Iron Man ARC REACTOR – STUNNING Hand Craft DIY Using the most Basic materials

Iron Man ARC REACTOR – STUNNING Hand Craft DIY Using the most Basic materials

Let’s build one. Project: Iron man Arc Reactor Brains techknowlogy Subscribe and click the bell button

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  2. Where you melt the solder to the wire. What is the solid wire rings made from? Thx

  3. Это фатошоп

  4. Chhati me ghusa le apne

  5. Oye puedes darme las medidas y los materiales usados

  6. Hello aap video ke starting me glass use karte ho arc reactor ka diagram dekhne ke liye uska name kya ha Bata do plzzz bro

  7. Finland WHAT suomea mitä

  8. Very good
    100000000000000 time

  9. I want to make real arc reacter  your design is very nice

  10. So exact same minus on light

  11. Amazing excellent weather

  12. Can u make some template please 🙂

  13. Olá amigo o link para compra não funciona, você ainda vende o ark?

  14. I haven't seen such a creative video

  15. 上級者向け過ぎるだろ

  16. You are soon going to get copyright strike from iron Man

  17. When you are in a dark room you need a torch oh wait

    I have a torch in my chest

  18. Abe lode chodu he kiya

  19. [This is my mom's account] Baya iyi olmuş, benim aklıma gelmez işte 🙂

  20. 0:08 how he created that editing

  21. Basically the music in the vid: pew pew bum ratatatata bum pew pew bum bom bom brrr tsk bum tatatatat. XD

  22. The video would have been totally awesome if the builder would have explained everything instead of just showing the audience how while playing the annoying music. Still, nice build.

  23. you people that pressing Thumb Down as if you can make what his makeing.

  24. Wow que simple se ve :v

  25. How you edit like that

  26. I tought it was real like the ark reactor from the hacksmit

  27. Eu sou o unico brasileiro?

  28. Looks cool, byt I think it has no use becuz its kinda consume energy, not producing it

  29. Ang brainy tlg n klasmeyt astig

  30. Ang galing kua 😮😮

  31. Твой канал русский или английский

  32. I can make a real kinetic arc reactor

  33. List of materials with size of circle and stick

  34. Кто русский лайк

  35. Why are you shouin it if we dont now how to do it

  36. I tried making one, let's just say It wasn't as good as yours. Awsome video mate, keep up the good work

  37. Рукожопы-расходимся.

  38. Tony Stark built this with a box of scraps
    I,m pretty sure this is Tony’s twin

  39. איש הברזל זה איירון מן

  40. You are ultra legend

  41. Bro you are awesome!!!

  42. Salut. Un tabel cu cote sau dimensiuni poți să îmi trimiți te rog 🙂 mulțumesc frumos

  43. ดูแลตัวเองสองสับดาdkvim.dgi

  44. Best looking home made version ive seen to date.

  45. Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart

  46. Ngl, this is pretty dope.

  47. Now tell me how many of you were able to make it

  48. What type of engineer are you

  49. Can u tell size every Parts? How cm?

  50. Imagine going to a science fair and talk about the arc reactor technology and no one knows who iron man is

  51. This video is the most complicated way to make a flash light

  52. Great now make tutorial ""how to place a arc reactor instead of heart""

  53. hello friend could you give me the measurements of the base pieces below please fill me your video

  54. Or if you can give me all the measurements you used in the reactor please

  55. Buscaba algo un poco mas casero pero creo que puedo conseguir los materiales

  56. Amazing Amazing!!!
    What software did you use to create the awesome graphics¿?

  57. Wow? Thats amazing

  58. so…cool i love it

  59. Puedes dar vida con eso

  60. ok then give me notification of this video that you are telling

  61. i like your video but i am a student my name is Vikrant i am 7 years old

  62. eu vou faze uma bola no meio da minha barriga

  63. 🤔🤔😐😐🤨

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