Messermeister: Cheflamme Culinary Torches

Messermeister: Cheflamme Culinary Torches

Messermeister has the perfect torch for you. We offer three different styles of torches. Our FT 912 culinary torch has the power to burn at 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, with a two hundered minute burn time. Our mini torch has just as much power but does not hold as much fuel. So that’s for your smaller projects. And then our gauge Cheflamme allows you to see how much fuel you have in your Cheflamme when you’re torching up your crème brûlées.
Each torch has a removable stand so that it makes filling the torch easy with butane can. Simply press and fill. Once your torch is full, reapply your stand, simply press down on the safety lock, apply fuel, and press. Now you can easily lock the flame into place, adjust the flame temperature, or even adjust the flame strength. Now, you’re ready to torch up some crème brûlées!

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  1. Hi, I have the older model Cheflamme 911. My question is, where can I get a replacement removable stand?tia,- chase –

  2. My GF is opening a bakery and I want to buy her a great torch. Is there any kind of warranty on this? Looks really good

  3. Hello
    Thank you for your question

    The maximum temperature of the flame torch can reach is 2500 ° F / 1300 ° C.
    Please do not store the torch at a temperature exceeding 104° F/40° C.

    Anda – Customer Support
    Roi Chef Professional Kitchen

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