fucking house real fast. There’s great videos on YouTube
of people doing that. -It just goes in like that. -See that? -You squish
it down. Make sure– [EXPLOSION] -Fuck! -The house is on fire! The house is on fire! [EXPLOSION] -Oh my g– THE OIL GUY: Oh that’s great. Little kids doing it. That’s one of the best
videos ever. The way to do it is you
get a tube packed with a bunch of weed. You want glass. Generally, people use
the turkey basters. And make sure it’s the right one
with the needle attachment that your can of butane
perfectly fits into. And blast. It basically just sends butane
right through the tube. On the bottom, you want
a coffee filter. And I put a mesh screen
around that with a metal band tightener. Boom. Into a Pyrex dish. And it all comes out
into a nice puddle. So you use your butane
to extract your THC. And you want to remove the
butane because you don’t want to smoke butane. So you purge. You want to basically put
your bowl that you blasted into in hot water. It’s going to have an initial
really violent reaction. When that’s done, it’s going
to be still reacting but really, really slowly. Now, some people throw
it in the oven. Some people go right to
vac at that point. In this one, we went
right to vac. What that does is it keeps the
oil in a really viscous state and then it helps the purge. THE KID: So we’re about to have
a little taste of the yield of the process
we just witnessed. THE OIL GUY: It came
out to shatter. This is something you
try to attain THE KID: And that looks like
kind of a really big fucking dab right there, too. [BONG BUBBLING] THE OIL GUY: Come on. [BONG BUBBLING] THE OIL GUY: Keep going. [BONG BUBBLING] THE OIL GUY: There you go. You got it. See? When you purge correctly,
it’s nice and smooth, no matter how big it is. THE KID: Yeah. It tastes really good. THE OIL GUY: Yeah. THE KID: No chemically
taste at all. Tastes like pure,
pure hash oil. THE OIL GUY: Yeah. THE KID: Cheers. THE OIL GUY: Word. THE KID: Wow. This guy opened my eyes to a
totally new way to get high off of weed. One that gets you just so much
god damn higher than smoking it normally. For such an awesome substance,
BHO has a pretty serious dark side. I wanted to find out how the
authorities were looking at this explosive new form
of hash extraction. [PHONE RINGING] [COUGHING] THE KID: So what are some of the
experiences you’ve had as a cop regarding BHO
in your area? LT. RICK KO: We first saw one of the
large explosions in 2009 from a BHO lab. And then we’ve also seen an
expansion of finding evidence related to BHO labs, and it’s
growing in popularity. THE KID: Yeah, I get you man. And what are the differences
between BHO and other drug epidemics, like meth labs? LT. RICK KO: Having a BHO lab and
a meth lab are the same. If you’re using a volatile
chemical that’s highly explosive and highly flammable
by people that are often using marijuana or BHO, makes for a
very dangerous combination. THE KID: What are some of
the dangers of BHO? Can you give us– [COUGHING] THE KID: Can you give
us an example of a particularly bad explosion? LT. RICK KO: One was so violent
that it blew the house partially off it’s foundation
and created a huge fire. THE KID: All right. All right. And what do you think
about Colorado? LT. RICK KO: I think Colorado’s
going to be very sorry that they passed that law within
a year or two. We’ve seen people smoking and
having a good time at a party atmosphere, but when you start
having people producing it next door to you, you’re going
to have people that are going to try to take that
marijuana or the profits from that marijuana. -Yeah, of course. You guys want some dabs? THE KID: Yeah. I’ll take a dab. So we’re here in Denver
at the Cannabis Cup. And man, if we thought that
dabbing was a growing trend, then we didn’t see
shit before this. Because there are seriously
dozens of bars everywhere with, like, the most elaborate
dabbing glass. And they’re just doling
out dabs. And we’re about to go check
out a couple of the places that are doing this and
take a few dabs. I went down to Denver for the
first ever Cannabis Cup held on US soil in a state that
legalized weed just last year and has quickly become
America’s weed mecca. Here BHO is big business, and
we checked out totally legal operations dedicated to making
shit tons of it, which they distribute to local
dispensaries. We’re here with Daniel DeSailles
at the Top Shelf Extracts in Denver, Colorado. How long have you guys been
in business over here? DANIEL DESAILLES: We’ve been
in business about two and a half years now. What usually happens is a
dispensary will contract us to process their trim
from their grows. THE KID: OK. So you’re using– DANIEL DESAILLES: Most of them
can’t process in-house. THE KID: And how much
BHO do you guys pump out in a given week? DANIEL DESAILLES: Approximately
three to four pounds of it. DEREK: It’s great to be able to
make this at home, but it’s also awesome to be able to come
into a laboratory and take those extra steps
in getting professional equipment. And we have a $15,000 turbomolecular vacuum pump here– THE KID: Right. DEREK: –that’s used
for laboratory– THE KID: That’s obviously
better. DEREK: –research. We’re at a forefront of a
movement that allows us to work like this. Everything is all under the
supervision of the Colorado medical marijuana enforcement
agency. THE KID: Right. DEREK: Every gram of this
is accounted for. I would expect nothing less. We’re in the middle of– THE KID: Right. DEREK: –legalizing a product
that has been illicit for 60, 70 years. THE KID: Yeah, there’s got
to be a lot of control. DEREK: There’s growing pains. DAVID BIENENSTOCK: A lot of
people have worked a really long time to make people
comfortable with a natural plant that grows out
of the ground. I think the largest danger is
people looking for a way to discredit marijuana gravitating
towards this. All of these dangers that you
perceive are just another argument for legalization. Whether you want to use BHO or
if you don’t want to use it, you still want to live in a
society that regulates it reasonably. THE KID: I’m about five dabs in
right now, and they’re all that fucking big. Just like that last one. Is that five right there? Yeah. So definitely getting
a little bleary. Definitely starts hurting your
lungs for a little, but I’m smoking cigarettes, too,
like an asshole. But so far so good. I think my memory’s intact. I guess we should probably
go do a couple more dabs. Let’s do that. I need maybe like
five minutes. At the Cannabis Cup itself,
where thousands of potheads from all over the world convene,
butane hash oil was flowing like wine. I managed to consume buckets
of it during my time there along with everyone else, and it
was good vibes all around. All this tells us that BHO and
extracts like it are exploding with popularity. More people are learning
about it. More people want it. And more people are willing to
risk their lives by making it where it’s not available. All for a cleaner,
stronger high. THE OIL GUY: You’re going to
see, like, people’s moms asking about it and
stuff like that. It’s already in all the medical
places, and people through your grandparents age,
through younger than you, are definitely getting this. There’s just no stopping this. We’ve got the internet. We’ve got everything. It’s just, it’s game on. It’s not going anywhere. It’s only getting bigger.

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