London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay – ‘Moment to Shine’

London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay – ‘Moment to Shine’

Jocelyn, team leader, ‘Raise your game’. My
dad, for inspiring kids to take up golf. To Rosemary, for all her dedication to the residents
at Owenvale Court. Patricia, from the Shimna Valley Centre. Do
you know someone who is truly inspirational? Someone who always pushes beyond their personal
best? My friend Lindsey, for all her cancer charity work.
Jeff, a former GB Cycling coach. Next year the Olympic Games are coming and we are looking
for incredible people to carry the Olympic Flame across the UK
Bryan, from Cleveland Wheelers Cycling Club and we need your help to find them. Nick,
for setting up the surf school for the local kids.
Jamie, from Arsenal Kicks, because he helps young people turn their lives around through
the power of football. So who will you nominate for their moment to shine? I would like to
nominate Grace from Connexions for all her amazing hard work and advice.
My friend’s dad, for helping untrained people into work. The search has begun. Nominate
somebody today to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer and they can have their moment
to shine in front of the whole world.

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  1. The cover of Spinnin' in this video is pretty horrendous. Check out Speech Debelle's original – amazing.

  2. What's the name of the song? I loved it!!!

  3. Arsene Wenger!!!

  4. great OLympic Games !!!! ciao da italia!

  5. Who is the girl's voice in this song??

  6. I can't stop watching the logo like something obscene.

  7. It's official … I'M NOT WATCHING the olympics next year coz no tickets for me ! I received an email confirmation from the London 2012 ticketing. Instead, a Thomas Cook offer was advertised.

    MAYBE… in 4 years time, I will watch the game in another country where I will need a hotel accommodation with tickets. (^^)

  8. @IvandeJesus2007 Spinnin' by Speech Sebelle

  9. Torch Route ????The channel islands are NOT part of the UK. Neither is the isle of man !!!! Torchbearers ??? Can't get tickets???? volunteer instead !!!!The recent tickets allocation clearly demonstrates that the only purpose of the whole sad business is to make fat cats fatter still and to hell with UK citizens !!!!

  10. @AriseAndTake we asking for people to carry the torch, not eat it!! =P =P

  11. @CGC0711 Wow! Thanks! If you hadn't said that I wouldn't have noticed either! I thought is was just random shapes! Now I feel like a goose too! LOL!

  12. The torch is coming to my town yeah

  13. fun and inspiring.

  14. My village is going on live TV it is called Mortimer look at it some time on the news

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