Joe: Mitch McConnell Won’t Allow A Vote On Protecting America | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Mitch McConnell Won’t Allow A Vote On Protecting America | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. they have all been on xanax too long

  2. This issue is so serious americans need to wake up ! If they don't democracy in the USA could die.

  3. 10 thumbs up to Joe!!! Good talk Joe

  4. It's ironic these ex-Republicans who lost the battle of ideas in their own party to Donald Trump now think they should lecture the Democrats. Please, Joe Biden? If we're gonna win 2020 we need energy & enthusiasm & volunteers. After all the great ideas from Liz Warren & Bernie Sanders, who's gonna volunteer for Creepy Uncle Joe? The other fossils from his nursing home? Good luck with that…

  5. Do somethin 'bout that hair Joey. . . . .for God's sake man, you're on TV!

  6. Threaten him with jail time if something should go wrong…and follow through with it…

  7. Ninja Turtle Moscow Mitch – True to form, how can we expect otherwise…
    Vote this piece of DDD – Disgusting, Disgraceful Dogmeat out! Send him

  8. Need to look at Moscow Mitch taxes!!

  9. Sheez…Those SNL skits are perfectly accurate . And McConnell sucks

  10. Mitch McConnell is compromise. Mitch has become the New Fixer for Trump. My Guest is he probably is harassed into doing what he is doing Criminal Donald Trump. Trump is succeeding in something no-one thought could be done, but you can put a stop to it and stop him in his tracks. The Dems will not be able to help on this one because chances are there is a spy in their group. Donald Trump wants to be a 2nd World Leader with Putin and some of his Russian friends as already set money aside for him. Where is he getting the money from you will not find that unless you get his tax return. Farmer and some small businesses if Trump make it another 4 years you will be selling yours business to someone you don't know. It will be some entity set up by Trump or some law firm of his, and Trump will then channel money somewhere else and if he gets into another country, he might be able to buy more U.S. property ever owned by individual and sell to you as a profit. If that doesn't work you will see people from other countries buying your property, All will be needed will be a good representative to vouch for them and what better representative is that than the President Of the United States

  11. the whole united States need to just get together and take all them down they can't stop GOD people it's about that time GOD telling us to take the devil and all the evil one that's with him out ..GOD is here with us we don't have anything to worry about …let's change the united State into the way GOD bless us to live life..May GOD bless everyone In JESUS name AMEN

  12. Mitch McConnell is a foreign agent and would have been hung 45 years ago, no doubt.

  13. Illegal immigrant invasion and now a government of Moscow insurgents running our Country. Mitch McConnell is not an American, nor is his wife, Moscow Mitch is a trader and needs to be sat down, hard!

  14. I always knew that there was something wrong about McConnell he didn’t fly straight this makes perfect sense “MOSCOW MITCH”. The personification of an American traitor!!!!

  15. Russia is interfering Right Now

  16. Moscow Mitch
    Putin’s Bmitch

  17. Moscow Mitch is a traitor to Our sovereign constitution Vote Blue 💙🇺🇸💙💙💙💙 send Moscow Mitch back to his retirement home

  18. Moscow Mitch bruh

  19. Well done Joe. To call Moscow Mitch what he has become, a Russian asset.

  20. The dinosaurs when extinct and sometimes the old guard should just move on ……

  21. Well done Joe Scarborough.

  22. Well done Joe Scarborough.

  23. Well done Joe Scarborough.

  24. Well done Joe Scarborough.

  25. "Moscow Mitch" can leave our country with his chinese Botch.

  26. Joe has done a great service for the US by pushing the very catchy true tag, " MOSCOW MITCH". You rock Joe!

  27. mitch McConnell is actually a Russian which has invaded the Senate.  We need to rid our highest offices of the US of all the Russians in charge of our country.

  28. 6:56 this triggers my nerves. #ThatsUnAmerican #MoscowMitch

  29. Not Criminal Trump … i prefer Little Vladie

  30. YOUTUBE SAYS IT ALL trump and his rats has to GO PLAIN& SIMPLE

  31. When trump RATS go LOW we need to DESTROY THEM DONT MISS NONE OF THEM

  32. Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Well said Joe!

  33. It terrifies me how much I agree with Donny Deutsch.

  34. Joe 'moscow mitch' is a perfect moniker! Do you have one for trump?

  35. We need to illuminate what's happening in this country before it is too late. The elections of 2020 are vitally important, The USA will fall if we continue this way, we will self implode

  36. I wonder why you have guests on the show? You obviously want to all the talking yourself. Very tiresome.

  37. This inspired song deserves to go viral:

  38. Moscow Mitch is a traitor and compromising our country is TREASON.

  39. Isn’t this the definition of TREASON?

  40. Moscow Mitch blocks all bipartisan legislation.
    Moscow Mitch laughs at being called the grim reaper.
    Will Moscow Mitch the grim reaper laugh when he is held accountable for the massacre in El Paso?

  41. The Ballad of Moscow Mitch

  42. Oh Shi+ !! Moscow mitch is a Red

  43. It takes a wise Republican to teach the Democrats how to deal with a crooked Republican

  44. Moscow Mitch, time to move to a nurse home.

  45. Why is it taking so long to get these crooks out of office? These people need to go! They are not protecting the Country. Together we stand divided we fall. Get Them Out Now!! This situation has become critical.
    One Nation under God!

  46. As I recall, a contingent of Republican Senates went to Russia a few months after Trumps inaugural. What was that about?

  47. If we loose the next election we will go back before the Magna Carta!

  48. Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Party above country! All day long!

  49. Legislation to protect our country and it's people and it's elections is not political. McConnell is a communist traitor and must be removed for treason! We have a clear choice here. We can vote for democracy and have a safe country, or vote for trump and communism and it's corruption. How many other Republican senators are corrupt now? How bad does it have to get here?

  50. Moscow Mitch has accepted at LEAST a few hundred thousand dollars from voting machine companies. His only concern is enriching himself – and brow-nosing Trump – even at the expense of our democracy.

  51. Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch!

  52. Moscow Mitch needs to be impeached!!!

  53. correction"moscow mueller"
    this is not news.

  54. Out with Moscow Mitch!!!!

  55. Thank you Joe Scarborough:

  56. Why didn't Obama do anything? This happened on his warch. Forgot to mention that? Only people dumb as a box of rocks will fall for your BS

  57. Election security? First, Mueller testified he had no actual proof of Russian interference, although that was his supposed mandate. If you truly want election security, why don't you support voter ID, and removing people no longer living in their districts from the voter rolls?

  58. Moscow Turtle Mitch, is time to go home an retire under you creepy shell. Neckless Traitor…

  59. senators as kennedy, cornyn, Rubio and feminine lindsee won't budge ….know they should be held responsible. Isis…if you are listening…visit these schmukks!!

  60. Morning joe said Moscow Mitch of Moscow Kentucky lol.

  61. Moscow Mitch is a rabid fox.

  62. Moscow Mitch Theme Song:

  63. The Racist Republicans are scrambling. Expose them all!!!!! Fight them on ALL FRONTS!!! Expose the Racist!!!!!

  64. This moment in MSNBC will go down in television history as one of the greatest discussions regarding the destruction of a once great political party.

  65. I was a Republican but now with Moscow Mitch blocking everything! change is going to happen and if you support Trump people don't want to do business with you anymore and that is a fact. Take down your Trump 2020 and thrive like I am.

  66. Mueller also testified that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and he had more evidence to back up that claim than he does about Russia.

  67. Politics aside, Joe Scarborough's hair has gone full Ace Ventura.

  68. Gladly

  69. After Joe Scarborough and others made this argument about mitch McConnell black lives matter and antifa showed up at McConnells home calling for his assassination. I'm sure msnbc will be issuing a video apologizing. You are insane and deranged Mr and Mrs liberal progressive and you're the only people who don't know it

  70. Moscow Mitch needs to go. 🙄

  71. Me thinks a good turtle soup would help feed the masses

  72. when you realize that turtle boy blocked the investigation of bad money from the russians to the NRA everything falls into place does America really need to be slapped into wake up mode all of this should be self evident and still they walk on the people with impunity

  73. Moscow Mitch, aka, General Robert E. Lee won't allow a vote on election security or background checks. This grandson of slaver masters hasn't gotten over the civil war. In the hope to politically reverse that reality, he's slithered into bed with Putin.

  74. How dumb are people. Google and media giants are the real election meddlers.

  75. Mc Connell creeps incorporated. Please replace him. He is the DC SWAMP biggest reptile!!! RETIRE. You work for the American people not the other way around. We need young candidates and term limits.

  76. Can we just all say goodbye to Moscow mitch McConnell once and for all. And leave your wife's and your account numbers on your way out we want our money back you gained by selling us out over the years

  77. Well I expect trump's stolen money from us to be returned to our general fund as well anything less means someone else stole from us after

  78. Does Moscow Mitch have a pee pee tape too?

  79. Mitch is a robot.

  80. Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch! Moscow Mitch!
    Conrade McConnell, a Russian asset.
    He needs to retire in his homeland, Mother Russia!

  81. If the Russians try to sway the election it certainly wasn't for Trump. Obama and Hillary give Russia everything they wanted as long as they paid up. Uranium one and Hot mic Obama "wait until I'm no longer president I'll have more leeway to help Vladimir". Look into it if you think I'm kidding.

  82. Moscow Mitch ought to be handcuffed and dragged off the Senate floor and thrown in jail like the traitorous p.o.s. that he is.

  83. MITCH we don't want you!!!

  84. And he don't like the name MOSCOW MITCH well what can your name be MOSCOW MITCH.

  85. Moscow Mitch..from Kentucky.. Boy o' boy it must be true Kentucky is full of stupid hill billies.

  86. the unbelievable shrinking administration. whom will be next to "resign?"

  87. MC CONNELL IS A COWARD!! and he's too old.

  88. Why are we Americans still allowing Moscow Mitch McConnell to continue to sink our democracy alongside Trump

  89. Moscow Mitch is a traitor and should be arrested, tried, convicted, and dumped in Guantanamo prison with the rest of America's enemies.

  90. Moscow Mitch is a Russian turtle.

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