Making sense of string theory | Brian Greene

Making sense of string theory | Brian Greene

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  1. String theory proves catastrophic. For a period of time on a monthly basis, my lady pulls strings which produce graphic results of gross proportions. Abandon string project STAT.

  2. Pretty sure one of those precisely defined special "numbers" he refers to– known in physics and chemistry as "constants" (which makes no sense to a lay person but absolutely makes sense to someone versed in physics and chemistry, because they are constantly and precisely EXACTLY the same under ALL conditions and events) is the SAME number of Irish or Scotch whiskies I am able to consume in one LOOOOOONNNG evening without my universe funneling as HEINOUS VOMIT AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT into a willing, (hopefully) open toilet.

  3. Finest Physicist since Einstein.

  4. This guy needs to insert some periods and commas into his lectures.

  5. If the universe is 92 billion light years across and its only 14 B L.Y old, then stars and galaxies must be moving at 3 times the speed of light. Simple maths.

  6. I calculated the reason why the world is how it is and the answer is 8008135

  7. 5D perspectives that sustains explanations for the yet unknown.

  8. Wow, Brian.You should be a used car salesman.Just a theory, and super weak. Great job raising funds to pay for all your "research" that you cant even come close to proving. Salesman of the |Year, You have it. What a Fraud. Great work, keep selling to get that research money.

  9. could the time piece only exist in certain dimensions. if we were placed in another dimension we would be eternal and time wouldn't exist to us. other universes then would exist but not to us and not to our non-time. there would be unlimited universes in these non-time places.

  10. First of all the theory itself must make sense..unlike theory of darwin evolution. Not making sense of theory. We cn only test the theory! Tt is hw i make sense of anythng

  11. Could you repeat that?. I didn't quite get that👻

  12. Jerry Seinfeld explains string theory.

  13. i dont know what part dark energy plays in string theory. however, dark energy makes up over 90 percent of the universe, yet we can't see it or hold it. we can only see its effects. our limited perception only can observe actually a small fraction of what the universe really is or potentially we can be a part of in the distant future. we are in the infancy of understanding the mechanics of the universe and possibly other universes.

  14. Hey folks, it's 3 Aug 2019. I'm wondering, did they reach anything new since 2005 ?

  15. The higher dimensions are spiritual. The human mind will not understand.

  16. There are 'entities' which exist in 'interdimensional' states that can cross over into our dimension and these are known as spirits. Who is to say they do not exist while we exist in our own state right here. Meanwhile, they have even been observed and photographed and called "UFO's or "Ghosts." Some of them seem to be wavering nervously on film as they struggle to manifest and even seem to be 'shapeshifting.'

    These are subjects that most 'scientists' dismiss or they are relegated to the wastebasket as simply 'unexplainable" and even though vast amounts of photographic proof of these beings exist no serious scientific examination of these phenomena has been carried out, other than through the electronic devices used to measure various environmental and atmospheric data by investigation through shows such as "Ghost Adventures."

    Having said that, perhaps a fear of being 'shamed' academically so grips them that they dismiss all of this because of the 'crowd' mentality. Let's hope there are brave scientific investigators out there who will forge ahead to seek an answer to the existence of these interdimensional 'entities' seen and documented all over the world.

    The fact they exist can't be denied and a very ancient manuscript of 66 books deals with them extensively and predicts an increased presence of these 'watchers' as human history fades.

    So follow the truth wherever it may lead you….

  17. why look out ? within us we have the solution… thought , the universe , is within us,, another universes… we are within the God as some one call it. we are all made by atoms, eletrons, etc… simillarity is exactly the same as our un[iverse…

  18. As any physicist worth his own salt will say today, string theory is a dead theory that first unravelled and then strangled itself.

  19. We have no idea, so maybe there are a gazillion, trillion universes that allowed it to happen. Now give me my government grant and book me on some television shows! String theory in a nutshell.

  20. There is a helpful visual that my physics teacher taught to help understand string theory: Imagine a field of cows, and along comes a bull. He spreads his legs and unloads a giant pile of excrement. Focus on that pile of excrement. That is string theory.

  21. But what if the extra demenions are so big that we cant see the whole thing?

  22. Bro. We live in and out.

  23. If the guy had said our comprehension of 3 d is incomplete ? Y’a probably ! But a 4th dimension? The odds are so low that I would ask Pierre Marie robitaille opinion on dimensionality ! There is only one thing dimensionally that is ignored ! The dimensionlessness of nothing in space

  24. Scaling isn’tanother dimension!

  25. He's good at conceptualisation of the components of a unified theory.. but I'm yet to hear of a solid example of the unifying concept resembling a string. The whole multidimensional concept still alludes me.

  26. Forget this! I’d like to understand string cheese!!

  27. We live in a dome no space

  28. I bet he got pushed down the stairs at school… A lot.

  29. Brian Greene is the total package.
    He’s a brilliant mathmatician,theorist,physicist,cosmologist,scientist all with the ability to explain things that would be otherwise impossible to understand. I remember watching “the elegant universe “ as a kid and being blown away.

  30. Question, which may betray my stupidity, but I'd like to know: If the supposed fourth dimension is simply fractal, or at least almost-impossibly small, does it not still exist within a volume of three dimensions therefore?

  31. 18:00 any new news on this theory? because this video is from 2008

  32. I pause, 11:30
    Wow, I understand now… I like him!

  33. Did he just try to explain a 4th dimension by showing a smaller 3D model, and then tried to suggest that the 4th dimension is actually energy behaving like a 3D chaotic vector (3D)? I understood that something could pop out of 3D space, but, does scale/size really have anything to do with a discussion about a 4th 'framework' upon which energy can but matter can't exist? Maybe energy is simply an observation and effect of random motion, perceived as having quantifiable characters, but, actually, e does not equal mc^2. Maybe it's all I lie and the earth is flat.

    Just kidding. Stop wanting to punch me.

  34. If the hardon collider observes the apparent annihilation of energy, by putting the leftovers on a weighing scale, how will Einstein ever be able to look God in the face on judgement day?

  35. This is by far the shortest 19:07 minutes of my life. Why don't you promote this, YouTube?

  36. I'm here from the future.. Did you work out this issue in the last 11 years?

  37. I ran around the house saying I discovered this video on YouTube.

  38. Not gonna lie. Lsd taught me that frequencies are the building blocks of our known universe. Watching this kinda blew me away…

  39. The big question being. How does unifying the laws of physics cure AIDS and cancer? How does it stop wars and feeds the thousand and thousand of starving people on Earth? If unifying the laws of physics does not solve these problems, than why does unifying the laws of physics matter ? Extra dimensions are not extra dimensions if they were there all along. The discovery of something doesn't make it just now come into existence. Undiscovered dimensions are not the same as extra dimensions. How is forcing raw energy into a different form but still be energy become another dimension? Physics should be studying the cause and what sustains energy first before it studies what other forms energy can take. The nucleus of life is but a byproduct of energy cause, source and affect.

  40. When string the string theory together, there is the electrical coe-efficient of hydrogen. The number I do not remember, but this number as the same number, appears when string the string theory together, that same number with at lest 23, more unites to it. The method that does this, has the string theory string. This relates the way we measure electricity. There is a way to weigh energy. We do know that when we separate out Weight, and Mass, and Matter, then we are dealing with three different thing, dealing with the same subject. Matter weighs, and is a mass. The mass measured as the same will be different if the matter is different. We know, that when we weight a mole of electrons, at rest that is they are moving at light speed, there is a weight gain. There is a problem in the periodic table when we get to Potassium, that is weighs two whole atomic unites less then predicted, too.
    When we say, that an atom weighs as much as a ship, when tending towards light speed, this is not reasonable. IF we are getting our atoms in an accelerator to go past light speed, then lets say this. Ship would need more power, but we done use a constant acceleration when dealing with atoms in an particle accelerator. Sop the equation does not apply, because we keep putting in more power. So, we do get past the light barrier. If we can't see because the matter is going past light speed, it is not in a different demention, it is just that light now goes through the matter. I have seed to much, give me a call.

  41. It's probably called String Theory because we string ideas together in a development sequence of events to make a theoretical narrative (?).

    At the base of the story, the elemental device that tells itself is, of course, information, an objective and metastable object of alignment with attention.

    Probability alignment in the potential possible future, outside of the recent past, holds together in a coherent cohesion objectives in pulsed resonances, words and pictures composed of the Quantum Operator Fields Modulation Mechanism of elemental properties that derive from Singularity positioning, navigation system alignment coordination.

    In conception, because the universe is a whole, probability ONE, the in potential possibility of zero difference is infinite, and every relative proportion timing connection rate in the 1-0Duration Interval.., spectrum. Ie the potential possible future difference, based on the existing past is the cause-effect modulation of Time Timing in Eternity-now Superspin Superposition-point Singularity positioning, that is the Quantum Operator Fields Modulation Mechanism narrative.

    Everything is connected, and gradually balances to no-thing in the symmetrical central limit boundary of zero-infinity.., vanishing point distributed connection of modulated pulses.., because Superimposed potential possibility is naturally quantized in temporal Superposition-point perspective, a potential numberness inherent in e-Pi-i connection/in-form-ation-> condensation of symmetrical resonance modulation.

    You have to look at vortices and vertices of Quantum Fields Modulation Mechanism of resonant/sync frequency density and intensity probabilities in all their complex action from experimentation, before the theory and the words are imaginable. Pure Mathematics is specifically functional abstraction and a context of context recirculation loop, circular logic QM, around the laws of Mathematics, it is possibility thinking but it's the pointy end of quantization of e-Pi-i resonance imaging, not the integrated sum-of-all-histories/narratives of Actuality.

    WYSIWYG evolving sequences in condensation, vertically integrated circumstances of The Calculus that, by circular logic of Time Timing in Eternity-now cause-effect local/location circumstances in the "Anthropic" Principle. (It's just a name of convenience, a conventional literary device to relate diverse circumstances in one concept/Principle)

  42. I appreciate how you still call it a theory where as other people like to talk about it as fact.

    Question: What was the result?
    Question: Would any loss of energy be taken as this theory being correct or does it have to be a specific loss of energy? Because if it's the former,the energy loss could be explained by some unknown other factor, including possibly some basic error in the formulation of the math for the subject.

  43. Did we get the proof. Or was that all BS.

  44. Amazing articulation. Great man.

  45. We will never escape the simulation we are all just Binary code now thats mind blowing 😲

  46. And here's the actual proof – an actual vibrating string in the form of a full stop: .
    It was right there all along right under our noses.

  47. "Why are those numbers so finely tuned?" The answer is obvious to anyone who truly has an open mind.

  48. Yep more clear proof of a flat earth

  49. i think sheldon cooper would hate this guy

  50. This is ridiculous. There are only three dimensions, it is impossible to have another dimension without touching our dimension and destroying it, you have to be really dumb to think otherwise. Also space is not a flat surface, it's a FORCE that permeates everything, gravity is just a side effect of mass and entanglement, we see proof in magnets. Also string theory is not only true, it doesn't need 10 dimensions, it only needs 3. There are different states of matter, solid, liquid and gaseous and aetheric, which is basically energy vibrating so slow it's not even gas, it's where our consciousness exists and our souls. The fact that these so called geniuses cant even grasp this simple concept makes me worry for the future of mankind. Just think, if all those rings existed next to each other, then each ring would have its own matter at some point they would collide, there are limits to geometrical vortecis and vectors. Scientists FACE PALM… Stop teaching please.

  51. The 2 guys who believed in extra dimensions sat right at the back in high school Physics. Just saying.

  52. Who the f*** puts a dislike for this video?

  53. Green proves that he’s no Einstein. String theory is not science but sophistry.

  54. Well, here we are 11 years later but still waiting… No hurry.

  55. Still waiting for the evicdence to overtake the speculations…

  56. And what makes up the strings? Who cares as long as we keep getting grant money to pay for my condo.

  57. you're a fucking idiot, the two realities.

  58. it is now 2019 – have these experiments thrown. any more light on the string theory being true?

  59. It's somehow surprising to listen to the words of a very smart guy and be unable to make any sense out of it, showing you that intellect and truth are not always on the same page. This is absolute non-sense. TED talks were crap 10 years ago, they are still garbage now.

  60. I can conveniently say that these guys are reversing the relativity theory of Einstein. The lower dimensions of energy they're looking for will only be a reality if their cyclotron can send the particles at the square of the speed of light. At the speed of light, I'm afraid that the gamotron energy level may never be attained. This is because light itself, made of photons are particles in our own dimension. The square of its speed could very well be potent to hit anything off into other dimensions. So I suggest they need to improve on that cyclotron machine.

  61. where r the dimensions bra?

  62. if you beam energy into the extra dimensions u might upset the tiny aliens living there.

  63. what is interesting is does space itself in 3d depend on 10d structure or does 3d structure determine 10th dimensional structure?

  64. Theoretical physics is the bane of our contemporary existence.

  65. The brilliant physicists like Greene, need to solve Climate Change, otherwise, nothing else matters.

  66. Where was this guy when I was taking organic chemistry in college??

  67. Did they ever do that experiment that he mentions towards the end of the video?

  68. This was published in April 2008. Prof Greene said experimentation over 'the next 5-7-10 years or so' would show whether the hypothesis described here is correct.
    We're in August 2019 now, so how's it going? Do those thingies colliding with each other release energy into another dimension, or not?
    I see someone else asked pretty much the same question a couple of weeks ago. Can anyone comment? (Other than to suggest he may have been referring to 5 to 10 years of some other-dimensional time..)

  69. This is my religion

  70. So, what is energy? Does it "exist" or is it a metaphor?

  71. I have always wondered how these people who think about such principles are then able to switch their mind to the mundane such as a grocery list, sorting laundry, and such.

  72. Here's a video that represents a fresh take on the creation / evolution debate and is something I am sure you will find thought-provoking.

  73. What is a string made from? What is a particle made from? What is a force made from?
    These abstract entities may mimic reality but they do not begin to help us understand the true nature of reality.

  74. theory of the week this one will be tossed in favor of a new one in no time. meh

  75. Theory isn’t science

  76. I’m 4 mins in. But Einstein just had to invent a particle called a bosun to explain how an object exerts gravitational influence on another.

    Maybe I need to study the theory in depth and mathematically to see what the actually said.
    The 2D representation relying, ironically enough, on gravity in the 3rd dimension to help us intuit the effect of curved space just doesn’t do anything for me. Because it’s so fake.
    Ok so in 3D sure space can be curved.
    Now tell me how that ‘transmits’ gravitational forces?
    Sorry Brian!

  77. I have a question. Why is going for a UNIFIED theory an assumed goal?
    Why not have everything different?
    Where does this assumptive end goal come from?
    Is it a deep spiritual logical / intuition that the nature of reality is ONENESS?

  78. Jesus christ, this is what everyone person should strive for, the pursuit of intellect.

  79. How does one make sense of nonsense? At least the video says at the beginning that no one of this is true or not. Einstein was wrong about everything. He invited nothing, and holds no patents.

  80. 3:03 I'm rolling on the floor, wait… wait I can't get up. Gravity is pulling me into a circle that doesn't exist. Warped brain power should get me out! SHAZAM! A disk of nothing space did the trick. 3:32 I just tested here on my floor. It does work because I did get up! 5:30 Amazing facts and non-disputable logic.

  81. String theory merely hypothesizes the unexplained instead of giving God His due.

  82. I do not believe in Gravity.
    New World Order horseshit

  83. However it would not be an explanation– it would be a description.

  84. It's more than 10 years on and I don't recall hearing about this from CERN. Anyone know better?

  85. I am not a physicist, but a musician. What are plucking those strings, or are you saying they vibrate on their own? I know you are saying that their geometry my dictate the atomic structure, but why are the strings vibrating already? Is that a dimensional artifact… I mean is the wind blowing the horn a constant?

  86. Wormhole the father of the machine under your face while she regurgitates a mix of the human tissues and hog fudge tonight. Manastee

  87. but the CERN discovered the Higgs boson right?

  88. Sir the beautiful thing about The Cosmos, The Universe, The Solar Systems, The 8-9 rocks orbiting The Sun, The 3rd Rock with 1 moon … is that it's perpetual miraculous harmony equilibrium perfection … we can witness on the surface of the earth within our DNA designed "out-fits" bags of mostly water … filled with all of the elements of the cosmos … so we are made of stardust which is EVERTHING that was will be expanding stretching out, laced out like infinite numbers of "STRINGS" into infinite!

    A fascinating spectacle witnessed projected … as only "c" with "m" into the silver screens within our minds!

    We are the only beings with the capacity to split atoms and split everything into +'s and -'s, ying and yang, up and down, male and female!

    Before the beginning there was NO THINGS pure darkness no shapes or figures.

    0 => 1 Big Bang = Blasting and scattering “that” into One Thing filled with an infinite number of chaotic bits of infinity of things = The Beginning of Everything = Cosmos = Singularity = Universe = GOD => Everything coalescing congealing into Harmony Equilibrium => = Sun = Earth = DNA = Earthlings we, you, me, flea, bumblebee, tree, wallabies, manatee, and chimpanzees is 1 Single Family!

    Earth + Sun = Us:

    Sun Energy + Earth Inorganic materials “periodic table” + Atmosphere = Organic Carbon Based >=> Amino Acids <=> 1 DNA ⇌ 1 Cell Organisms are true Earthling <=> Plants Cells v Animal Cells <=> Dinosaurs <=> Boggers => Us.

  89. Big Bang Created "=" Us … yielded "⇌" the Birth of Relativity! "=" means absolute equal = singularity means … Sun Energy + Earth Inorganic materials “periodic table” + Atmosphere = Organic Carbon Based >=> Amino Acids <=> 1 DNA ⇌ 1 Cell Organisms are true Earthling <=> Plants Cells v Animal Cells <=> Dinosaurs <=> Boggers => Us which is where relativity begins

    The Mathematics of You, Me, We, Amoebae, Flea, Bumblebee, Tree, Wallaby, Manatee, Chimpanzee = Me!

    DNA evidence proves we are 100% Pure Whole Earth, Moon, Sun and Star Dust … as are all Earthlings are = Us!

  90. This guy would make a fabulous university professor. I mean of the traditional type, not the type that seems popular today.

  91. God says "Worlds without number have I created." And it's based on obedience, which keeps order. And how can there be obedience with intelligence? I would exhort anyone who understands these simple principles to read the Book of Mormon. The answers and understanding are explained in simple form. Truth never changes.

  92. Y r ppl laughing,..that's how I learnt to swim

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