Kristin Gets A Bikini Wax For The First Time • Ladylike

Kristin Gets A Bikini Wax For The First Time • Ladylike

– Oh no, we’re doing the
inside of the book jacket. – Today we will be giving Kristin and her lovely friends Brazilian waxes. – [Amanda] One, two, three. (wax strip snaps) (logo whooshes) – So the other day, it was
revealed on group chat, by me, that I have never gotten
a bikini wax before. But I am very scared,
and also very sweaty, so we decided that we were
gonna bring in my friend Cesca. – Hi, Cesca.
– Hi. – Who loves bikini waxes. – That is not a lie. – And we also decided to
bring in my friend, Devin, who doesn’t like bikini waxes, but who is a good friend
and who has volunteered to be here to hold my hand, and also, spiritually, my vagina area. – I say yes to too many things. – I like it because it
feels so smooth after. The alternative is shaving
and it’s such an ordeal, for what, 12 hours of gratification, and then you get stubble. – You only get 12 hours? – Yeah, and then it’s
like stubbly already, and it’s like, well what’s the point? – It’s like your vulva is Cinderella. (Cesca laughing) – It’s like riding a roller coaster. It’s like scary, you
scream, but then it’s fine. It’s like the thrill of waxing and then you get, like a reward. You don’t get that in
roller coaster rides. – I used to wax. I would be like, yeah, I’ll spend $50 on this painful experience. And then I discovered that
I have baby fine hair. And shaving for me, is my technique. Why I’m here, I don’t know. Imagine lava on your vagina. And then imagine God just
putting, like, paper towels and then just, kah, kah, kah! It’s a lot you guys. I’m not sure you know. – Is this in real life, or is this like a movie that you watch? (beep) – I wanted to get waxed
because some people do love it, and some people absolutely despise it, and I’ve never experienced it. I don’t do anything. And like, for me, it’s because I don’t really feel like it’s necessary. I will do like a little bit
of shaving on the sides. I’ll clean up the edges of the plate before I give it to the guests. All grooming is valid. It’s just that sometimes, it’s
time for a new experience. With friends. – Have you ever experienced like your eyes just welling up with tears? – I mean, when I was like
13, I did that a lot. – Get ready. – I’m optimistic. How bad could this possibly be? People do it all the time. – We have to be realistic. It’s a little painful. – How bad can that be? (happy piano music) – My name is Amanda. I’ve been doing this for about ten years. – I’m Andrea Galdamez. I have been an esthetician
for three years. – My name is Lena Terrell. I’ve been an esthetician for three years and me and my mom do mobile
beauty around Los Angeles. – Hello.
– Hi! – Y’all are gonna be
waxing us, in mere moments. Does this hurt a lot?
– Yes. – Okay, I did not ask you. – It’s gonna be very uncomfortable. – There’s a little bit of
pain associated, for sure. – They’re not lying, I’m not lying. – Okay, okay. Another thing I wanted to ask, because of how we scheduled this, I am gonna start my period any second now. Is that gonna impact how much pain I’m in? – So you’re gonna be more
sensitive than normal. Our hair system is ruled by the hormones. Some people say less or more, so, it just depends on what day. – So would you time it,
like, with your cycle? – I always recommend to get waxed a couple of days after it,
’cause that’s when it’s easiest. – Great timing, we did it. – I haven’t gotten waxed
in, like, maybe four years. Has anything changed in
the waxing community, technology wise? – Did you do a hard wax or a soft wax? – The ones with the strip. – Oh. – That’s what I’m doing. – Me and Andrea, we don’t use
the strip, but Amanda does. – Just to be clear, one wax
is not better than the other, it’s also just kinda what the artist, or esthetician, just specializes in. Now, what’s changed, definitely, is preventative care for ingrowns. There’s a lot more access to products that really help with that, ’cause that is probably
the number one reason. I would say people stop waxing, ’cause it kinda defeats the purpose of getting the wax, when you
get all these gross ingrowns. – So how does this work? – So you’re gonna get on the table and I’m gonna have you hike your dress up, and I’m gonna apply a cleanser first, and then I’m gonna condition your skin, and then we’re gonna apply
the first strip of wax. – Okay, getting worse. – Yeah, so we’re gonna start in one area and we’re just gonna
keep applying the strips until it’s all gone. And then afterwards, I
use a soothing lotion that feels really good,
that cools it down. Hopefully we’ll be done really soon. – How long does it take? – Usually I can get it
in 10 to 15 minutes. – So it’s just gonna be like a bad episode of television, basically. – You might get a little sweaty, but baby powder soaks it right up. – Let’s rip out some hair down there. (whimsical bells chiming) – Is it time? – Yes, it’s time.
– Oh, my god. – The setup, it makes it look
like I’m giving birth to pain. Obviously, we’re not gonna
have our party makers on camera, so we have created these little, pre-censor boxes. So that no one will ever see. – I feel like we should just go around and just talk about what
we named our vaginas. – [Kristin] We could, but– – I’ll start. My vagina’s name is Lois Lane. – Oh. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. I named her in college. – I’m gonna start cleansing. – Okay Kristin, so I’m gonna have you hug both of your knees into your chest. – So much is happening
right now, oh my god. – [Amanda] Conditioning your skin. – Oh wow, that cleansing was fast. – [Amanda] I’m gonna
do one area at a time. – Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, everyone, we haven’t talked about whether or not we’re getting it all off or just a strip? I’m getting the least painful option. So, we’re just doing
the sides and the top. – I think the goal is
to do a full Brazilian, but we’re gonna start with
the sides and the top, and we’re gonna see how far we get before I throw in the towel. – I’m just getting as
much of it off as possible until we end this shoot. – The strip is going on,
the strip is going on. It’s on. – Should we hold hands? – No, I’m good. (all laughing) Here you go. – [All] Yay. – [Devin] Okay. Holy shit, I already feel it. – [Amanda] One, two, three. (Kristin groaning)
– Ow! – No, we’re doing the
inside of the book jacket. Oh no, I’m a little
worried about this part. – [Estheticians] One, two, three. – Ah! – I’m okay. This part is a little
bit more painful, right? Oh! Oh! (plucky keyboard music) – Me and Cesca are gonna
finish out our Brazilians. What percentage would you say I’ve done? – I’d say you’re about 15%. – Okay, so we’re gonna do a speed run. ‘Cause that sure felt like more than 15%. Apparently, it’s going to
take a whole calendar year to clean out the forest. So my legs are butterflied out right now. So we’re doing like the valley between thigh county and
lady bit municipal center. Honestly, it’s like getting just a really, really big eyebrow wax, just a massive,
inconveniently placed eyebrow. We’re moving into, ow! (Kristin laughing) – If I laugh, it’s not a scream. Now we’re doing the other valley. – No, we did the un
(screams) canny valley. Cesca, how are you doing over there? – I’m good, I’m just
retreating into my quiet space. Basically, I’ve just
been looking and seeing, ’cause there are painful
parts of the lady pocket. Oh, there you go. – [Lena] Alright love, you’re done. – I’m done.
– You’re done? – Oh, look friend, I
haven’t seen you in awhile. – I feel like every person
is different, obviously, but I feel like every
person I’ve talked to is like, this is horrible. And you will regret
every second, you idiot! I was like, okay, fun
advice, thanks everyone. But actually, like, this was fine. – I think they’re just also really good. – Yeah it could be that
y’all are just really good. – Did you go full Brazilian? – I just took everything off. – Wow! – Well, the thing is, I was doing so well, it was just kinda like I might
as well get the extra credit. – [Amanda] Okay, I’m gonna
have you hug your knees in again, one more time,
just some finishing touches. – Oh. Oh, and now, this, oh, yep, yep. Oh, it wasn’t bad. – I’m so proud of you. – Honestly like, sometimes
you just gotta try new things. – Okay, I’m gonna put
some soothing lotion on. – [Kristin] Oh, we’re done? – Yep, we’re done. – Yay!
– Yay! I’m done, I did it! We did it. (all cheering) We did it, oh my gosh! Y’all, thank you so much. But like I was pleasantly
surprised at how easy that was. You guys were really good.
– Really good hands. – I mean, I know it was a long journey, but I appreciate y’all got through it. I feel pretty good. – I feel clean, feel fresh. – Kristin getting waxed
for the first time. Lady tested, – [All] Lady removed! (upbeat music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. – [Together] Subscribe here. – That was my part. (logo whooshes)

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