Mezhugu (The Candle) – Social Tamil Short Film

Mezhugu (The Candle) – Social Tamil  Short Film

What happened to our son in law? I don’t know Mummy. They have taken him inside. Daddy, nothing will happen to him right? Nothing will happen right Don’t worry dear. God will not let us down God will not let us down What happened ma? What is the doctor saying? I don’t know bro. They have taken him inside. What? Rash driving is it? No, he does not drive like that Father! My child, don’t worry. I will pray for you. God will not let you down Who is the patient’s relative? I am his brother James Please sign here Who are you? I am his wife Ranjini Then you have to sign this form Please don’t stand here and make noise. Go to the waiting room What is the hurry for you to sign that form? You keep going and supporting your brother and his wife! If something happens to them we will have to take all responsibility! Why are you talking like this? Just come! How did this happen? Someone in a car hit him. They called seeing my number in his phone. Hmmm this need not have happened at such a young age Robert speaks nicely to all. He doesn’t argue or fight with anyone How did he end up in such situation? I just can’t believe it! God please save this child! This is why we have to see horoscope match & good date for marriages If they just go away & get married on their own this is what will happen! Neither he goes to church nor did he baptize his child, He thinks himself as a big progressive minded person As he married a girl from our community He should at least come to the temple. Even that he doesn’t do. If we help everyone it is enough it seems! If we feed the hungry it is enough according to him! All just unnecessary talk! HE didn’t go anywhere right? That’s why God punished him What are you all talking at this time? Rather than doing sins daily & asking for forgiveness from God Rather than troubling others & then worshipping God in the temple Robert’s heart of keeping everyone happy all the time is the true place of God Dad, Project Project again! Why didn’t you ask your mother? Ok. What project is it? “Project God” What? Project God! Are they asking you to do these things? Yes Dad! When I asked Uncle he said that Jesus is God When I asked Grandmother she said Murugan is God When I asked our neighbor sairabanu she said Allah is God If I ask Mummy she says all are God Totally confused dad! Ok come. Let’s do Project God What happened to Daddy? Nothing happened dear. He isn’t well & just taking rest inside Daddy will feed me isn’t it Mummy He will sing songs to make me sleep Nothing will happen to him isn’t it Mummy? Madam, the doctor is calling you I am coming sister Doctor, There is nothing wrong with him right? He suffered bruising on the back of his head & there was a lot of internal bleeding He is now brain dead… We have put him on external ventilator. He may survive for another 3 hours only If you want to see him one last time please do so Oh God! Oh God! I don’t know what I will do I don’t know what I will do with my child alone! God, why did you do this to me? Who else is there for me? Why everyone is sitting quietly like this? Let us look at what needs to happen now Yes true. Already his body is in a bad state, anyways will not last for long In case you want to inform any relatives about his death do so now itself Yes, that is also correct I will ask one police officer whom I know Otherwise they may do post mortem & damage his body even more Don’t all of you have any conscience? When he is still alive you are all talking like this? What are you saying father? The doctor himself said everything is over Then what? We should finish his burial and go on with our life What did you say? You will bury him? As per our tradition we will only burn him Hello! What are you saying? His name is Robert not Raghavan for burning! Without burying him what else do you think we will do? Be quiet. You leave it brother What are you all talking? Once he married our girl and had a child then as per our tradition he should be burned That is correct. He should be burned Hey! If anyone touches the body, I will cut off your hand! Hey! Until you do that do you think we will be picking flowers with our hands? Can you all be quiet? Please move aside Don’t you all understand the situation we are in? Why are you all fighting now? You keep quiet, Uncle! Hey! If anyone talks about burning the body again none of you will reach home! Hey! You are talking too much. Something will happen to you now! Call Williams & get some backup! Hey! His will not be the only dead body. Your body will also accompany him! Uncle, Uncle! My father is not well. He is sleeping inside kindly don’t disturb him please Madam, eyes are opened You saved my child, dear! You saved my child! You allowed donating your husband’s heart to save her I don’t know how I will repay you for this You, you live happily with husband…. Oh God! What I said? , Oh God Oh my blessed child of the Almighty! Oh my Light of God! You have given your gift of Life You have bequeathed the heart of your beloved When relatives were arguing whether to burn or bury But you…. Planted his seed of life In front of everyone, Planted his seed of life In front of everyone

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