Magic with Candle || Simple and Fun Video for Smart Kids

Magic with Candle || Simple and Fun Video for Smart Kids

Good Morning, everyone! My name is Kartik I am going to show you experiment about air pressure We need water color, a plate, a glass, a candle a matchbox so you take this glass, put a little water Now we will ask a grown up to put fire on the candle Grown-up , can you put fire on the candle? Now we are going to put the candle here….. gently! Put it here… it’s in the middle Right? Now we are going to put the glass! And wait for the Magic!! Wait for the magic… to happen You saw that all the water came inside the glass How did it happen? Oxygen in the glass finished, the candle went off When the candle went off, the temperature decreased When the temperature decreased, the pressure decreased so the pressure outside the glass is high the water tries to go in.. Please subscribe to my channel I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hello! I just got my first 100 subscribers on my fun and educational channel for kids and their parents, within 25 days of uploading my first video! I am very happy that so many children and their parents are loving my videos. My channel focuses on channelising kids energy in a positive direction and diverts their attention from non-educational content on TV and the internet. Please suggest if I am doing fine? Please also share new ideas for making educational and fun videos in the comments section below! Thank you for all your support and encouragement!!

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  2. lovely..
    everyone should try all his videos and please like and subscribe to encourage him

  3. waah I learnt a lot of physics

  4. water sucking thirsty candle… 😉

  5. excellent doing ,kartikeya keep it up

  6. very nice!!!
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  7. how to axplain this in odio language

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