Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

Learn How To Control Your Mind (USE This To BrainWash Yourself)

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  1. This is life changing, if you truly listen… with all your presence… take it in, and APPLY it – you'll never be the same.
    Bless you all.

  2. There seems to be an odd comfort in familiar anxiety. Like accepting the adaptation to anxiety. Now that we have the information to change behavior, how many will use it?

  3. Unfortunately i went through a state of conditioning – in what i would best describe as a cult. I have now been left with built in triggers that were meant to help me assimilate easier into the cult , luckily i was saved from it but am now left with what i would call marker imprints, where seeing certain object, word and or phrases and colours affect me greatly. this has led me to become quite anxious on many days and it is a battle


  5. I always tell people the same thing but he knows more about it I’ve been trying to put all this stuff together and he just did I completely understand all my thoughts are shared by another human being this is great smart people understand

  6. Whos here trying to quit smoking?

  7. The music in the back ground conditions my emotions🤔

  8. This may have changed my life…

  9. To all the anti depression genie and if you apply food will love no negativity and treat people great it come back to you we;l ;et me tell you about internet and karma when applied incorrectly. If tour reputation is so bad that your worse then ypu really are but tou tey fail get up fall down dp it over over 5 times ii would be considered millionaire but lack of education addiction plagued hereditary blood line that os both sides really bad indian and irish . Lopse it all from betrayal jailed and then ;ooked at and a;ways in the perseption of being a charity case fighting that internet credit rating on y personally and worst rate imaginable. Amd you care for others far more then you do or should amd get shit on every time. And ypu try but jobs need history loand neef history staeting a job takrs documents you dont have amd been waiting on the one mail from SSN CARD and they sent it back that one thing stopping from a career position and license that just a fee i camt afford cause food is good and neefed so ask ia keeping positive gunna change anything when 3 years pf fighting a no win situation to hide other people crap what do you do? The only thing i get is spam for everything i can't get and usually its scam and cat even buy and sale due to internet isaue i beem at odds with business closes and owe so i just try daily but advise would be great and P. S NOT EVEM CLOSE TO EXAGGERATING If anything im tobe it down alot

  10. When you meditate your mind tells your body, "look at me, I'm the captain now."

  11. It's important to work on this without the help of drugs

  12. I need help……..


  14. Thank you for the wise words it’s just perfect

  15. I love motivational videos and inspiring videos. The problem is when youre depressed or suffering ptsd or both then all these videos are great in the moment but then the things that put you in these states are still in your mind its impossible to move on. Its not like losing weight or earning money, its real, ptsd or depression, the events have happened you cant change it so though loving this videos in the moment, its near impossible to not feel down about events. Sorry to sound negative but it is

  16. Wave or , particle , wave

  17. All he is saying is start meditating, visualizing, journaling etc.

  18. It's all in the mind, positive thoughts positive life Focus on the good Dont let negative past experiences or traumatic events live in your mind. Live in the moment Be Happy Happiness comes from inside of us Where you put your attention to is where your energy goes, We are creators of our reality

  19. Alot of these clips just focus on negative emotions. Maybe we should do like Sir mix alot and balance our diet in emotions? Like water & Vine kind of deal. Its a selfdicipline thing. A person are more than a picture that THE viewer can use to create a scen. In shourt terms THE picture is outside & THE inside are much deeper,harder than THE outside. Its easy to see things in THE outside than THE inside becuse nobody can reads minds. Thats how all manipulations starts to control THE inside. To adjust to a Good health plan with No carbs No suger are in simple terms a way back to reality and facts. Love are more of an inside job & all these emotions everybody has. Its attraction & repulsion. When two bodies collided they have Been drawn to each other like when dancing Close to another.

  20. Our body really believe our thoughts, how powerful is that..
    unfortunately most of us dont know the strength of our brain..

  21. Sounds like limbo!!

  22. 1:50 that means I have to quit my job and eventually will die of starvation or thirst because I have no money left. Well done, its easy if you are born from a rich family, if not then you are like the rest of the world,you need to earn for a living from a honest work.

  23. This is a life changing message 👌👌👌👌👌

  24. Your brain should be with you not overthinkig

  25. It’s really sad when your religion causes you anxiety and you try to leave it but you still believe in it and would feel so guilty if you stop practising it so you just feel anxious

  26. you are master of your universe we all are God
    check my channel for Motivational music

  27. This is so insanely good

  28. you can change in minutes using breathig techniques and meditation but it will not change your values which are often founded on faulty information imprinted during moments of extreme stress, the breakdown of these values takes years.

  29. This video as given me the tools I have been searching for to finally understand how to use meditation. Thank you, this is such a truly helpful video of the subject.

  30. Thank you for this video. I have applied it in practice and I can not be more thankful.

  31. Thank you, man
    I’ve been over 7 months in the same cycle of trauma. After my ex boyfriend left, in a very painful way. He was the first love of my life, Ah here i am again! hahaha. yes, you might have guessed how much bitterness, sadness, pain, fear, missing, not accepting feelings. And it goes feel like im in the same circle over and over and over and i can’t just break it out of it! But i promise, I will break out of this, i love life, i love myself. I dont deserve this. im going to be happy no matter what im going to be paying in return!

  32. Blown Away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Thank you so much, now there are so many fragments of knowledge have come together that finally it gives a picture..I feel so free, its unbelievable..

  34. Just watching this already made me anxious

  35. Thank You For Your Empowering Words I’m Ready For Change!!!

  36. This video is amazing

  37. I’ve searched so many you tube videos of positive videos and they were all the same and so cliche . This guy was spot on with everyone he was saying . He gave me the explanation I couldn’t get on any other videos . I totally understand now

  38. I learn so much from this video . Like how to change my toxic mindset to be better



  40. The body doesn’t become stronger than the brain,what you’re referring to as the body is actually your ego. Great talk. We are creators,we do it automatically. With beliefs,with expectations,and with how much we love ourselves and what we believe we deserve. “ I forgive all of you for reminding me of how much I don’t love myself.”

  41. Powerful and accurate description

  42. This is why “I am” meditation is so good.

  43. What Joe is saying is very true. I've been studying self-improvement for 45 years. I went to two of his seminars and have 2 of his books and also studied Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction and taught the most advanced meditation in history and 2 other profound meditation and healing/change processes. I highly recommend to listen to this video several times. Also from my 25 years of mediating and other studies I have found and it was confirmed by some profound gurus that the best times to meditate. Is for 15 minutes before bed and 15 minutes when you wake up. The goal is to silence your mind when you meditate even if it's for a few minutes as that gets your thoughts and brain out of the way so the Divine can clear and balance you. And also gets you 'Into the Zone' to go to sleep and to start the day on the right foot and 'In the Zone' so your rebooted brain can once again think straight instead of overloaded with trivia or negativity or all the things your stressed about. Reboot your brain in mental silence meditation. Then as Joe said 'Mentally rehearse the action and the emotion that you want. Daily mentally rehearse a vision of the future you want and very importantly, How Will You Feel When You have What You Want!!!!!!!! Remember your subconscious doesn't know the difference between your imagination and reality so imagine what you want and how that will feel. Also feel worthy of what you are imagining because before you can see it, you have to feel worthy of it. So meditate in mental silence/thoughtless awareness and also rehearse and visualize your desires. You'll see it when you feel worthy of it and you believe it. You can all do it, one step, one thought, one day at a time. Leave all the negativity of the past behind and never bring it up again. Only look back if it feel good otherwise avoid looking or discussing things that feel bad. The most important thing is to feel good, or satisfied or appreciation or meditate they all help you feel good. When you feel good you attract things and experiences that feel good. Feel good in your thoughts, feeling, vibrational balance and the stories you tell. So be very protective of what you focus or give attention to. If it feels good it is helpful for you and your future. By the way change can be fast. In 2006 my wife had cancer and in depression for 6 months and I took her to my best friend one of the best hypnotists and NLP Practitioners in the world and in just 1 three hour session she was cured of depression and went in those 3 hours from depression to JOY. 3 months later she was cancer free and stayed that way until today and that was even after she had refused all treatments for cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. She did see a TCM Chinese Dr. of teas and took some super health foods and supplements and she got the best 3 hour session of Hypnosis and NLP. By the way I've seen gradual miracles come from meditation at least the most advanced one in the world the one I learnt and taught for 10 years. Sahaja Yoga Meditation and it's free worldwide. Listen to Joe Dispenza and meditate and visualize daily. The establishment won't tell you the truth about everything because they don't know it and they'd lose their jobs so don't fight the system. Instead become your own master day by day, become a little more balanced and happier and patience and trusting and optimistic and educate yourself on the best leading edge material including Abraham Hicks the best teacher of the Law of Attraction in the world. Way beyond the secret. Check her free videos on youtube on any subject you want, such as abraham hicks meditation or health or … You are all divine beings and can live a great life. The most important thing is to find anyway to feel good and then you attract good feeling things or experience. I can't explain it all here. However this comment can direct you to more empowerment, peace, love, appreciation, health. You are all worthy and deserving and gifted beyond your imagination. God/Source/Jesus/Holy Trinity whatever name you prefer, they all love you now and forever and want to help you enjoy your life now and you are eternal and will be back again because this is the leading edge where divine beings come to play in the physical rhealm and once you understand apply great wisdom like from Joe today and what I just shared with you, then life will be more enjoyable. Let go of limitations and resistance and things will improve. I love you all and you are already pure love. If you want to express any negativity then keep to yourself and let it go as it will only make you feel bad and attract bad, however it your choice as we all have free will. I also took a course in Instant Miracles and many worked however I'll let you find your way as inside you are all very capable creators.

  44. Obsessive compulsive disorder

  45. Predict what on a brain scan?

  46. very informative. That is great help for me and many others.thanks a lot gentlemen.

  47. I think I'm going to try to be a better person by changing my habits

  48. The moment he started talking he was sayin every thing I couldn’t say he explained everything I couldn’t explain he opened my eye and my mind but as I’m listening and trying to take in what he his saying my mind goes off to a different world and remains me why I’m feeling they way I feel I weakened when I wanna rise but it’s something telling me I can’t 🥺🥺

  49. Im using this to get rid of a crush

  50. I learn that alhamdulillah I already in the right path😊. ❤

  51. Awesome video, but too bad about that click bait title. Shame.

  52. Omg… that's scary! Ha! The beginning of his talk is speaking of me to the "T", though i'm working to get better through these types of videos; thank God! I mean I was waking up mad, pissed off at people and situations. Getting up same time, same side of the bed, driving same route to work, same parking spot mainly… I mean the exact same duplication of my routine from waking up to going to bed. I was waking up mad, so much so I could spit fire. I was rethinking even back to negative childhood situations, mad at the world and my situation and how I got to where I am which is nowhere where I should be in my life at my age. Also Dr. Bruce Lipton is good also on topic of the mind, conscience. I found Joe Dispenza from another video someone suggested his video. 🙂

  53. I'm living with my mom and her boyfriend. He's probably stealing her money and steals my weed every time I sleep and idk what else. I'm currently moving and this guys has already tried hitting my mom myself and some name calling. I think to myself at times in going to stab him to death but I know I never could.

  54. I learn from this video how to change ourselves, as well as how to be free from familiar past… thanks a lot sir.

  55. Oh god. That's me.
    I got to do something.

  56. I really did enjoy this video! Thank you!

  57. Writing this before I watch the video:I’m a person who isn’t perfect and is fine with that but I want to be a better person and I want to do better because all is possible

  58. Watched the video:ima going to apply it to my life because I’m going to make my future a reality,I’m going to make my self in control of my mind and body

  59. Climate Change losers need to watch this….

  60. Thank you this was an overwhelming reality check for me. So true and and a huge life changer for me thank you I sincerely appreciate this info

  61. I am suffering from fear, anxiety, what should I do ???? Please help me.

  62. I bet most people (normal people) don't have many negative memories, since that's reserved for a small group of non-people, that normal people poop on all the time?

  63. Just go with the flow and let the past be the past. Hard challenge but needed this

  64. "Shortening the emotional reaction is the key"

  65. Do What Thou Wilt Is The Law Of The Land

  66. It’s so simple!

  67. Wow amazing job thank you

  68. I am 17 and have anxiety.Thank for the video.

  69. I am amazed and thank you!!!!

  70. This video is beyond powerful if your reading this comment I pray you received the message like I did tonight I'm gonna take control of my body and thoughts thank you so much ❤️🙏🏾

  71. What is the name of the background music???



  74. Thanks very much for your advice

  75. Thinking ur alone will make u feel alone
    Thinking ur weak will make u feel weak
    Thinking ur not wanted will make u feel unwanted
    Thinking worst will happen it will happen
    Thinking ur anxious will make ur more anxious
    Thinking ur depressed will make u feel more depressed
    Thinking ur not good enough will make u feel not good enough
    So before u think and accept it as a fact as a belief think again !

  76. I feel like we hold onto past is cause we wanna know something and that’s all we know .since we can’t predict the future we look in the past .in the end we all know no matter how safe we play no matter what we do certain stuff will go wrong .so I believe if we accept that and live our lives with that belief in mind .we will live b at peace.

  77. This is beyond everything he is saying. He is waking up.

  78. What has this to do with medical CT / MRI Scans?

  79. Ive been doing different things for the past 20 years and never stop changing, and I still feel horrible and I feel hollow. I cannot express emotions and I dont feel joy. I only feel joy when I stop doing anything and I wish I could never work and stay at home or even better be dead

  80. My thoughts are my destiny…

  81. You will awaken to the reality of your surroundings and you will act in your best interest to make a better day for you and another human being

  82. People who live in the past are depressed

  83. I want to go from victim to creater. Im so tired of being judged.

  84. Thank youuu so muchhh !

  85. WOW. You have just described me and my life..Thank you..Now the work begins

  86. Why not how to control other people minds.

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