Making Lip Balm, a Wonderful Holiday Gift

Making Lip Balm, a Wonderful Holiday Gift

Anne-Marie: Hi. Thanks for joining me today
on Soap Queen TV. I’m Anne-Marie from and Today, I’m going to show
you how to make lip balms from scratch. We’ll do a lip stain, where we do a small batch for
just family and friends. And, then I’m going to show you how you can make 50 lip balms
at once for mass production. [music] The first thing I’m going to do is put a couple
spoons in the freezer. Why? You’ll see for later. A basic lip balm recipe contains 1 part
wax to 3 part oils. Or, 1 part oil, 1 part butter and 1 part wax. You can
experiment and try as many oils as you like, the ones that you have in your house or the
ones that you have a preference for. For this episode though, I’m going to show you my special
recipe, so you don’t have to do as much testing. It’s very good for the cold winter months
because it’s hearty and it will protect your delicate lips. [music] [music] I really like avocado oil because it’s high
in vitamin E and it’s a super-nourishing, extra-penetrating oil. Sweet almond oil is
high in mono and polysaturated fats, making it ideal for moisturizing and nourishing.
It’s also high in essential vitamins. Beeswax is what we use as a hardening agent in here,
but it also acts as a barrier against the elements. It keeps the moisture in while keeping
the cold out. Let’s add all of these ingredients to a double
boiler. Why a double boiler and not a microwave? Well, because, it takes about 6 minutes to
melt the beeswax. And take it from me, I’ve had my heat-safe containers explode in the
microwave – glass shards flying everywhere. A double boiler’s much safer for you and your
family. Let’s add all of our ingredients to this double
boiler. Notice the coconut oil is liquid. It’s usually solid at room temperature but
it’s really hot in the Soap Queen studios today, so it turned liquid. Now let’s put this on our double boiler. And
we’re going to turn this up to medium. Now that this is all melted, it’s time to flavor
and color. For this I’m going to use peppermint essential
oil. It’s minty, it’s tingly, it’s totally fresh and fun and it’s very winter friendly.
But, it tingles a lot, so you don’t have to use that much. For this, I’m going to use
less than a full milliliter. Actually, I’m going to use half a milliliter. And remember,
when you’re using essential oils, not all of them are safe for use on lips. So check
to make sure that your essential oil is lip balm safe. Now that we have this flavored, it’s time
to add color. Remember, you can ingest some of your lipsticks inadvertently, so it’s important
to only use lip-safe colorants. For this, I’m using Bramble Berry’s Red Mica. I’m just
going to use one scoop, but you could definitely use more and make this into a lip stain. Now that it’s flavored and colored, it’s time
to get these into the tubes and the tins. Since it’s such a small amount and it’s really
hard to pour directly into the tubes, I like to use a dropper. Make sure you use a plastic
dropper that’s disposable, because trust me, glass droppers don’t clean up very well. Draw
the warm lip balm mixture into your dropper. Squeeze into your tube. It takes about two
dropperfulls to fill this up. These are the cute little slidey tins from They take a few dropperfulls to fill up. Now that that tube is hardened,
there’s a divot. It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt anything but it doesn’t look perfect. A tip
I have to make this look perfect is a heat gun. Like the kind you use in rubber stamping
or for stripping paint. Put it on low, and just gently go over the top of that lip balm
with the heat gun. See that? The divot’s all filled in. It looks smooth, perfect and professional. It’s time to clean up now. Take a paper towel
and just wipe out the inside of your container really well. We’re going to use the double
boiler again for the next project and I have a special tip at the very end to show you
how to really do a perfect cleanup. So, just wipe it out with a paper towel for now. The Red Mica from Bramble Berry is really versatile.
Check this out. When I only use the one mini scoop of the Red Mica, this is what it came
out. It’s a nice pretty pink, but check this out. When I did a full half of a teaspoon,
yeah, half of a teaspoon in that tiny recipe from the very beginning, this is what happened.
Trust me, that is a serious lip stain. Now that you’ve mastered making small batches,
it’s time to move on to big batches. Do you want to make 50 lip balms at a time? Oh yeah,
so do I. [music] Since it’s a larger recipe, it’s important
to be accurate. And really, the most accurate you can get is by weighing. So, grab your
scale, tare it up and let’s go. Just like before, we don’t use the microwave
for this, we use a double boiler. Dump all the ingredients into your double boiler. Again,
my coconut oil’s kind of slushy because it’s really warm in here. Move it up to medium
and wait for that to melt. While that’s melting, we’re going to prepare
the Lip Balm Pouring Tray. This nifty little guy that sells allows you
to push the lip balm tubes into the bottom of the tray. Depending on the size of your
lip balm tube, you may have to push a little bit harder than others. Some lip balm tubes
are just a little bit large, so if your hands get tired you can push with a really hard
object. When you have all 50 tubes in your Lip Balm
Pouring Tray, flip it over, marvel at how great it looks, then set it down and go check
on your lip balm. This looks just about right. Remember those spoons we froze earlier? Now
is the time we get to use them. Check this out. Dip your frozen spoon into your hot lip balm.
It gets hard right away. Isn’t that nifty? So just in case you messed up you won’t have
to ruin your entire batch. Check your consistency. Are you happy with it? Is it too waxy? Is
it too oily? Are there any corrections you need to make for your personal preference? Again, my lip balm recipe, I love. It’s fairly
waxy because I want it to really protect me from when I’m outside in the cold weather
elements. I love my consistency, so now it’s time to color and flavor. And I say the word flavor and you’re probably
thinking, “I bet that tastes like something.” No, it doesn’t. Really sorry to say that most
flavor oils are lip-safe fragrance oils. There are only 300 ingredients that are approved
for use in flavor oils or lip-safe fragrance oils. It doesn’t taste like anything. It just
smells like something. If you want to fool your senses into thinking they’re tasting
something, use a little bit of all-natural sweetener, like Stevia. Just a little bit goes
a long way. And one more thing, no extracts. I know you’d
think that you could use the food extracts that you find in the grocery store. These
are technically water soluble so they won’t mix into your lip balm. So no food coloring
from the grocery store and no extracts from the grocery store. Usage rates for flavor oils vary anywhere
from 1% to 5%. In this recipe, I like a full 6 milliliters of the Buttercream Flavor Oil.
I think it smells really good and it gives the illusion of taste. Again, we’re using
only lip-safe colorants. I’m going to use Shamrock Green color from Bramble Berry. I
promise, it’s not going to turn your lips green, but it’s a super fun color. Kids love
it. Four or five scoops looks about right to me. Now that the lip balm is flavored and colored,
it’s time to pour. This is where the magic comes in. Fifty lip balm tubes at once. Pour
slowly and evenly. It’s just like an ice cube tray. So, if there’s any little bits of lip
balm material that are kind of pooling or not going where you want them, just tip the
entire tray to fill in the rest of the lip balm tubes. Now that they’re all filled in
and it looks great, set this aside to harden. Around 5 to 10 minutes will do the trick. Now that all the lip balm is hard, let me
show you how there’s no waste with this pouring tray. You can use a kitchen knife, which is
a little awkward. Or, you can use this little mini plastic spatula that comes with the PJ’s
Tool Kit. And all the scraps go back into the pot to reuse. Again, I told you there’s
no waste here. Or, put them into a fully cleaned out glass container that has a lid, and you
can save it to use again later. Now that you’ve scraped every last bit of
lip balm off the top, it’s time to pull out your lip balm tubes. You can either pull directly
from the bottom and pull straight out, or you can flip it over. It’s your preference.
Pull straight out. If you pull to the sides, you’ll notice that the lip balm kind of breaks
off on the side. You can cap it right now, as is. No one’s going to notice if there’s
any little divots or dents or anything. Or, you can trim these using a knife. Now that the lip balm tubes have been trimmed,
I think they look great. You could just cap these and be done with them. You don’t have
to do anything else. But if you’re a perfectionist and you want these to look glossy, smooth
and like they came out of a million dollar department store, take your heat gun, put
it on low, and just gently go over the top of those tubes. See how it’s melting? Just
melt the teensy little bit off the top and then it hardens into a smooth, beautiful finished
lip balm. Now you have 50 lip balms. What are you going
to do with them? Well, there’s more. I’ve created some special
labels for you so you can use these to either sell or give away as gifts. Remember, if you’re
selling, you do need to list all of your ingredients in descending order from what was used, and
your net weight. You can download this label template at
or Once it’s downloaded, print it out on a full sheet of label stock. You
can use a waterproof label stock from, or you can get a full sheet of label stock
at your local office supply store. Cut the labels. Now that the labels are cut,
this is kind of the tricky part. You have to try and get a corner. Peel back. Take the
lip balm tube in your left hand, if you’re right handed. Put the label vertical so that
you’re reading the label sideways. Push gently around the entire tube. And look at that.
You have a perfect, adorable lip balm tube. These labels are super versatile. If you take
your label and you cut it even further, cut those polka dots right off, look how well
and easily it fits over the Bramble Berry Slidey Lip Tins. And there’s one more thing you can do with
these labels. If you print them out on card stock, you can use them as a hang tag. Pretty
nifty, huh? You can go through an entire roll of paper
towels wiping all your pots and pans out. Or you can do my simple trick. If you’re anything
like me, you have lots of melt and pour soap scraps lying around your house. I hate to
throw good soap out. Here’s how you can make use of it. You can either melt your soap scraps directly
in the double boiler or in the microwave. It’s your preference. Pour the soap into your
pan, making sure all the soap is melted. Stir really well to ensure that all the waxes and
oils are absorbed into your soap. All right, you’re ready to pour. I’m going
to pour this into the heavy duty hummingbird and lily mold, but you can use any soap mold
you have around the house. Spray with that finishing touch of alcohol and you’re done.
It may not look gorgeous, but it’s a functional bar of soap that has great moisturizing and
nourishing qualities. And, your pots and pans are clean. Remember, any extra waxes and oils you put
into your melt and pour soap may inhibit lather. Thanks so much for joining me on this episode
of Soap Queen TV, where I mix it up and didn’t just do soap. Until next time, happy soaping. And by tear, I meant tare, like T-A-R-E. That’s
awesome. Woman: That’s so cool. Anne-Marie: That’s right. Ah, the pun. Turn the entire thing over. Marvel at how
cool it looks, and then check your…people, why did you laugh? Man: I’m sorry. No, that was great. I’m sorry.
It was a genuine reaction to a genuine moment, so… Anne-Marie: Yes, now we have to fake the genuine
moment now. I don’t think there’s anything else you need
to do. But, if you’re a real perfectionist, you can make these glossy and shiny, and look
really overflowing and plump. [laughter]

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