NEBO Unboxed: The Classic – Modern LED Flashlight Technology in a Classic Design

NEBO Unboxed: The Classic – Modern LED Flashlight Technology in a Classic Design

– [Zach] Hello there and welcome to another episode of NEBO Unboxed. My name is Zach, and today we are looking
at something classic, which just so happens to be its name. That’s right, it’s the
NEBO Classic flashlight, and man, does this thing look good. The Classic flashlight is NEBO’s throwback to that classic style of the 1920s, but it’s combined with modern technology. That’s right, there is a modern
LED chip in this bad boy, equipping it with a whopping 640 lumens. This thing is bright. And I can’t wait to get it
out of the box to take a look. Every Classic flashlight
does come in this sleek, yet heavy-duty gift box,
and opening it is easy. Simply hold the top of the
box like this with one hand, until the bottom starts to slide down. Hold your other hand underneath the bottom to catch it as it slides
down, and pull them apart. Inside the box you’ll find
one Classic flashlight and a cardstock label with
instructions printed on it. To view the instructions,
simply pull the cardstock out of the box, one side at
a time, and flip it open. As you can see, The Classic
switch has three settings, off, momentary on, and always on, all of which I will
demonstrate in a minute. But let’s go ahead and get
The Classic out of its box. The first thing I notice
when I take The Classic out of its box is just how sturdy it is. This is a well-built flashlight. The body of it is that durable
anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that can be
found on most NEBO lights, and the handle has a faux leather grip with stitching that
really makes it stand out. The grip on The Classic really
does look and feel great. In addition to its classic style, The Classic also has some added function with the lanyard ring on the
bottom of the light here. Also on the bottom of the
light is the tail cap, which can be unscrewed to
access the battery chamber, and replace the six AA batteries that power The Classic as needed. Once the batteries have been replaced, insert the battery chamber
back into the light following the arrow on the side here. And then simply screw the tail
cap back on until it’s tight. Now let’s take a look at the main feature of The Classic, its LED light. The Classic has three
settings on its switch which are very easy to use. When slid all the way down like it is now, the flashlight will remain off. If you click it up once, you’ll notice the flashlight is still off. That’s because it is in momentary on mode. In this mode, you can
briefly turn on the light by pressing and holding
the red button at the top. As soon as you let go of the
button, the light turns off. If you click the switch up
to its highest position, you’ll activate normal on
mode, or always on mode, and the flashlight will stay
on until you click it off. Also worth noting is The Classic’s pristine optimized clarity, with a perfect dispersion of light throughout its entire beam. And OC tech is something
NEBO is known for perfecting. Now let’s talk stats. In both the momentary
on and always on modes, The Classic will blast
out up to 640 lumens of super bright LED light over
a distance of up to 167 feet, or 51 meters, for a whopping
eight hours of total runtime. So it doesn’t just look
amazing, it’s also a workhorse. Now, another thing that makes
this light worth buying, it’s a limited-edition
light that NEBO made specifically for Father’s Day, and doesn’t have any current
plans to make more of. That’s right, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Well, for now at least. One could hold on to hope
that NEBO will bring it back eventually for other holidays. But for now at least it’s only available in a very limited quantity. That in and of itself
makes me want it more. How cool to own something
so unique and so exclusive? So, that’s The Classic flashlight by NEBO, and I have to say I have a feeling that this one will sell out very fast. Well, that’ll do it for this
episode of NEBO Unboxed. Once again, I’m Zach. It’s been a pleasure and
we will see you next time.

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  1. I just ordered 2 of them but was told they were on backorder and wasn't sure when they'd be back in stock to fill the orders is this true?

  2. If you made the Classic to use Two(2) D-cell batteries just like the original used, then maybe I'd buy it.
    6 double-A's just don't cut it at all.
    It still says it's on back-order.
    And it's way too expensive compared to a Maglite.

  3. All nebo flash lights are awesome and if you have any problems w something just email them and they will take care of anything

  4. I received it as a gift and now it's not working. I don't have receipt for it so how the hell am I going to get the warranty

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