LIP CARE 💋Moisturizing Lip Products for Dry, Chapped Lips & Angular Cheilitis

LIP CARE 💋Moisturizing Lip Products for Dry, Chapped Lips & Angular Cheilitis

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  1. My lips are swelling right now I think I’m having a allergic reaction

  2. Samaj mai nhi aa raha hai. But still watching.. 😞😞😞

  3. Can u talk about the skin around our eyes ,like moisturizer , is we should use spf? Please 😣

  4. Ah and thank u for the video ^^

  5. She is right … Idk how many water I drink my lips are all dry .. lipstick doesn't work at all .. I have to apply evry second If I forget again my dry lips appears.
    So I think I'll try the sleeping masks and see how it goes .

  6. All the info in that video. I'm amazed. I love how educating and useful it was. Loved it so much. Thank you for making it!

  7. Oh my gosh I really needed this and I love that this channel has lots of info packed in each video!

  8. I Need something more powerful
    Non of this gave work for extra dry lips
    Neosporin have work so far but still not enough

  9. I use this lipgloss ( forgot the name) that has oil and vitamin A which keeps my lips shiny and healthy

  10. I learnt so much from this video❤️❤️❤️

  11. Hi. Any lip balm with only physical SPF? Because I am allergic to chemical SPF. 🙁

  12. Hii! Can you do a review on the Uriage Xémose lip balm?

  13. Beautiful Asian women

  14. Can you guys please review the NOONI Applebutter lip mask? I’m having a hard time choosing either klavuu or nooni

  15. Can you give us a remedy to get rid of whiteheads around mouth plz 🙏

  16. can you make a video on the best way to remove facial hair or hair in general?

  17. Where did you buy your Go-to lips super balm?

  18. What happen to mia????

  19. Can you do an episode on Keratosis Pilarisis and what to use on it to go away
    From a struggling teen 😭😭

  20. I went through this thing where my lips legit were so chapped and it was so red and it started like chapping outside my lips. Like it kinda looked like I was Miranda Sings and it hurt soooooooo much and was really ugly. Luckily I fixed that and now my lips are finally normal lol

  21. For the past 2 months I've had extremely dry painful cracks at the corners of my mouth that have bled and blistered. Finally went to the doctors as it was killing me inside they gave me a fusidin cream however they didn't say what it was or explain any further so until this video I still had no idea what was actually wrong with my lips. So thank you for informing us on angular chellitis I feel like my mind is at ease now!

  22. 0:28 beau ti fur ?

  23. it’s 12am and here I am learning about lip care and different ingredients and what their purpose is lol

  24. manuka honey lookin like a whole mf shnacccc

  25. I have tiny bumps on the lip line of my mouth (especially near the corners) and when I mentioned it to an esthetician friend, she said it could be caused by buildup/clogging of pores near the lips from lip products. You guys mentioned that the lanolin/beeswax type products are great for lips (which I sorely need because they're ALWAYS chapped!), but can be comedogenic for pores, which do occur beside the lip line (hence, hair). Do you have suggestions or recommendations for products that are moisturizing for major chapping without being comedogenic?

  26. I watched this – repeatedly! Yes its a wonderful video, but the repeat watch(es) was because i wanted to see the part about Dior Lip Glow. Its mentioned in the drop down menu…even an affliate link 😀 Visually shown in the video. Yet verbal mention or review in the video…. Helloo!!!

  27. Hello lovely ladies!! I absolutely love your channel!! You guys have taught me everything I know about skincare! Thank you so much! This lip video was just what I needed. But my lips are crazy sensitive to most lip and facial products. Especially those made for protecting your skin from the sun. They make my lips red and inflamed then itchy and become REALLY DRY for days and then they start to peel. The only this that can heal them is time. Any suggestions for lip products that are good for super sensitive lips that also protects from the sun that hopefully won’t make my lips go crazy?

  28. 4:39 i got distracted because the background track sounds like mixtape #1 by stray kids haha

  29. But what about my eos??

  30. Petroleum jelly doesn't work for me. I have eczema and we have a product called DCT in South Africa and that works for me.

  31. Tysm guys this is helping me 😭😭💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  32. Thank you for mentioning angular chellitis, I've been struggling with this. 😓

  33. I feel so unaustralian. I am super allergic to lanolin, and I swear all of our lip products contain it! I’ve honestly given up, I just use regular moisturiser on my lips 😂😂

  34. I have a question. It wasn't until ninth grade I think when I started having allergic reactions to the chapstick I was regularly using. It was the chapstick brand made with sunscreen. I automatically decided to switch to Nivea without the sunscreen and it worked. Knowing that sunscreen is helpful protecting the screen I tried to get Nivea with sunscreen and it made my lips have a reaction again. It's like a type of swelling and it stings when acidic drinks or sauces from foods touch my lips. Eventually, it healed when I stopped using it and I decided to just start using Aquaphor for dry skin, just the natural jar itself and I've been using it ever since, however, my lips continue to dry up and I continuously reapply it. I don't exactly know how to care for my lips at this point and there are tiny acne bumps that appear on the corners and above on the middle part of the cupid's bow. What would you recommend me doing?

  35. hint, cupuaçu is actually pronounced cu-pu-a-su hehe

  36. Try not to choose petrol-based items because that would further support the oil industry. I know that there are many products packaged in plastic, but you could make your own balm, choose alternatives like lip balm in tins/glass jars or recycle your plastic packaging. Of course, if you can avoid these with viable alternatives and at a price you can afford, I really encourage everyone to do so!!



  38. i used to get angular cheilitis a lot in the winter except the skin isn't red or inflamed? it's just a small split in the skin at the corner of my lip that makes it hard to eat/open my mouth. i never had it for years and now it's back and i have no idea how to treat it except wait and apply 50 million layers of lip balm 😔

  39. My lips have been feeling dry and wrinkly. I exfoliated with honey and sugar but they still felt the same and I even put shea butter but still they felt the same. Then I took a picture of them and saw these little red things on my bottom lips. I need help!!

  40. does anoyone in indonesian have any lip balm with spf recommendations? help a girl out pls

  41. any suggestions/products for making dark lips lighter/pinker?

  42. Can someone please tell me where they talk about lanolips? I watched the whole thing and didn't notice when they talked about it & I'm thinking of getting it but I want to hear reviews first! Thank uu❣️

  43. felicia reminds me of nayeon from twice

  44. I’m late on this video but I just love watching all of your stuff. And funny thing is I have three different lip balms I keep on me at all times lol. All three have beeswax in them too. One of them is call Vaseline lip therapy, another is Burt’s bees beeswax lip balm, and then last but not least carmex and I just looked and the carmex and Burt’s bees also has the lanolin in it.

  45. can we honestly just take a moment to appreciate this AMAZING channel. this channel really goes into depth about their explanations & back it up & also give their REAL feedback. not just like sponsorships or trending products.

  46. Could you also please cover what is the small white/off white ish dots on lips? It’s not painful nor bumpy. I have white dots on my upper lips and google said it was common but I wasn’t clear what caused it and it doesn’t say there is anyway to treat it.

  47. Hi girls!!! Can Hyaluronic acid serum for the face be used on the lips?

  48. I was born with very severe atopic dermatitis and I always wondered what the things on the corner of my mouth were from and I saw the fact and basically concluded i’m screwed and there is nothing I can do about it lol

  49. My lips constantly tear and flake and i find myself ripping the little flakes off with my teeth 😬 not good, the only way I can control it is if I scrub my lips every night and slather on a lip balm before bed. I almost feel like my lip skin turn over is way to fast??? 😕.

  50. I lick my lips 24/7 then it keeps getting dry

  51. I went and grabbed my big 1 litre water bottle after this

  52. Are you interested in starting a cosmetic line? We manufacture cosmetic. As us about the lip plumper lip gloss.

  53. I WANT FLAT AND THIN LIPS. I'm sick of my big, thick lips. gotta wait a lllooooooonnnnng time.

  54. Lol my lips are whiter than my skin


    Is that safe???

  55. You girls should try nuxe lip balm in pot version. Its the best, worth every penny. ❤️

  56. My friend once said that she always slather her lips with honey every night. Her lips was bright pink, plumpy, and juicy. I thought she was done some lip surgery or something because how perfect her lips is.

  57. 3:53 did the vagina get censored out or? 😂

  58. u both talking bout melanin and rosy-purple lips

    mine are straight up pale

  59. When you re a white girl with no lips…. FUDGE ME AND MY EUROPEAN ANCESTRY

  60. I like that video

  61. I actually had to pause the video, sneak through the house when everyone was asleep, go fish out the pouch inside the big bag in which my lip balm freebies were stashed and put one on my dresser! I vow to moisturise the pucker uppers every day! Thank you for the inspiration! Bing bing!

  62. 22:59, I just thought I needed to put this out there…
    Her freckles are the cutest things I’ve seen

  63. What I got from this video is that I'm permanently dehydrated and stressed

  64. Please do a video about knees!

  65. can you do something with hand/feet skincare? like dealing with dry/swollen cuticles and things like that. love you guys!!

  66. Ok. But what happens if I’m allergic to beeswax? So many lip products have it. Idk what to use

  67. I put petroleum jelly on my lips. Next day my lips were peeling off. And bare in mind when I put the petroleum jelly on my lips my lips were soft. So I suggest you don’t put petroleum jelly on your lips I don’t know if the same thing applies with Vaseline but pure petroleum jelly is a NO NO. Looks like I’m going back to burts bees.

  68. Is that Rice from rice and slice

  69. Time stamps
    How our lips work 1:11
    Some of the most common problems:
    -Chapped/spilt lips 6:41
    -Angular cheilitis 8:45
    -Aging lips 11:22
    Mythbusting common ingredients for your lip: (12:41)
    -Petroleum jelly/mineral oil 13:08
    -Lanolin 14:37
    -Honey 17:05
    -Beeswax 17:32
    -Shea butter and cocoa butter 18:54
    -Natural oil 19:30
    -Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide 20:31
    Product reccs and what you should ask for 20:59

    Let me know if there are any mistakes!

  70. Now I get what's an occlusive, can someone give me an example of an humectant ingredient?

  71. I have watched this so many times because i love it so much!

  72. Fragrance in lip products is a disaster everyone needs to know about. Also flavored products make people lick their lips….making a lip crisis into a disaster.

  73. I have anxiety and i bite my lips a lot,, I need to stop that.. help

  74. If you have angular chelitis try the blistex medicated lip ointment it took about three days for mine to completely clear up, but I recommend to continued to use it after it's cleared up as well

  75. I'm so sorry i'm late but when I was younger I got Angular cheilitis. My parents refused to go to doctor and kept trying to find out what it was. When we finally it had gotten to the point where I could hardly open my mouth. So my parents quickly treated it and I was ok. I always think how lucky I would've been if someone had shed more light on it. So even if its not at that moment I'm really thankful for someone to actually talking about it. So you got a subscriber!

  76. My upper lip is 100% dark purple like brinjals

  77. These videos are so helpful

  78. Kylie jenner when she 30 would be like: "Where did my Lips Go?"lol jk🤣

  79. Is Chapstick brand okay to use? I can't use Burt's Bees because I'm very sensitive to beeswax.

  80. Love you two!! I love skin care, but it’s nice to see something different. Can you please do dark armpits and feet care? ❤️

  81. kewl! so informative

  82. Paw paw the one you mentioned is so famous in Australia

  83. LPT: For lanolin products, it's actually most likely available near you at a pharmacy/supermarket at a reasonable price! There's lanolin products made for nursing mothers (yes, it's exactly what you're thinking of) and it works just as well as lanolin-based lipcare products, but this way you get a lot more of the actual lanolin itself. A brand I like is Lanisoh, it's about $13 CAD but I've been using the same tube for about a year now and there's still 1/3 of it left.

    Having to deal with winter in Canada, and suffering from dry and cracked and bleeding lips pretty much since childhood, I wish I'd known about it earlier. Also works really well layered, so at night I like to have lanolin and then vaseline on top and my lips are freaking amazing by the next morning – I don't need to apply lip balm at all the entire day.

  84. Yall are soo corny😂its cute

  85. "Typ-lip-cally" lol

  86. 5:24 hahahahhahah lol

  87. 7:07 hear that high school fuck boys?

  88. I have black upper lips and a little pink lower lip.and the other think is my legs have hair plz it makes me hate it bc it doesnt look like girlish leg

  89. My 2 most trusted beauty gurus lol 😝
    Love you guys 💕 💖

  90. burt bees beeswax made me have whiteheads on the bottom of my mouth for some reason and some little bumps around my lips… honestly was so scary 😫😣

  91. Omg this came at the best time. My lips are not feelin it this week.

  92. Felicia your hair is so smooth and shiny please tell me what you use on it 🙏✨

  93. honey and milk works amazing on the lips

  94. I started using Aquaphor on my lips to help heal a broken spot on my lip. It's now a thing I use often overnight. It's great!

  95. Take care of your lips

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