Mysore Dasara | Torch light parade Preperation | Namma Ooru Namma Habba

Mysore Dasara | Torch light parade Preperation | Namma Ooru Namma Habba

Namaskar. I am Prakash I am a torch light parade trainer Welcome to Namma Ooru, Namma Habba For torchlight parade, it takes one month prior preparation We need 300 trainees for this. Each year we seek different police training academy, this year the 300 trainees are from Hassan police training academy Main reason to do torch light parade is to Celebrate Vijayotsava (victorious celebration) after the war Earlier the Kings and cavaliers after the victory in the war, would hold spears picking the fire and carry the procession in every road of the city in commemoration of the victory. Inline with the same spirits we observe the victorious ceremony through torchlight and trainees. Its a spectacle to watch hence it is performed at the end of dasara This whole ceremony is carried under the mentorship of Mysore City Police commission Dr. A.Subrahmanyeshwara Rao IPS our back bone strength is BV Kittur DCP who will be in charge of the ceremony. We have trained for 15 days in Hassan Police Academy and another 15 days we train here to familiarize with the location at Bannimantap, where the main show will be held. We train twice a day, morning and evening for 2 hours each for the show. The two hour training is reduced to 23 to 26 minutes show. The 26 minutes show takes lots of effort, these efforts pays off as lakhs together people watch and also it is aired live in foreign country. Hence we put a lot of effort into it There will be total of Seven words and Eight exercises in Torchlight Parade. Music plays a key role for torch light parade we have the Mysore city Police band from karnataka Police band to support us Anthony Prakash the band master with his 40 member team gives music to each word formation. for example, if we make Jai chamundi word, they will play a song related to goddess Chamundi We are six trainers assigned to 300 trainees. In the team of Six, John Britto is our main coach. Apart from him we will have a Sub Inspector Vijay Kumar and Venkatesh Murthy an ASI And there will be two ADS namely Dwarkinath and Arun Kumar Visitors come a long way from different places including foreign countries and different states to witness the glory to entertain them all we put up a lot of effort the reason for putting up so much effort behind practice is to live up to your expectations and to entertain you all Let’s celebrate Namma Ooru Namma Habba, Dasara so i request each and everyone of you to come and support us. Thank you

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  1. #NammaOoruNammaHabba waiting to see Torch light parade… Good work guys. Waiting to see more such work.

  2. Awesome VinodπŸ‘Œ keep it up

  3. A very good effort.
    This feels like a invitation for foreigners and Mysoreans to witness the glorious occasion. Keep up the good work… Looking for more ahead

  4. Nicely done video😊

  5. Hi prakash rajakumara ealav

  6. Good work dear……you could used the music of police band itself.

  7. Technically rich. Epic effort to record the hard work of our karnataka police department and our culture. I thank the whole team.

  8. Good work…keep it up

  9. Good one … In few places voice over could have been used to avoid repetitive content… Good luck πŸ™‚

  10. Good effort to show the people behind namma dasara!!

  11. Thank you all for your valuable feedbacks.. it means a lotπŸ™

  12. Nice video about Torch light parade..πŸ™πŸ‘

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