LEGO Cinnamon Hearts Candy Catapult

LEGO Cinnamon Hearts Candy Catapult

Kristal, can you get me a cinnamon heart? Can’t you just build a robot to do that
for you? Hey Everyone, Jason here. Last year LEGO released a new robotics programming
kit called the BOOST, and I finally found some time to build something with it. With February here and Valentine’s day coming
up, we had some cinnamon hearts around the house and I thought it would be a fun challenge
to try to build a catapult to launch them at us while we were sitting on the couch,
and as you saw in the introduction, it actually worked out surprisingly well. So, let’s take a look at how it works. There is a hopper at the top of the machine,
which has a hole at the bottom, so the cinnamon hearts can fall through onto the conveyor
belt, which is driven through these gears here from one of the internal motors of the
hub. And the conveyor belt transports the cinnamon
hearts into this channel, where they fall into a hole underneath the light sensor, and
the light sensor detects when a cinnamon heart is present to stop the conveyor belt so that,
in theory, you only get one cinnamon heart at a time. That hole is part of a shuttle that moves
back and forth, which is controlled through the external motor here. And the shuttle actually performs two tasks. The first is that it pushes the cinnamon heart
onto the catapult to load it up, and the second is that it launches the catapult when it retracts. And, hopefully I can find that later. The catapult actually works through the coordinated
effort of three separate mechanisms. The first are these elastic bands here, which actually store the energy used to fire the catapult. And we can see them in action if we just manually
fire it. The second is this lever here, which actually
pushes the catapult down and it’s driven from the other internal motor of the hub,
through these gears here, which gear it down enough to actually be able to do it. It actually takes quite a bit of force to
push the catapult down. And the third, of course, is the shuttle,
which holds the catapult down while the lever retracts, and then releases the catapult to
fire it. And we can see all that in action here. So when we put all that together, whenever
you want a cinnamon heart, you can just run the program and it will trigger the entire
sequence. Ah, I missed. I will be posting building instructions for
this model, hopefully within the next week, and you’ll be able to find those over at, as usual. I might also make a building video for this,
just so it’s a little more clear how it all goes together. All the pieces you need to build this come
in the BOOST, so if you have this set, you’ll be able to build it. Except for the cinnamon hearts of course,
and if you’re not a big fan of cinnamon hearts you can probably repurpose it for any
small candy. You might just have to change a few things,
like the hopper and maybe how the light is mounted, just to accommodate whatever you
put in it. I had a lot of fun building this model and
playing around with the BOOST, there’s a lot of things I like about it, and some things, not so much, but I’ll save that for another video. As always, thanks for watching, keep on building, and I’ll see you next time. Are you ready.
I’m ready. Again!
Okay. Hahaha. There was two. Okay, hold on.
So many cinnamon hearts. I know, we’ve got some issues right now. Did you get it?
I got it. It hurt my tooth.

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