[JUNG DAEHYUN(정대현) ‘Aight(아잇)’ REALITY SERIES] 황금손 대현이의 핸드메이드 캔들💘 (+마지막 화 기념 선물🎁) | CANDLE MAKING

[JUNG DAEHYUN(정대현) ‘Aight(아잇)’ REALITY SERIES] 황금손 대현이의 핸드메이드 캔들💘 (+마지막 화 기념 선물🎁)  | CANDLE MAKING

Hello, everyone!
This is Jung Dae Hyun, nice to see you again Hello! It has been a while I’ve been busy preparing for my new album
I’ve been spending everyday getting ready I’ve been told that today’s content
Is the last episode of my reality show I’m really sad, really sad That today is the last shoot
It feels quite surreal As today is the last shoot
I came here so it can be a special shoot Well, the place I’m at It’s a workshop I wanted to give a special gift to my fan I wanted to come to the workshop
And learn to make candle At a “One Day Class” workshop Through an event
I want to give these candles as a gift So please don’t miss out on this event
And watch the video until the end Well, before we start the “One Day Class”
let me introduce you to the instructor Instructor! – Please introduce yourself!
– Hi I’m Park So Min,
who runs “Blissoy” candle workshop How’s today’s lesson going to proceed? Well, once you choose the candle you want,
you make the candle by choosing the color and scent Have you heard,
I’ll be making the candles myself! I’m going to make each one,
By myself without the instructor’s help Then through an event
It will be a giveaway gift to my fans – Do you think I can do well?
– Of course I heard you were involved
in beads workshop class for 2 years
I’m sure you’ll do very well Well, I’m going to
Work hard to make candles Let’s begin! Since I will be making candles
Before I do, I would like to get the instructor’s opinion
As most of my fans are females Please choose 2 candles I choose this once first – This or the once I told you before
– Peach 1 of the 2 Well then I choose the one looks fancy
This “Ocean Candle !” Can you see this nice color? – Let’s go with this candle!
– OK! With these candles
Let’s make a couple candle I take one
And one will be given to one of my fans as a gift Well, let’s make them! First, attach a candle wick to the container Put a sticker, then
Put them on the very center Like this in the center This will not come off right?
It shakes a lot At later time
The candle wick will be fixed – For now, just attach it like this
– Yes As for the sand,
I put real sand on the container White ones, brown ones
And natural sands as well I’m going to go with white ones Is this enough? Just like this one
It will be decorated with ocean materials As for these sea horses
Pink for the gift for the fan No!!
Purple, since it looks more stronger This has to be visible…
OK! I’ve done something like this before – My beads craftsmanship…
– Ah~ That’s right It’s quite difficult to be in beads craft at a such young age…This is first ever reveal! Truthfully At that time I had A crush for a friend..! In middle school! Because she took beads workshop class
I followed her there But because of that
I took it for 1 year then 2 years And due to that
My beads craftsmanship got better – I would put in beads much smaller than this
– so big as a glass marble Well, that long time ago when I was in middle school Well then,
This is mine and that is for the fan Isn’t that great? Of course, a small conch…! Wow, this is difficult Oh~ It’s not bad right? Not bad? No? – Nicely put on the side
– I purposefully put it diagonally Oh, not bad
Could we just finish it like this? Starfish…? Starfish…? Starfish? – Star..Fish
– This is starfish? – Starfish? This is starfish
– Yes It’s Patrick Star, Patrick Star – It feels like I’m making Sponge Bob World
– Looks like it Put this wrongly Noooo~!! Ah~ This is so difficult..! – Umm… It’s not bad? I’m quite good at this, no?
– Yes Not really…? OK~ I think this is pretty enough This is a collection! Collection! Since you’ve finished decorating
We’re going to pour wax For the one I want to give to the fan
Mix color red – Um, Red~
– Since the sand are white,
it would be nice to have gradation of red – And for me
– Some make it with yellow Ah.. Yellow!
Well then, I’ll give a fan in yellow and I will go with red! OK, sounds good – Well, this is for your fan…?
– Yes, Since this is me – Everyone, this is me
– A strong seahorse And the one that looks like Sponge Bob is me – Is there a lime scent?
– Scent close to lime is White jasmine scent Let me take a whiff at the scent Wow~ Nice
Really good I’m going to go with this scent – Do you want both scent to be same?
– Yes! It’s so fresh! Very Fresh
I could drink this It’s not bad right?
Did I do well? Did better than I though That’s my thoughts! I can’t look at this long! If you look at your own creative work,
sometime you have doubts
You have many many thoughts And I will put scents on both Let me tell you how many grams of scent
Please make sure it’s 0.5g It’s more than I thougt – It’s OK
– It’s 0.7g..! – It’ll have more scent for you..!
– I knew about it so I told you less then it sould be! – 2.5g?
– Yes at 2.5g – I couldn’t make it exactly, but it’s ok
– I make 0.2g error – Is there a problem with the machine?
– Nope, it’s correct – Mix the scent so they can be evenly scented
– The scent is so nice It’s a smell you want to smell taking a bath – At a bath..?
– No taking a shower…! At shower..! – Is this enough?
– Yes, usually this is enough! – Oh~ Yellow
– Pretty – Then when this hardens..!
– Just like this – Wow color is so pretty!!
Doesn’t it match well with the scent?
– Oh! Matches very well with the scent Wow, So pretty Even though I made it,
don’t you think I made it very well? Maybe I should make Dae Hyun goods like this
About 100 of them While this hardens
I’ll make the red one I’m going to put the scent like the other one
0.5g here! Will I be able to make it exactly? What happened? I went over by 0.8g..!
It’s OK, since it’s mine..! – This also like last one
– 2.5! – Yes 2.5g
– I’m sure I can do it this time Wow, I made it exact amount – Finally, in the end
– Wow, I was able to make it exact amount I’m confident now..! – Pretty?
– You did well – You have talent?
– Right? I did well? Oh, I did better than expected?
Mine looks quite similar to yours? Just kidding – Wow, both colors look very pretty
– It look like a real couple items!! – Oh, Really make them well… Do you agree?
– I approve! They’re done!
Tah da!! This is the present candle,
And this is my candle The one who receives this candle
Don’t burn it immediately Keep it for sometime
And use it when you really need it I’m not going to use it For the person who receives this, in 10 years Come to me with this very candle
I will give you an another candle This has been a workshop contents For those who’ve loved my reality series
All you fans, Thank you very much! I will try to come back as soon as possible
Pease stay tuned for my next contents This has been Dae Hyun!
Thank you! Thank you! – I have a question, do you know who I am?
– Dae Hyun from B.A.P. – Oh! My last name?
– Ah.. Dae Hyun – Jung!
– Oh~ You got it!! – Thank you for your efforts
– Thank you for your efforts

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