Jordan Peterson at McMaster U – Protesters won’t allow dialogue

Jordan Peterson at McMaster U – Protesters won’t allow dialogue

So, the first thing I’d like to say, is that
I’ve received about 30 letters from transexual people… So some of the people whose voices are not being heard to day are asking
members of the transexual community… There’s absolutely no reason to asume that
the activists who are performing in this room are representatives… So most of the transexual people that I’ve
had the opportunity to speak with, believe that the trans activists that we’re seeing here
are not acting on their best interests at all. And they’re also afraid that acting out in
this way is going to be harmful for them as individuals. So one of the things I would ask all of you
is to think before you asume that noisy activists are.. they claim to represent, because they
don’t. They have no legitimacy. I find it also quite disturbing that one of
the things that people at university are taught often by their activist professors is that coming
out and protesting in this manner actually constitutes a moral thing to do. …and part of the reason that I’ve been talking
about individual responsibility over and over is because this is absolutely pathetic. And you look around and you see people who really come to university to learn and have been taught that this is actually the way that people…move your political agenda forward…incomprehensible
to me. The other thing that you might think about,
those of you who come to listen is that this whole endeavour is being broadcast on Youtube
and there will be hundreds or thousands of people watching it. My experience has been…. I also think that when you watch people who
are really ideologically possessed most of what you hear is nonsense because there isn’t much difference between the way they think and noise. People in the activist classes learn to memorize
ten rather appalling statements and learn how to make noise. They’re being done a disservice by the educational institutions. The other thing that I would really recommend too
is to keep your head, there is absolutely no reason to get upset about any of this,
right. It doesn’t matter. You really want to make sure that you don’t
WARM, IT’S A BIG MISTAKE. At the free speech rally in Toronto, a lot of people have watched that online now, it got pretty tense. And anybody that was there to promote free speech had made a mistake and had done something aggressive or violent had it been filmed and broadcast on Youtube, all of this would have played out very differently. You really have to watch what you do because what you do can be magnified greatly and cause a ripple into the broader society. Listen you don’t want to be the person that
brings that about. The name calling so far hasn’t really had
much of an effect on me because I don’t regard any of it even remotely true. First of all they’re very careless with their use of words. I’m a transphobe (according to them) THIS IS WHERE WE DRAW THE LINE x19 (I counted) FREE SPEECH MATTERS. The question is, who do they hate, right?That’s really the question, and also why!? I think that…*YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM*…that’s
true I’m not a victim. I had a student, who toured the mass work camps in Eastern Europe with the UN. She wrote a lengthy article on precursors to genocide. It painted part of the population as victims
and the other part of the population as perpetrators. As soon as you go out in the world…because
you’ve successfully identified where the evil is. One of the things I always try to teach my students is that if you’re gonna look for what’s wrong with the world You should start by looking at what’s wrong with you. And the other thing I learned too, about what you can do to try and make things better is to attend to the things right in front of you. It’s sad and it’s cheap… It’s sad because there are lots of better
things to do and its cheap because it’s a hell of a lot easier than doing real work. There are people yelling names and using obscenities. You know, this is funny, the part of your
brain that you use for obscenities is the same part of your brain that’s used to signal
the presence of a predator in the wild. It’s the same neurological circuit and it’s really primordial. Sorry my microphone stopped working, can you
guys hear me at all at the back? So I’m going to tell you a little bit about
why I oppose Bill C-16. Part of the reason that I oppose Bill C-16 to begin with, is because I have a real issue with the matter in which the politics of identity are being
built into our law. So I would recommend that all of you who wanna
talk leave and come outside, and I’ll come out and talk to you. Lets try it out ok?

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  1. Lets make this go viral


  3. We need to invade their "safe spaces". We need to find out when and where progressives meet and do the same. We need to start harassing them the way they're harassing professors and intellectuals. Oh and universities are supposed to be safe spaces where intellectuals can go and come of up with new and innovative ideas.

  4. So who wants to write a software to drown out the protesters so they are no longer annoying.

  5. I wonder who paid them. Or is it a Gov. teet they suckle on…?


    I suggest it gets mixed up just to send these freaks into a frenzy

  7. I would put my camera 1 inch from the guy with the bull horn's face until he attempted to assault me at which point I would have a reasonable chance of getting off for stomping his face in

  8. Is nobody going to address the fact that Dr. Peterson was inexplicably affixed to the wall?

  9. If his alleged "transphobic views" are so detestable, why not debate him on his views and make a fool out of him? Censoring his speech only serves to prove that your views cannot withstand debate.

  10. I hope this doesn't happen at Western tomorrow

  11. lol this is what happens when you allow too much democracy

  12. Where is the security the university charged the students 1000's of dollars for?

  13. Why can't these protesters be removed by security? Does this mean I can just randomly walk into a University lecture hall and start screaming nonsense and I'll be immune to anything? The world is going mad.

  14. the dumbass with the megaphone is insufferable holy fuck.

  15. These people need serious help, they should calm the hell down and LISTEN TO THIS MAN. This is DISGUSTING, INCREDIBLY DISRESPECTFUL, ESPECIALLY when taking into account that Peterson is genuinely just trying to better individuals and therefore society at large… something anyone with half a brain and heart can see. My God I am so incredibly disappointed at these people! I am sickened!!

  16. Love that feminist symbol with a clenched fist. Feminism is the religion of peace.

  17. I was at this event today. When i tried to engage the protestors, they responded with nothing but noise. They had true hatred in their hearts. To everyone who is watching this video: These people exist. They are real. Soon they will be shutting down free speech in a theater near you.


    Sorry, but it had to be said.

  19. The university should not allow this kind of infantile behavior to occur – it's disgraceful. Why isn't it being stopped? Where are the mature and responsible people? The people that should be showing mature and responsible leadership like Peterson? The hypocrisy is astounding as well – they would never tolerate this idiotic behavior at one of their own meetings. They are all so self righteous until they do not get their own way – then you see what they are really like – immoral and totally indecent.

  20. Shame on those marauders who stopped this professor from speaking. Fight his speech with your own speech — you're at a University FFS.

    I feel ashamed of my alma mater and these petulant children who count themselves among its students.

  21. There is a widespread belief that to shout louder than someone, or to otherwise prevent the other person from being able to articulate their opinion, is to have won an argument.

    But arguments worth having are not won and lost this way.

  22. This could only carry on as it does in Canada. Here in England, there'd be a god damn brawl; we wouldn't allow these maniacs to continue the way they do.

  23. I can't believe such a soft spoken man is being silenced.
    His words are what's thundering not his voice.

  24. Dear oh dear. Actions speak louder than words. The noisy crowd had action, but Dr. Peterson had only words. This called for decisive action, but none shown.

  25. Bigotry:
    "Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself."
    These pathetic protesters are their own worst enemies.

  26. Hi YouTube, can I have a noise filter?

  27. Why doesn't that university have security to remove disruptive people from lecture halls?

  28. Great to see your efforts to put in subtitles – and the response in terms of numbers of views so far. It occurred to me that others might help to work up a more complete transcript, and given the many videos in existence, perhaps an edited version might be made that incorporates different camera angles – would Steve Brule be up to this? Or maybe one of the many relatively unknown but enterprising people out there?

    Below is my attempt to enhance one small segment of the transcript.

    6:08 – "Shame on the sound quality of your megaphone."
    JP: "People in the activist classes, they learn to memorize ten rather appalling statements and learn how to make noise- that that's what constitutes a way to … civilized discourse and to make a positive improvement in the world… They're being done a disservice by the educational institutions.
    So the other thing that I would …, the thing that I would really recommend, too, is that keep your head. There's absolutely no reason to get upset about any of this, right. It doesn't matter.
    … I'm not in any danger of being silenced.
    You really want to make sure that you don't let people who are part of the …. It's a big mistake. Because a lot of people who are protesting, who are theoretically trying to make the world a better place are trying to provoke a very negative response. And you don't want to be the one to give them what they want.
    7:52 At the free speech rally in Toronto, a lot of people have watched that online now, it got pretty tense. And if anyone who was there to promote free speech had made a mistake and done something aggressive or violent and had it been filmed or broadcast on Youtube, all of this would have played out very differently. And so when you're in a tense situation like this, you really have to watch what you do because what you do can be magnified greatly and cause a rippling effect on into the broader society. And you don't want to be … that trouble, you don't want to be the person who brings that about.
    8:42 "I guess part of the question too is what do these people think they're protesting [or think a protest is??]?

  29. Discussions need to be held in this classroom but via skype and everyone has headphones on. Jordan then can freely get his entire speech out without disruption and then hold a Q and A. These morons would lose interest if they can't protest him in person and when nobody is paying attention to them anymore.

  30. "I'm too useless to have a job so I'm not going to let others do theirs."

  31. Lesson: If one person is disruptive they're rude and get ejected. If people form into a mob they're each allowed to be 10x more disruptive (i.e. horns, white noise makers, etc.) and stay in the room. How insidious the rise of this mob is…

  32. Two big Gunther's with about ten feet of rope between them, and a good 20' running room.
    Problem solved.

  33. How we would have dealt with that in France:
    1. The police say that everybody that disrupt the even need to leave
    2. People that don't leave are arrested


  34. Can't you just shoot them?

  35. Shouldn't these "students" be studying?

  36. This is absolutely horrifying to watch

  37. can't wait until he comes to Montreal, i would crush the protestors like tin cans for him lol.

  38. Waste of time and space. Dimwits in the audience, grow up and use your brain if you want to make a change.

  39. next time they blow a whistle or blowhorn take on yourself and blow it near their ear and stalk them until they leave.

  40. was hoping to come to McMaster to see this talk. Although I fear if I ended up going, I would be going on a rampage breaking everyone's noise makers. fuck these intolerant students.

  41. It is a violation of the Geneva Convention to interrupt a Jordan Peterson speech.

  42. Awesome! Shut this racist up!

  43. Incredible self control. You are giving them a nautical mile of rope to hang themselves! LOL Keep it up!

  44. this makes me angry beyond believe.
    I watched many of Dr. Petersons videos, and his words had more positive impact on my life than anyone elses'.
    To see him beeing called a piece of shit by some 20something year old ignorant college douchebag really makes my blood boil.
    This is so unreal to me, how can a person even be like that? How blind and ignorant can you be? This is just revolting

  45. This University ought to be ashamed of the arrogant and ignorant incivility of its students.

  46. "Showing up with a Hammer and Sickle should be just as reprehensible as showing up with a Swastika. Teach your kids history. "

    If you had any knowledge of history you would not equate those. As for the rest:
    These idiots disrupting the event are no liberals, leftist or anything like that. The are just insolent children with mental issues.

  47. push those fuckers out the door. You've got the numbers to do it

  48. ahh kids , just a bunch of social misfits acting out..

  49. If you can shout down a calm rational guy like Jordan, you'll shout down ANYONE. I don't understand how these colleges are keeping up enrollments. I would NEVER allow my Son or Daughter to attend any place that allows this. This a fucking insanity.

  50. I don't care, anyone pulls this stunt on our campus and they'll get launched! They are just bullies that's all, just get a group of decent people to stand up to them. People get away with what you let them.

  51. I sat and watched the whole thing. Listened to every one of Peterson's words as carefully as I could. Otherwise they win, that's how I see it.

  52. micro-expression @6:52 😎

  53. The left wants censorship?

  54. Here's a link to the executive staff at McMaster, and let them know how pissed you are.

  55. Ban all Right-wing experience.

  56. Fucking losers. If your ideas are just and true they will thrive in the light of open debate. Shouting people down is admitting defeat. You can't win the debate so you resort to shouting. Pretty lame.

  57. Hate speech is free speech, and even if it wasn't, most of what is deemed to be "hate speech" rarely has any actual hate or even animosity within it. These people live in such a privileged bubble that they consider opposition to their world view to be hatred.

  58. They have become the Klan rally they rail against. Where is the college administration? No where to be found – because they agree with the SJWS. If this had been a leftist, even one actually advocating violence, who was being shouted down like this, they would have ordered the police to shut the event down.

    This is right out of the Maoist Red Guard playbook, the infamous "Struggle Sessions."

  59. ''I also think that when you watch people who are really ideologically possessed most of what you hear is nonsense, because there isn't much difference between the way they think and noise.'' PPPIIIOUUUUUEEET!! NO FREE SPEECH!! Hahahahaha

  60. I'm ashamed to have attended this school

  61. Who are these fucking nazi assholes that disrupt this?

  62. The pronoun I would like to be called is King of The World.

  63. Two Items. . . . .

    1) surely there is a computer program Peterson and other "contentious" speakers can use that will post their words on a screen behind them no? Thus, Peterson can't be "shouted down".

    2) I think the good students should sue the university and the groups doing the disrupting. Yes, they will claim to simply be using their own freedom of speech – a disingenuous argument to be sure – but Peterson and co can argue they can have their own separate meetings if they wish, which most judges would find a reasonable compromise that sees everyone's rights upheld. The good students can argue they're having their education interrupted. An education they paid the school for!! Demand their money back or compensation for having that infringed upon.

  64. there's a way to rotate the screen

  65. learn to use your camera correctly you incompetent fuck

  66. wow..and this is why I'm in No hurry to send my Honor Roll, High I.Q son, to university.
    Looking forward to Mr.Peterson having more lectures available online. .he has more subscribers than the university has students. .

  67. Be honest: 'diversity' makes free speech impossible

    Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about 'diversity'. Diversity just means White Genocide.

    Freedom now from this enforced, coercive, parasitic, anti-white, genocidal diversity. Its a crime, not a 'policy option'

  68. …and this is why we need Pinochet to bring back free helicopter rides!

  69. Weirdo leftists defending perverts from criticism 'diagnosing' truth as a 'phobia'. Insane times.

  70. Let us get the ball rolling. Go to McMaster University on Facebook and rate it!

  71. The left is anti civil liberties [free speech / right to bear arms].

    Go ahead and roll that around for a while.

  72. just punch them all in the face and toss them in a garbage can

  73. Disgusting behaviour from the intolerant left.

  74. You now what's so interesting about watching this. And I love Jordan Peterson! You have to have a very commanding presence to gain even a little bit of control over these SJW crowds. Milo has exactly that gift. A brilliant mind mixed with incredible debating skills and a level of charisma and humor that makes people want to listen. Milo is SO necessary in this fight!

  75. If the crazies came into an event you were looking forward to and acted like this, what would your response be?
    I am serious, what is a good response to protesters ruining an event? Violence? Preventing them from entering? The trouble with dealing with these people is that they will always think of themselves in the right, and when they are dealt with in any way, they view it as an example of why they are right.
    I want to know how to deal with crazies like these, because if I were to go to an event that had protestors trying to shut it down, I would not feel comfortable sitting down and watching them get away with it. There must be something that we, as individuals, can do during such an event. But what?

  76. Jordan Peterson is a brilliant man.

  77. I think there should be a push for constitutional amendments to update and add to protections of freedom of speech:

    1) Abolish all "hate speech" laws and "blasphemy" laws.
    2) Expand the definition of Freedom of Expression to protect people from sanctions from their employer as a result of expressing their opinions publicly, provided they were not on the clock at the time and that the statements do not compromise the integrity of the position they hold.
    3) Abolish the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal as it is not a real court of law and they do not apply traditional principles of justice.
    4) Add the "Freedom to Listen" as a constitutional right. This would be the freedom to consume any media without undue disadvantage or obstruction, provided that the media is not purely exploitative (such as child porn).
    5) Expand the definition of Freedom of Assembly to include the freedom to assemble on public property without any undue disruption or obstruction, with reasonable exceptions including areas of transportation and areas sensitive to national security.

  78. This is embarrassing. What a bunch of idiots. They are dirtying their own image by themselves better than anyone else could.

  79. Disgusting regressive leftist trash

  80. fix your video fuckhead.

  81. Can't make a valid point? No problem, just scream louder.

  82. I don't understand why they can't just kick these people out. They've made their point clear, they've made a lot of noise, now they're just making a disturbance and preventing other people from communicating their own thoughts. They can go outside and keep on ranting and protesting and whatever, so nobody is taking their freedom of speech away, but we shouldn't have to tolerate them being a nuisance to others in a given place.

  83. easy way to solve this, hand out head phones rigged to the PA system

  84. fuck off ya bigots hate speech isn't protected and doesn't deserve to be heard go back to your conspiracy forums and leave the real world to the real people

  85. And this is a perfect example of Higher Learning, that idiot and his cohorts have decided what is acceptable to discuss

  86. I thought us Jews were the ones who were meant to shut things down?

  87. You haven't done a single thing, other than mock my name and make the implication that my parents were alcoholics. You are a real piece of shit. You think I have an agenda? Against what? Tell me, please. Oh wait, I don't have agenda. I'm simply calling out your bullshit. And for the twentieth comment in a row, you haven't said anything productive or useful. You've sat around and slandered everyone, cried wolf, and now you think you've won some sort of argument because I said you are too immature to be talking about this subject, as if I'm forcibly taking away your right to free speech? Dream on.

  88. Having that I obtained my Honors Degree at McMaster University, I am disgusted at what my university has become. Universities should be a place where opposing opinions can be discussed. What have things come to when those who do not share the same opinions as 'trendy' point of view cannot voice their opinion? I applaud Dr. Jordan Peterson for having the courage to support his point of view. I am embarrassed by the croud who argue for free speech yet will not allow for him to exercise free speech.

  89. can't stand the noise, 1 min. into the videos and had to pause. Feel so angry that Peterson have to sit through this

  90. I remember when my school's bike shop wouldn't let me in to fix my bike because it was "Trans Day", a special day once a week, for, you know, equal treatment for Trans people. I was referred to as a cisgendered male who wasn't welcome there on that day. So an action used to somehow grab for equal treatment ended up pushing me and many others out and isolating the group looking for equal treatment. I don't understand how that is a step forward for the trans community at my school.

  91. protesting is loosing its meaning.

  92. Anyone have a full version of this talk that was done somewhere else? Based on the bits you could hear, I'm really interested to know what he actually had to say.

  93. Ok, in my country (Czech Republic) this couldn't happen. Our teachers would wipe the floor with us if we came to talk/lecture and behaved like this. We have a name for what you can see in the video: "Absurdistan". We actually "discuss" here.

  94. Oh, the irony that "LGBT+?" community is afraid of dialogue…

  95. Peterson is setting a very nice example here. He just casually continues his speech, despite the SOCJUS presence.

  96. What a bunch of pathetic little shits. What I would have given to of listened to someone like Jordan Peterson when I was young. I'm an actual liberal. Not one of these modern creature babies.

  97. whos the redhead with the camera??

  98. I just want to slap the fuck out of these morons babbling. Fucking SJW cunts get a life.

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