Naagin 4 – 22nd December 2019 – नागिन 4 – Full Episode

Naagin 4 – 22nd December 2019 – नागिन 4 – Full Episode

– Wake up, Dev. What is wrong with Dev? He didn’t get back home
so I came to look for him. Where were you? I went to bring some water. When I got back, I could
not find Dev. I have been looking for him
since an hour. Please, help me out. I need to get him home.
– Okay. I was right. Dev is a shape shifting serpent. That’s why, he has
that mark on his neck. It’s a bite mark. Akash. Mom. Dev has reached home
and he’s fine. Praise Bholenath!
– Praise Bholenath. Thank you so very much! Let’s go, mother. What about Brinda?
Where is she? Don’t worry about her, mother. She must be fine. Let’s just go home. She will meet you there. Okay, fine.
Let’s go, mother. Where will she go to? You don’t even know
where she is at! The family keeps harping about Dev
and you harp about the Parekhs. Nobody cares about my daughter. Swara, loves Brinda immensely. She is always concerned about her. Didn’t you notice it,
right now? – Sure, I did. I don’t talk back, since
she is the grandmother. Given the way that family
treats Brinda… …I want to kill them all! Wait. Rajat is calling me. Yes, Rajat.
– Dad, Brinda is back home. Okay.
– What did he say? Brinda is back home. I guess, rather than the wound… …it is the trauma
that affected him. Brother. Brother. Are you okay?
– See what you did to him? I told you! Take care of him. Stay close to him. Don’t get out of Dubai.
Why did you bring him? Mom, I didn’t bring him,
he brought me here. He really missed
all of you and… …and said no matter what it
took… …he would not miss
grandma’s birthday. What is it? Who hit you?
Tell me and I will sort him… Mom, nobody hit me. The door of the farmhouse
got locked. It got jammed. So, then, I had to push
and I could not get it open. So… …I jumped out of the window
and then I fell. You’re incorrigible! I know it. You have to get involved
in others’ affairs. You can get involved
in everybody’s affairs! You must take on
the troubles of others. Wait. I bet you, everybody is
sleeping out there. While you were up and about,
watching over them! I keep telling you to
look after yourself for a bit. You’re going to marry
and you have a fiance! Come here. Let me show you.
Come on. Look at the black circles
under your eyes. Go on, look! Do you see them? Yes, mom. My social circle is not
as extended as my dark circles! Should I use a potato compress? Slices, you know? Are you mocking me? I just can’t expect you
to talk any kind of sense. Do you know, Rajat has been
waiting for you since forever? You could have come back
a bit early! How could I? I went for grandma,
for her birthday! I was going to come back
from the temple, but aunt said… Oh, God. This girl is beyond redemption. Mom. There is still hope. Tea! So you made tea! It’s coffee, aunt.
Can I get you some? No! I have lots to do. Both of you can share it. I’ll leave.
– No! Stay. I am sure, you’re not
doing putting me down, yet. I will do exactly that
once he leaves, okay? Okay, please, do sit down. I will be right back. Thank God, you saved me. I know. So, hot coffee! You must be tired. Did you meet Dev? I did meet him,
but it was a bad scene. Aunt, how is Dev doing, now? He’s not woken up, yet. The doctor said,
he will wake up, soon. Nayan. Thank you so much, dear! You didn’t leave him alone. You stayed with him. I am going to stay with him. That’s why, he is so hurt. What? I mean, I feel terrible, aunt. I feel accountable for
all of this. If I hadn’t left him alone,
none of this would have happened. I’m really sorry, aunt. Dev!
– Dev. Thank God. I am fine. Hi. Mom! I’m fine. Why are you so stressed
out? I’m okay! Come on, I’m back after so long! Why do you all look so serious? Where is Manas?
– He’s with Kavita. Forget about him.
Tell me about you. How did you faint? Nothing happened, mom. See? I am fine.
Has anything happened to me? I can see that. Be honest with me. What did you see? Nothing at all!
What could I see? A huge snake, perhaps? No, mom.
I didn’t see a snake. What’s with you? Okay, listen, I’ll tell you. What happened was,
you know about the car. The car skidded and
there was a minor accident. I fell out of the car. The abrasions you see… …were caused by me hanging off
a tree. I got hurt scaling up. Nothing has happened!
I’m fine, see? Look at me. That’s all it is! Guys, what were you serving? We are Gujaratis, bro. We don’t serve.
– Very funny! Hey! You okay? What? Okay, fine.
I give up. Let me tell you. While I was in the forest… …a huge animal
must have chased me. Something like a cheetah, you know. I guess, he’s welcoming me… …on my first visit to
India! Mom, come on! Nothing happened to me.
I’m fine! Look at me. Are you sure?
– Sure. I am absolutely sure. You didn’t eat anything
all night. Eat up. I told you, there was so much
going on, I had no chance. You didn’t discuss
my work, then. Sorry. Honestly, I’m sorry. I told you, there was so much going
on… …and everything got messed
up. I also forgot in the bargain. But, you know what?
I told him about you. Really? – I told him
we are childhood sweethearts. How nice! Well, Dev must be getting scolded
at home. Why?
– Don’t you know? He lost his way. What is your aunt’s
name? Vrushali? She found him in the forest,
passed out. Brinda! What about me… Dev, the doctor
wants you to rest. Forget the doctor, mom. Tell me, where’s my girlfriend? Hey, girlfriend! How are you?
– I am fine. You’ve been willful
again. – Hey! I told you not to come
back, why did you? Yes, I know. But, tell me, which boyfriend… …would miss his girlfriend’s
birthday? I am the best boyfriend
in the world, right? Are you here for my birthday? Of course! Why else
did you think? Anyway, you kept me in
Dubai for 12 years. I have missed so many
of your birthdays. I had to be there
for your 75th birthday. Why are you here? I am praying for you
to Lord Shiva. When Vrushali
was expecting you… …I used to dream
constantly of Lord Shiva. They say, when that happens… …the child belongs
to that particular God. Really? I mean, so… …I belong to Mahadev. Praise Lord Shiva!
– Be quiet. Don’t be naughty. Okay, I’m not allowed to joke,
but I can be loving, right? Guys, what is the scene
for my girl’s party? Birthday party? We have to plan for it?
– Of course. We can plan her birthday party,
if we can plan a bachelor party. Plan it quickly. Okay, okay. Everybody come into my room. All the plans in this house… …are made in my room. Birthdays, weddings… Let’s go, sister. Thank God, you are safe. Do you know… …how happy I am to see you? I really missed you. Of course, I know.
What you don’t say… …is evident
from your lovely eyes. You are my daughter. I am proud of you, Nayantara. I know… …you will do the right
thing. Don’t worry about a thing. We will do everything as per
our plans. We won’t make any mistakes. What are you thinking about? That my mother
can’t even lie decently. Both of us know
we have made a mistake. Where did that black Naag
come from? Who was it? I am sure, they have…
– They don’t have the Naagmani. I keep telling you that! If they had that magical gem… …their business would
grow by leaps and bounds. That’s not the case. Apart from Dev’s clothing
business… …nothing is working out
for them. When it comes to wealth… …they only have Keshav’s mansion. They lost everything else. They lost it due to their
debauchery. That’s why Khyati wants
to marry her son… …to a rich girl. Manas’ wedding?
– Yes. It’s a deal, not a marriage. Nayan, that proves
they don’t have the Naagmani. But, Dev has gotten
hold of something. That’s why, he is an ordinary
man… …and still can shape shift
into a serpent. To be honest, mom… …when Vrushali and Dev
were speaking to each other… …I wanted to kill them
at that very moment. No. You won’t do that, Nayantara. I have waited to get
revenge for years. You won’t end it
with one strike. It would be unfair
to your father. If they all die so easily… …my Keshav will never
find salvation. Remember, Nayantara. You have only one duty to perform. Make sure of them… …die a torturous death. That is what will happen, mom. I promise, it will happen. Tomorrow, they will celebrate
a birthday. I have been invited, too. That’s great. I will tell you… …what to do. Listen to me. Akash has taken some medication
for BP and gone to bed. Thank God!
– Dev is with him. What happened today… …was not normal. Dev may say he was… …attacked by
some wild animal… …but, I don’t believe it.
– No, you don’t. We know, you think… …the Naagin is doing this. Or her ghost is doing this! Stop talking nonsense, Ketki. I have told you before. We should have killed
the Naagin that very day. If she had died, she would not
haunt my son. There is something else
I don’t get. Why did Dev lie? Why would he call a snake
a cheetah? – Yes! Why would the Naagin
leave her prey? Who would survive that? Nobody will survive. That’s what I am saying
since so long. The Naagin has seen all of
our faces. But, her powers were depleted
at that time. She fell from a great height. But, she was a Naagin, right? A shape shifting serpent. A Naagin never lets
go of her revenge. Specially not a Naagin… …who has been bearing
a 25 year old curse. She is going to… …get back on this very day
under this planetary configuration. It’s not a coincidence. Akash is here. What are you doing here? What’s the discussion about? I’m glad you’re here. We are discussing
the birthday plans. We are really stressed
about all that happened, today. Grandma will celebrate
her birthday. So that we can get into
a good mood. – Sure. So it is. Dev has come back
after so many years! This calls for a celebration. Right, Shalu?
– Yes, of course. The cake has to be sugar free. Two people are on a keto diet. So, send keto cupcakes for them. Okay?
– Ma’am, repeat your order. I just told you! 1 truffle chocolate
and a vanilla. Send candles and
a knife with it. Or, I’ll deduct your payment,
I promise. Okay, ma’am.
– Thanks, mom. Okay, bye. This is done.
– All that you’re doing… …did they even invite
you for the party? I get it. You didn’t get an invite. You must speak before
you hear it all! They invited me, I won’t go. Why? Mom, they have… …some theme party
and that entails… …wearing something
special. – I get it. They hosted it like that
so you can’t go! I know them! They have been doing this
for years now and you… Hi, aunt. Hello.
– Hi! God bless. Be happy. Dev! Brinda, Dev is here. Hi. Sit, let me get you some tea. No, I don’t need tea.
I came to meet her. This…
– You can meet her. But… …also meet Rajat. Our future son-in-law
wants to meet you too. Let me call him. Okay?
– Sure. Did you come to complain
about me? About what?
– What happened yesterday. Ah! Oh! You should
have told me. Anyway, forget it.
I came to give you this. What is this? – Grandma sent
it. Wear it at the party. Wow! Did grandma
send this for me? Of course, she did. I don’t spend cash on homely
girls like you! – Stingy guy! So, how did you get home? What? I took a cab. Why is everybody asking me that? I just asked casually. Coming by a cab at night… …is not safe.
Take care of your safety. Why do you roam around alone? Don’t you have a boyfriend? You should go with him.
– He’s busy. I have to tell him!
Dev! Hey! Dev. He’s gone. I didn’t even speak to him!
– Where is Dev? There’s a party today evening. Dev has invited us.
– Really? So, you spoke about me! You spoke about my work! You are amazing. Thank you! You’re amazing! Thank you. Manas, open up!
– What are you doing? Hurry. Okay, guys.
– Open up. Our boy is ready!
– Come here. Wait! What are you doing? Give me my phone.
– Hello? What are you doing?
– Give it to me. Wait!
– Why are you so scared? Now, I have to check
who it is. – Check it! No! Come on!
– Done. Okay!
– Come on! What is this?
It’s for work. Sorry. What? Let’s see who you are
working with? Come on! Look at his face.
– Let’s do this. The number you’ve dialed is switched
off. Please try again, later. Come on, guys. It’s a call
from work. Liar! If it were about work… …your phone would not
be switched off. Relax.
– Guys! His phone takes only his calls. Hardik! Oh, no! Guys, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Thank you, Priyanka’s phone
was off. She has been… …calling me constantly. I hope she doesn’t
come and create a scene here. Happy birthday, grandma! Oh, my God! May you live long. How much more do we bear her? Grandma, this is for you.
Happy birthday. – Thank you. Happy birthday, grandma.
– This is for you. Okay, okay. Bless me, mother.
– Thank you, dear. Girlfriend.
– Dev. Happy birthday to you. I love you so much!
– Thank you. Happy birthday, mom. Happy birthday, mother.
– Thank you. Praise Lord Krishna. – Praise
Lord Krishna. – Let me put this away. Mom, where are uncle Rasik
and uncle Madhav? We are calling them,
but we can’t get through. – Oh. They went to get gifts.
They forgot. Wasn’t it enough, they
forgot her birthday? Come on, dad!
It’s okay. They should know,
they must not stress about this. Grandma doesn’t need precious
gifts. She needs our love, right? Dev! How are you? Grandma! Happy birthday, my dear grandma. Thank you. Happy birthday, grandma. Grandma, this is for you
from both of us. Live a 100 years and trouble
me daily. – Okay. I love you! I love you. Dev.
– Yes, boss. What is wrong with you? I mean, you studied abroad. Then, you did a 3 year course
in London. Yes.
– Why did you come back here? Getting balloons filled!
– It’s okay. Listen. Listen to what I say. Or I will spill the beans
on the bachelor party. No!
– This is not done. I don’t care. Okay, fine. – We will dance
the dandiya. – Let’s go. We will get back to our
own party, again! Hey, Brinda.
Take my card. Stay in touch. Brinda, are you going to keep
getting cards or… …speak to Dev? Yes, I must speak to him. I will speak to him
now. – Yeah. Sorry.
– Come here. I didn’t meet Dev, but… …can I say something?
I feel odd. – Why? We are here for the party and… …I’m talking about something
I want. It feels strange. He will think it’s selfish.
– How can it be? It’s Dev, your childhood pal. He owns an IT company. He could get me a small time
job. It would be good for us
and our future, right? – Yes. So, please go and speak to him. But, he isn’t here,
what can I do. – Find him. There he is. I will go and speak to him.
– Okay. You’re looking pretty. Did you meet grandma?
She’s there. Happy birthday, grandma.
– Thank you. Is that it?
No gift? I got a gift… …which would drive you
crazy. She drives me crazy
with the way she looks. When she slaps you hard… …you will know what
she looks like. – Stop it! – Nice. Sejal. Music. Whoo!
– Music. Let’s go. Whoa! It’s a song from your era.
You should dance to this. I will be back. Okay. Dev, should we get the cake?
– Yes? Yes, let’s go. How do I call him? Oh, God! Help me! No! Please! Don’t hurt me! Let me go! No! Let me go! Wow! Nice color! You’re matching it. The color and the
dress suit you. Of course, they would. Since a special person
gave it to me. Really? How special is he? Like the moon amidst
a million stars! That’s how special he is. Even more special
than your boyfriend? Yes. Thank you much! I had no idea,
I am more coveted than the moon! Excuse me! Which world do you exist
in? I didn’t even mean you. Hello! This dress
was bought by me. Grandma told me
to get you a gift. So, thank you for the praise. No, thank you. Besides, I meant grandma. Not you.
– Really? Come on, it hurts. Don’t you even try
flirting with me, okay? It won’t take me 2 seconds
to tell your girlfriend. You’re so sweet! You’re going to find
me a girlfriend, too! What? Don’t you have one? I know. Sad, right? By the way… …I have to say
something to you. Tell me.
– Actually… …I want to say sorry
about last night. Pushing you around
at the door and all that. It was very bad.
– It… I can’t help it, this is me! When I get to work… …and if anyone gets in the way…
– I don’t let him get up! I have seen that.
– So sorry. Hey! Look! Isn’t this like a tamarind?
You know, the tangy type? Yes! Do you still eat tamarind? Do you have some?
– Yes, I do. Give me some.
– Say please. Please? You know, wherever I may be… …I always have a box of
tamarind stashed away. See? I used to miss this a lot. You can get every fruit apart from
this, anywhere you go. Rajat likes it too. Your boyfriend, right? What does he do? Actually he… …needs to talk to you
about his job. Can you speak to him? Oh! I see. You live here… …and you’re grandma’s
favorite. You want a favor
for your fiance. Sure. Sorry, I’m teasing! You have stolen so much
tamarind since we were kids. You have the right to do this. I will speak to him.
– Thank you. One moment.
– Wait. Let’s cut the cake
and speak at leisure. Okay, fine. Thank you. Wait. Let’s go.
– Let’s go. After Nanabhai and
Keshav died… …everything belongs to
Akash! Nanabhai’s will is such… …he has show how generous
he is. Your daughter-in-law
will jump into the water… Naagrani, I hope
you are not hurt. The cake is here.
Get ready, everybody. The cake is here. Come on, grandma.
Let’s cut the cake. You’ve brought 75 candles,
I will put 76. Why?
– 1 extra. To wish for her long life. Watch it. It may burn the hand.
– Mine or yours? The knife? Oh, right. It’s in the kitchen.
I will get it. Come out, or I will come in. No way, baby.
I will be there. If she comes in,
it will cause a scene. Heck! Where is she? I love you. I love you. How can you do this to me? You can’t betray me.
You can’t marry someone else. I won’t allow you to do this. I love you! Shh, baby. Baby, I won’t marry anyone else. Trust me. I just need some time, baby. Trust me. I will make
everything better. I love you. Trust me. Fine. I will give you one
chance and then… Yes, baby. I will make everything
better. Just go, for now.
Go, please. Please, baby.
Go, please. Alright. Brinda didn’t get the knife
yet. Somebody… Let me get it. Let’s see. Let’s see how you survive
and save your family. Now, you will have to emerge
in your actual form. As the shape shifting
black serpent! Don’t you have any integrity? Shame on you! Your fiancee is in there.
You’re having an affair! How low can you go?
Terrible. Shut up! Watch yourself. I can stoop even lower. And you will suffer for it. So, stop preaching to me. You’re a servant, so behave. You’re grandma’s darling, right? Go and celebrate her birthday. Where is that knife? Go and fetch the knife
and use it there. Don’t get in my way… Fire! Run! Fire! Get out of here. Fire! Watch yourself. Let’s go. Back up. Dev! Dev!
– Don’t panic, guys. It’s got to be put out.
Find the fire extinguisher. Dad, please shift. He has to emerge
as his natural self. He has no other option… …for saving his grandma. Grandma, don’t worry!
I’m coming. Brinda!
– Grandma. Are you mad? I see, so you won’t shape shift… …and you’ve saved your
grandma? That’s okay. Come here. Sit. Water.
– Brinda! Here, look at me.
– Grandma, are you okay? Just relax.
– Okay. Now, he has to shape shift! Fire! Save me! Wait.
– Help! Nayantara! Don’t let him go.
– No, my son. Wait.
– No, guys! Somebody help! Nayantara, listen to me. Nayantara, give him
your hand. – Give me your hand. That’s a mistake. Take my hand. Why doesn’t he shape shift?
Why isn’t he a Naag yet? Dev, watch yourself.
– Nayantara, you’ll burn. Come on, Dev! Don’t panic.
– Nayantara.

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  80. Jasmin 😍😍😍😍

  81. Nia is perfect for naagin after mouni roy💢🔥

  82. Mute mute mute 😩😩😩😩😩

  83. Nia Sharma's acting is very good…She is doing well in this thn Marjawa🙄

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