Natural light with flash with Adam Angelides

Natural light with flash with Adam Angelides

I’m Adam Angelides and today we are
shooting in the East of England at a disused airfield. It’s going to be a great day. We have two amazing models. It’s going to be a day full of action and full of motion and movement.
Everything’s gonna be shot with flash but the objective is to produce the most
natural-looking images. Today’s a cold and grey day but what we want to produce is something very opposite to that. By warming up the lights as much as we can and pumping some light through these small windows here and projecting light into our
environment, warming it up, creating some contrast but making it look as natural as we can. I’m shooting everything with two Profoto B1s. One of the reasons is that they’re battery-powered and very portable. On
a location like this with no mains power I need to have that flexibility. I’ve positioned my first key light outside as you can see. To warm it up I’ve used the OCF Gel with the CTO, or Color Temperature Orange, to give it that warmth. Our model is warmed up and we’re ready for out first shot. So far everything is going really well. You wouldn’t think it’s grey outside because what we have simulated by using the orange gel is that warm sunlight effect. It’s coming through really well and very happy so far. I’m going to be exposing on our ambient light from outside and it’s such a big stop difference between the outside and the inside of the building that we need to create a natural fill light. With the Umbrella Deep, with a big light source, it’s going to give me that soft light. With the gel off, it’s more balanced for daylight. It’s going to give me the perfect light that I want for this environment. When I want to achieve a natural look I don’t want it to be be perfectly perfect. In this evironment, if the shutters were up, we would get these spots of shadows that would be caused by the pillars. That’s why I’ve put the flash slightly to the side to give us little differences in exposures across the subject so it appears more natural. We’ve just finished up our first location. Got some amazing portraits and great action shots and we’re going over to our next location now. We’re shooting outside. It’s a runway. It’s chosen because it’s got these great lines. It’s a super wide space. It’s going to work well with lots of action. Our sun is our key light here. I’m going to be using the Umbrella Deep to pop in a bit of flash to fill in. As you can see, it’s really bright so I’m gonna be using the Profoto High-Speed Sync function which is going to enable my camera to go up to 1/8000 of a second. This is an amazing function because it’s going to allow me to drop my ambient right down. Not to under expose it but just to get it at a manageable level because it’s so bright. I’m shooting at 1/5000 of a second at the moment. I’m going up and down depending on when the sun is coming in and out. It’s obviously
allowing me to drop my ambient exposure but it’s also let me freeze the action. We’re on a really tight schedule so we’re going to go to our final location. It’s the last shot of the day. I’m going to recreate a flare because our sun keeps coming in and out from the clouds but I want something that is more consistent. In order for me to create that I need to use a B1 head, light it from behind, overexpose it slightly and adjust the
shot so I can get that flair into the back of the lens and keep that consistently going. I’ve been shooting with the B1s all day and the battery have lasted really well. I’ve used them a lot in full power. Some in half power. Very portable. Used the lights for creating a key light as well as a fill and even for flare. Very happy with them.

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