Melania Just Fired Them ALL! ‘That Is Not Acceptable Here – I Won’t Allow It!’

Melania Just Fired Them ALL! ‘That Is Not Acceptable Here – I Won’t Allow It!’

Melania Just Fired Them ALL! ‘That Is Not Acceptable Here – I Won’t
Allow It!’ First lady Melania Trump just sent them packing! She released multiple people from their positions
as she would not allow taxpayers to be ripped off for jobs that were simply not needed – quite
contrary to the former first lady, Michelle Obama. While Melania Trump takes on bigger roles
and a more active schedule, she has proven herself to spend a lot less than what Obama
did. This news comes about as Melania Trump runs
one of the lightest East Wings in recent history. Michelle Obama was reported to have 16 people
working under her, being paid a combined $1.24 million. Melania Trump’s staff is only four people
who earn a combined $486,700, much less in comparison to Obama. Knowing that Melania Trump refuses to hire
12 extra people to do jobs that can be handled by herself and four others is a wonderful
bit of information as it reduces wasteful spending of the taxpayer money. Not carrying the extra staff for jobs that
can be handled by fewer people is a step in the right direction towards reducing the amount
of money spent by the administration and shows that Melania cares to be mindful in her position
as the first lady. That’s an enjoyable quality for a first
lady to have as it spreads a message about being responsible and not overspending. Fox News reported more on Melania’s smaller
staff: “The details are contained in an annual report the White House sends to Congress
showing the names, positions and salaries of all its personnel. Both the Obama and Trump administrations acknowledged
several additional staffers beyond those listed in the report with the term “first lady”
in their titles. But even counting all those employees — 24
for Michelle Obama and nine for the current first lady — Melania Trump’s office is
relatively small. It’s an approach her spokeswoman says is
intentional. “As with all things that she does, she is
being very deliberate in her hiring, focusing on quality over quantity,” communications
director Stephanie Grisham said in an email. “It is important to her that the team is
a good fit for what she wants to accomplish as first lady, and that everyone works well
together. She also wants to be mindful and responsible
when it comes to taxpayer money.” While the 2009 annual report listed 16 staffers
for Michelle Obama, her press secretary said at the time the staff actually included 24
people. A 2009 story said Obama’s
24 aides might have broken records. “That may indeed be the largest of any first
lady, but Hillary Clinton, with 19 staffers, and Laura Bush with at least 18 and perhaps
more, weren’t far behind,” said. Grisham told Fox News this week there are
nine people working in the East Wing under Melania Trump, a few more than listed in the
annual report. According to those personnel reports, Melania
Trump’s staffers include a chief of staff, a communications director, a deputy chief
of staff and a deputy director of advance. Michelle Obama’s staff included those same
positions and a slew of others: additional press aides, a director of policy and projects,
a personal aide, a traveling aide and a director of correspondence. Michelle Obama’s office did not return a
request for comment.” Melania and Donald Trump will surely be criticized
for this one way or another. The critics will say that Melania fired people
instead of being resourceful and saving money for the White House and their Presidency. While every President and first lady face
critics, there has surely been an insufferable and increased amount of criticism has been
levied towards the Trump family, with even Barron facing his own fierce barrage of harsh
commentary from spiteful people who dislike the Trump family living in the White House. Donald and Melania work through the criticism,
doing things to make many Americans in hopes that they’re constantly doing right by the
citizens. They will always face criticism from those
who oppose their leadership, even though Trump won the Presidency in a fair election well
over one year ago.

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  1. Look at Michael or is it Michelle she looks like a lazy ass bitch.

  2. Melania, does not have a clue of what is going on in the USA. I for one would like to see ALL her documentation to prove she came to the US legally. I am sure there are some discrepancies in the history of her visa applications. Melania ex roommate stated she was going to have to leave the USA because Melania was broke and her visa was expiring. That is a very motivating reason to hook up with "The Donald". Trumps connections to get her visa processed faster than others waiting for approval. Plus sleeping with Trump, sure she got money from him. I am sure Melania's paper work got rubber stamped and someone profited from making it so.
    D Smith

  3. Bravo Melania… Great Job there 😉

  4. Donalds got an excellent choice of woman. Lucky man

  5. That's my first family! MAGA

  6. The people that work for her are more than proud to serve The First Lady. I am sure Melania’s staff are appreciated with the respect they deserve. A personal thank you goes a long way. The highest honor for those that love their work and take pride in all they do shows . Melania knows what hard work is and spends the time with her son and family it includes both quality and quantity. Our First Lady is s role model for many children, parents and families. It’s nice to have more than athletes or actors on the children’s list of role models. If History/Sciences were taught as real History/Science and not some subjective teacher or authors with a certain bias probably more than just an athlete or actor would make the lists. I didn’t and don’t want to forget two more very important role models …Our parents (and their parents too). Cheers to all that seek out those who inspire them and pass it on.

  7. Tax payer also paid Oba** mother in law living in WH.

  8. Melania is amazing. Fabulous! So proud of President and Beautiful and Brilliant Melania, truly a First Lady!

  9. How many Millions are we paying to Trump's private golf clubs so Trump can play golf almost every weekend?


  11. Great Job Mrs President!

  12. The First Lady is doing an "OUTSTANDING JOB"!

  13. I don't know how this is breaking news or news of any sort this was posted at least 3 months ago all they've done is clean it up and reprinted it and in the words of the Republicans womp womp and in the words of Melania Trump I really don't care do you

  14. Michelle needed 25 to tuck her up!

  15. Gorgeous AND practical!


  17. total bullshit.

  18. I love the First Lady! A class act !

  19. 👍she's the greatest 1st lady of all time.

  20. A cataclysmic ( for retarded republicans ) BLUE wave WILL flush all the red scum fouling America's swamps come this November !

    And next year, the imbecile with the dead orange rat on his head WILL be impeached !

    Happy Holliday's !


  22. Cause she don’t do shit. She is as complicit as any. Fuck her and the Gop !!!


  24. Great job First Lady!!!
    Keep up the good work and help your husband take this country back to greatness!!!
    Your work and dedication is appreciated by all!!!
    Thank You!!

  25. I like that the 1st lady did not thrust herself upon America. She took her time and is drifting into our lives. I like her.

  26. i love her:) Obamas hot dog partys cost us a fortune, now i am thinking how much of our tax money is paid to msg 13 for children for pizza gate etc etc? They are all demonic i hope Trump fairs better than kennedy only evil is allowed to succed with the new world order. I pray one day that Hillary and Obama can not show their faces. i pray one day that people like julian Assange and Tommy Robinson can show their faces. the new world order reversed the defenition of good and bad.

  27. Best first family ever

  28. We, the AMERICAN CITIZENS, once again have a FIRST LADY MELANIA TRUMP showing the world just how intelligent, thoughtful of our American tax dollars being used responsible, and does far more with less staff! What an awesome, graceful, honorable, and comfort she brings into the White House! I just love her and her family!

  29. I was hoping to hear something new! This is almost 2 years old!!

  30. Great job, First Lady! We love you!

  31. Melania may be frugal, but her
    husband isn't. He has already
    spent $70 MILLION of US Taxpayer money on Golf trips,
    and he hasn't even been in
    office one year yet.
    (per News Reports).

  32. want to do something useful like Jack your husband up take him off Twitter tape his mouth shut and own the fact he's a narcissistic dictator wannabe
    " the whole world is a stage"

  33. She has more money we pay for such as charity for personal savings account

  34. She just doesn't want extra women around her husband that he can bully and bed. He's a sexual predator who can't stop himself.

  35. stupid computer voice

  36. It's a pity that she can not fire Scot Pruitt.

  37. WTF UP – Sure do what you what but why don’t you stop your human from kept on going golfing. Melania – What is she doing in the white house again?

  38. Computer voice is stupid. Thumbs down. Blocking this channel


  40. This is old news.


  42. What a class act.

  43. Mrs. Trump is a true American, and I am damned proud to call her my First Lady!!!!!!!❤️🇺🇸👍😎

  44. It just goes to show you that we finally have a first lady with class and integrity.

  45. Should talk to her husband blown money away on is golf weekend and endless brake, lazy presidump,

  46. Class personified.

  47. Considering how little she really does no surprise.



  50. You are the classiest lady.ever. Love ❤️

  51. Good going saving on people's jobs while your husband charges the tax payers millions for every golf vacation. Millions that go into his bank account.

  52. I don't believe she actually said the quote in the title of this video. Melania lacks staff because she had no intention of actually growing into the title of FLOTUS to begin with. She didn't even want her husband to win election. She wants to be at home in NY focused on raising Barron and that would fine. Her husband dragged her into this. Shame that at 48 years old, she's been reduced to having her husband and a spokeswoman speak for her and wearing weird messages on her back that she's not allowed to explain for herself.

  53. This IS NOT new…this happened LAST YEAR.

  54. Ugly talk!!! Enough of your nasty comments please….

  55. Thank you, I'm consistently impressed with the quality of a person our First Lady is!

  56. Michelle Obama was a busy women, involved with various communities, charities, fund raising and awareness campaigners for various organizations. She was an engaging strong women with a lot to say, she wears the pants in her family.
    Let’s just say Melania has different challenges, when your husbands a cad, a cheat, a liar, she’s lucky she can get out of bed every day, let alone engage people, she must feel like the complete fool that she is, and laughingstock of the Trump family, and that broken english accent makes her sound like an old Russian whore, literate in 5 languages, that’s really funny. Hear no evil, speak no evil , see no evil, this is Melania’s mantra .
    No suprise she’s getting rid of all the help, less people around she has to look at the better for her, the embarrassment that women lives with everyday must be unbearable, this is the cost for spreading her legs for the Donald, she wears the pants in her family around her ankles.

  57. That's because Scott Pruitt spends it. Quite comparing. It's not about money because she has a budget if she wants to use it.

  58. Her husband is a cheap SOB anyway

  59. Awesome job Melania Trump! Now time to start cutting dead weight throughout DC.

  60. Fake 1st lady..doesn't need staff cos she doesn't do anything of significance!

  61. 👍👍🇺🇸

  62. What a winner she is, To bad the Oboma's took advantage of everything they could while in the Whitehouse goes to show how the Obama's Clinton's, both Bush family's have decieved the American people , and that's exactly why there trying to impeach Trump or get anything they can to use against him to get him out of office,President Trump and his beutiful frist lady are showing the people how a Country should be run and the crooks of the past are out of office and there being investigated for all kinds of things that are being exposed by Wikileaks, Snowdan, and other sources, now Hollywood's Harvey Epstein and this infamous sex Island that the've been going to to do God knows what to young children it's sick there sick, even the Whitehouse has been used as a sex slave gathering hot spot for other GOVERMENT heads of state to partisapate so the secret will be kept because know you are a partisapate and you've been videoed doing the unthinkable and it's held against you to keep you from going public you won't find anything like that going on in the Whitehouse these days I'll bet. Trump and the frist lady are HI CLASS not HIGH CLASS IN BORROWED SHOES like the last few presidents.

  63. Did you compare the other first ladies staff

  64. Thank you Melania. We need more like you.

  65. What's there not to Love about our First Lady?
    America couldn't ask for anyone better.

  66. want to send the immigrants out start with her.

  67. She doesn't do anything and the savings can go to her tubby hubby security

  68. Of course, she doesn't ever do anything for anyone or the nation. First Lady Obama actually did many things for many people and the nation. I feel sorry for Melania, married to that disgusting slob. Claiming to be unfairly abused is absurd. Every criticism of Trump is valid, He is the worst President ever and one of the worst humans ever. By contrast, President Obama was constantly attacked with lies and slander while actually doing good things for America… All based upon racism.

  69. Thankful for a First Lady who has a lot of plain old common sense, something that is sadly lacking by entirely too many people these days. I've noticed the more God is pushed out of America the more the lack of common sense becomes the 'norm' and the faster our country plunges headlong into destruction. Thank you President and Mrs. Trump for a refreshing change of direction back to solid ground, with the help of God❣️


  71. Whatever costs Mrs. T saves is being spent 100 times over by Mr T.

  72. You are definitely the First Lady a beautiful person sent from God Bless You and President Trump

  73. Go job Melania…THANK YOU

  74. So the bitch just put people onto welfare where their families will suffer whilst she east sirloin steaks, wow, her and Trump make a perfect couple.

  75. A woman to admire!

  76. God bless Melania and her husband. May God clean the swamp using Trumps team.

  77. I'm a full blown Trump supporter, but the liberals are going to eat this up because know they will be able to say she's putting people out of a job.

  78. Oh cut the crap trump makes up for it doin his golf thing !

  79. News from 24days 7hours ago

  80. Oh yes . Saving the Tax payers money . Give me a break . Meanwhile her husband spends millions every weekend when he goes golfing at one of his resorts . Not only that the Trump organization makes money because the government has to pay for secret service and who ever else stays at the resort with them.Yes we love you Melania for saving pennies when your husband spends millions every weekend . Make America Great Again . LMFAO

  81. Cause this bitch ain't doing a damned what she need a larger staff for?that she written on the back of that jacket looked like she wrote it herself. So…

  82. Shirt. More money for them to spend for them how in hell you people fooling

  83. I'm so proud of this woman! She's like her husband she can do it all!

  84. REALLY ? ? ? ? ? This sounds like total bull. Not real.

  85. What an amazing POTUS and FIRST LADY !
    I wish I was an American! 👍👍👍👍💕

  86. Fake news! The Russian trolls and that asshole in the oval office must be working overtime to come up with this shit. Send the whole rotten, lying, crooked, corrupt trumpy family packing, so dumb fuck trumpy can be with his lover, Vlad.

  87. Can't subscribe to a robot voice

  88. Way to go First Lady way to go. kick these scum out for good.Thank you First Lady A true First Lady.

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