Le Braquage pour les Nuls / Hold Up for Dummies (English Sub)

Le Braquage pour les Nuls / Hold Up for Dummies (English Sub)

We f…. you ! Why you say similar things during a pursuit? I don’t know Why do you always make a deadly jump ? I don’t know F…. ! How old are you ? I do what i want ! F…. ! We really got them True. A problem ? I think i’m too old for this shit It is very possible but who is going to hold up banks otherwise? There is Franklin. Yes, he is good this young but except for him? The new generation delays arriving Why don’t you teach to your son ? Too stupid. Try all the same, that will move closer to you. Well, son, I believe that we have to speak about your future. Tracy, today, dad is going to teach you a noble job Pffff, hashtag old men suck, hashtag you are old, hashtag you suck OK, this weapon is very practical in a hold-up, it is necessary to handle it with precaution. Oh làlà, it is good, I understood. Has a trigger there and needs not to touch otherwise. Not my fault ! Then a hold up is a question of preparation. Oh, it is ok, I understood, I go there. No, wait ! You make me too much not trust. Well, it is a real pain to me! It is which counter for hold ups ? It’s ok, we can go there. How’s that it is ok ? Where is the cash? The what?
-The cash ! No, we shall make that tomorrow, I booked an appointment. Booked an appointment to you…. Yeah, hurry up, I have a podcast mascara there.
-Booked an appointment to you…. Dad, hashtag you drivel. Booked an appointment to you…. Hashtag my hand in your mouth ! Michael are you OK? She booked an appointment! Yeah…. She booked an appointment shit! Keep calm, it will be alright. Appointment! Stop it, usually it is I the nutcase, I am not comfortable there.

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  1. Le guichet pour les braquages Mdrr une vrais blondeeeeeeeeeee :')

  2. Bonne réalisation, c'est terrible sur PC. Mais la PS4, c'est mieux que rien. J m abonne 😉

  3. Merci, j'ai changé de carte vidéo, ça le fait mieux 🙂

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