Navarna yantra making for health, wealth, protection and fulfil all wishes.

Navarna yantra making for health, wealth, protection and fulfil all wishes.

Divyayogaashram is planning to construct a Temple in Vajreshwari near Mumbai… Maa Pitambara Devi (Mata Bagalamukhi Temple)….. We hope for your active support & participation in this… If you wish to come forward then you can support us by your donations at… You can donate through Bank Transfer, PayTM & UPI… Your Donations are eligible for Tax Deduction under Section 80G, Income Tax Act. More information regarding this is given in the Description box below…. Also, 2 days Sadhana Shivir (19th-20th October. 2019) is being held at Vajreshwari near Mumbai… ‘Divya Aghor Lakshmi Sadhana Shivir’ For the first time there will be anushthaan of ‘5 Lakhs Special Mantra Chants’…. You can fulfill your true desires by participating in this Sadhana… Solve your problems related to Job, Business or Debt… You can obtain peace & prosperity thus making your life joyful by participating in this Sadhana…. If you wish to learn and participate in this Sadhana…. link is given below in the description box… You can register your name from there… Namaste!!! Welcome to Divyayogaashram…. Today we are going to learn the procedure to make ‘Navarna Yantra’…… And we will get to know and then using it while performing a sadhana…… What if we create the yantra by our own hands and then use it while performing a sadhana…… Or while doing Navarna Mantra Chants/ Navarna Mantra Puja…. Then… How we increase the benefits upto 10x times… We will try to understand this topic…. So you may already know about Navarna Mantra…. That in this yantra, the holy powers of… Goddess Saraswati…. Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Kali resides…. Goddess Saraswati provides us wisdom & knowledge…. Make us capable…. Gives us the ability and confidence to talk, give speech more proficiently …. whereas Goddess Lakshmi is the giver of Wealth…. Goddess Kali increases our Attraction power…. Also protecting us from all kinds of evil enemies & threats coming our way…. Help us to overcome obstacles & difficulties we come across in life… Hence, this mantra is believed to be possessing supremely powerful energy & capabilities within… If we make this yantra by our own hands… And making the yantra, when we worship it, we get 100 times more benefits… Generally if you are chanting Navarna Mantra, it is well and good…. But when we make it ourselves… And then chant the mantra… Then you won’t believe how much benefit you may get…. So today we are going to understand the procedure for making the yantra… We will perform Navarna Sadhana But after making the Navarna yantra ourselves… So let us begin with the making of Navarna Yantra… So these are the essentials… First of all, we need Kaner Pen… If you don’t have Kaner Pen… Simple Incense Stick will work fine…. Sindoor (Red Vermillion)… Goumutra (Cow’s Urine)… Ashtagandha… Normal sheet of paper… Gangajal (Holy Water)… Also, regular water is fine… Achmani Spoon & Bowl… Ghee Burner which should keep on burning throughout… When you are making the yantra… Until the yantra is made… Switch off all the lights in your room… Since, I have to demonstrate you and it isn’t possible in darkness… Hence, the light is switched on here… When you are making the yantra… Keep all the lights switched off in your room… Do it in the light of Ghee Burner… Take care of this… Many people don’t wish to burn the Ghee Lamp…. For some reason… Then you can light up any simple incense stick instead of it…. But only after taking Fire as the witness… You have to create the yantra. Do remember this. Now the procedure… This is a simple sheet of paper… Actually in practice you need to take Bhojpatra (Tree Bark). Bhojpatra is world’s most delicate paper. As you can see here, these are some large bhojpatra sheets. But you can make the yantra of any size you wish… Bhojpatra or Plain Sheet of Paper.. Talking about general size…. This is what a normal sized Bhojpatra looks like… If you don’t have Bhojpatra… If you wish to buy Kaner Pen or Bhojpatra, link is in the description box… Or else, if you don’t wish to buy or make the yantra on bhojpatra… Nnormal sheet of paper is fine. But it is true that, When any yantra is made on Bhojpatra.. The benefits get increased upto 100 times. But in case of any reason… Then instead of Bhojpatra… You can use normal sheet of paper. So let us know how to start the procedure… First of all, we will take Holy Water… Put some drops of it in the bowl… After… We will take Cow’s Urine… Put some drops of it too… After… Taking Ashtagandha… We will put some Astagandha in it… The red vermilion powder should be household… such as the one which married woman apply…. Otherwise any Red Vermilion powder is fine. Now after putting all these things…. Mix it properly… Now we will inscribe the yantra… We will make the yantra now. Let me show you how to inscribe it…. We will write Navarna Mantra on top… you can write Navarna Yantra too… Later, we will write the mantra… || AING || || HREEM || || KLEEM || || CHAMUNDAYE || || VICHAYE || Below it, you will draw a triangle… at the center of triangle… we will write ”KLEEM” Beej Mantra… And at the bottom you will write “DEVDATTA”… “DEVDATTA” Let me show how I have written… Here you can see it clearly… Very simple way with no other terms… Your handwriting doesn’t matter here… How you write it doesn’t matter… Navarna Yantra/ Mantra- anyone is fine… Don’t write “OM”. || AING HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHAYE || Draw triangle below it… Write “KLEEM” beej mantra at the center… And at the bottom write “DEVDATT” below the triangle… Now instead of writing “DEVDATT”…. Whatever name you have… For eg. if your name is ‘Ramesh’, then write their Ramesh. For eg. if your name is ‘Suresh’, then write their Ramesh. As per your name… Whether you are a male, female or others…. Write your NAME instead of DEVDATT… Aftrer doing this, fold the paper…. As shown… Then keep it in front of you… Chant Navarna Mantra atleast 108 times… || AING HREEM KLEEM CHAMUNDAYE VICHAYE || Chant atleast 108 times keeping this in front of you… You can chant more if you wish… After chanting the mantra, keep this in the worship place at your home for 24 hours. Then after the completion of 24 hours, you can fold it more if you want… And after doing this, you can put it inside.. Any gold/silver or… Five-metal/Eight-metal Pendent/Locket Sealing it properly…. You can either wear it on your neck or on your wrist… Or else you can keep it in your locker/cupboard or…. money vault or wherever you wish to keep it. This yantra will be very helpful in… fulfilling all your true desires at heart… Since it also contains red vermilion powder, so… the women of this house where the yantra is kept… hold good luck with them always and are considered prosperous. Their husband live longer…. Their family life & marital life remains peaceful and happy. Their children’s are happy and healthy… You children get protection from any threat/ obstacles coming towards them Any financial problems gets to resolution very quickly and you gain stability in it. All kinds of wishes & desires gets fulfilled. If you are unmarried/single…. You may also get the future partner of your choice… Always keep it with you… You will feel as if… Very soon your desires… start to become fulfilled…. And you will feel a sense of relaxation… And on the same yantra, if you do Navarna Mantra chanting… Chant the mantra while keeping the yantra in front of you… By doing this…. You ultimately charged the yantra more and more increasing its energy… Because whenever you do mantra chants… Vibration occurs and through these vibrations… The letters written on the yantra absorb the vibrations… Thus making the yantra more powerful… Although, if in place of normal sheet of paper… If you use Bhojpatra (Tree Bark), the benefits increases upto 10 times…. But still, as you have created the yantra with your own hands… Even if its normal paper, you will be benefited… So, through this way, make the most use of the yantra…. Provide a happy & prosperous life to your family… Because if you are a family man now…. It is your duty to satisfy the needs & wants of your family Keep them happy & satiated…Whatever ambitions or desires they hold… You must support & fulfill it… But in a morally correct & true sense… Never think or wish ill of anyone… And whenever anybody needs this yantra… By following the same process, you can make the yantra by their name… And give it to them. Never expect to earn profit out of it. Whenever you do it having good heart and pure intentions… You are guaranteed to receive benefits… I hope that by making using of the procedure shown… You will make your life peaceful and happy… THANK YOU!!!!

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