New for 2017 Thrunite Neutron 2C v3 Flashlight Review- USB Charging, Infinite Dimming Solutions

New for 2017 Thrunite Neutron 2C v3 Flashlight Review- USB Charging, Infinite Dimming Solutions

So what would you like in a flashlight? Lets pretend were asking the internet lets
say the typical commenters under a news story. Well lets see. It needs to be at least a thousand lumens. Ok. It needs to have USB charging built in. OK. Needs to have a few tint options ok. Needs to be small. OK . then someone else says no I like larger
lights because of the 18650 battery longer runtimes idiot. Um. OK? lets keep it civil. At least 4 modes. Ok 4 modes isnt enough jerk I need it to be
like infinity brightness levels Wheres that 4 mode guy at I want to kick him and his whole
family in the face. Ok lets take the internet out of this one
and talk for a minute about the new updated Thrunite Neutron 2C Version 3 2017 model which
is an update of the Thrunite Neutron 2C but it has a new UI where you select the brightness
level you want, and maybe not what the microwave tells you has USB charging includes a 3400
mah battery adds a strobe- which is the main reason approximately 1 dude is upgrading has
a handy led on the button telling you if your battery needs charging and whispers secret
mission orders in your ear while you sleep. Cool. The Neutron is made from aluminum has a glass
lens can use either 18650, 2 cr123a, an 18350, and 1 or 2 16340s since the operating voltage
is 2.7-9.0 volts a single 3.0 volt cr123a battery probably wont work. The Neutron 2c v3 uses a Cree XPL V6 emitter
and you can get it in a cool or neutral white version. I have reviewed the cool white version here. It comes with a 2 spare orings, a manual,
a lanyard, a pocket clip, a 3400 mah battery, a holster and a micro USB charging cord. You need to provide your own usb brick. Lets see the dimensions here lets first see
the weights with and without the battery with two different battery types. Smaller battery is lighter but with shorter
runtimes. Then the sizes. The 18650 configuration makes the light sort
of long because of the added USB charging. I personally have been carrying it in the
18350 configuration- because I use the light less during the day and its lighter in the
pocket that way. First up output modes. My estimated output figures and thrunites
are on the screen. First is firefly. Thats a good level depending on your opinion
I like a little lower. Then you get low which is 14 lumens its a
bit of a jump from firefly And from there is scales all the way up in digital steps
mimicking an analog scale their spaced so close together its hard to see the steps when
it dims or brighteners. On the high end of the scale is uh high. Then is turbo. Oh yeah then strobe. Ok the UI. The UI is simple and easy, and if you dont
think its intuitive then theres something wrong with you. Now again you can remove part of the battery
tube if youre using a smaller battery or longer one. Well go with the longer one. Ok battery is now in. Press and hold for access to firefly or moonlight,
whatever you want to call it.. Firefly can only be accessed from off and
cant be saved into mode memory. Ok so to get to the regular modes you either
press and hold when in firefly or just press once from off. Once in your regular operation just press
and hold and it goes up the brightness level blinks then goes down. Wherever you release your finger thats where
it stays. When you turn it off and back on the last
mode you used is saved into mode memory. Also say if you release it somewhere in that
infinity dimming when you press and hold it again if you dont turn it off it goes the
opposite way you were going before you stopped. If you were going up relased the button then
pressed and held it again you go down. To get to turbo from any time from on or off
which is about double the brightness as the top of the brightness scale double click. To get to strobe double click while in turbo
or 4 rapid clicks from off. The button has an LED indicator in it. Blue means above 3.2 volts flashing red is
3- 3,2 volts red is 2.8-3.0 volts.. if the battery voltage drops below 2.8 volts it cuts
off. Ok how about charging. I did a test for that after a runtime test
so assume from about 3.0ish volts to 4.2 volts using the included battery. When charging anything below 4.2 volts the
indicator is red a lithium ion battery fully charged is 4.2 volts. It takes a little over 5 hours to get the
included battery to fully charged. I took the battery out and tested the voltage
afterward. A nice safe 4.2 volts. Also if you were to just use the light without
a battery it works as a low 1 mode light with just the micro usb plugged into the head. Versatile right? Ok runtimes. For Turbo I used the included protected 18650
3400 mah battery and then an unprotected 750 mah Keeppower 18350. First the 18650, which makes the light bigger
and gives you longer runtimes. Turbo. Begins a steady slow drop in brightness over
the course of the runtime. The lux meter in the frame is there for you
to see the drop in brightness not necessarily assign a lumen value to that number. You get a total of about 1 hour 55 minutes
of runtime from the included 3400 mah 18650 battery. Now Turbo with the 18350. Expect a much shorter runtime. Again you see a steady but sharper drop in
brightness with this battery. Both this and the 18650 have the same operating
voltage but the main difference between the two batteries is size and the capacity or
stored energy. You get about 19 minutes of real world continuous
runtime. If you arent near a charger you either should
use lower modes when using this battery or just stick with the included 18650 if the
added bulk isnt a big deal for you. Ending voltage on this unprotected cell was
about 3 volts. I did not test the light with 2 unprotected
16340 cells so I cant say with certainty that if the 2.8 voltage cut off works for those
cells although logically I dont know why a person
would use 2 16340 cells over the included or your own 18650 cell. Ok now high mode with the included 18650 battery. You get a subtle drop in brightness for the
first 20 minutes then it stabilizes for the next hour or so then starts dropping again
around an hour and 50 minutes then the light starts dimming way harder over the next 50
minutes or so and shuts itself down. I didnt test with lower modes because its
pretty unlikely wed select the same brightness level. Ok beamshots. Ill compare it with some other EDC sized lights
Ive reviewed on this channel outdoors. Ill put some links at the end of the video
to those other reviews if youd like to watch them. If you dont well I guess thats not my problem. Youll see my estimates with the lights all
set to their maximum output. First is the Thrunite. Its a cool white tinted light. With a large hotspot this far out I wouldnt
call it a throwy light but its definitely not the floodiest every day carry light in
this size. Now is the slightly throwier Zebralight SC600
MK III HI its a more neutralish tint and a bit more throwy at equal distances lights
with higher candela usually have smaller brighter hotspots than lights with less candela. Usually. Now the Thrunite before moving on to the Olight
S2 copper also a cool tint, but with a much wider hotspot, it a bit more compact than
the Thrunite, but heavier because its copper. Back to the Thrunite. Now the Astrolux K01 the flashlight review
I did right before this. It also uses an XPL emitter, but this one
is tinted much warmer than the Thrunite. Sorta Similar candela in both lights though. Ok lets go to a brighter light about 1000
lumens brighter in the Olight R50 seeker. This should give you an idea if you think
you need something with more lumens. Also a cool white light. All of these flashlights you have seen all
have Cree emitters as do nearly all flashlights Ive ever reviewed on this channel. And lets do a much throwier light the convoy
C8. This light is a little less brighter overall
than the Thrunite but the beam, travel much further. Youre like hows that possible watch my difference
between candela and throw video for more. Ok lets do a basement shot on the maximum
modes of this light and the other Thrunite I reviewed the Archer A1 V3. In case you have that one and want to see
the brightness difference UpGrayyed. The two Ds are for a double dose of pimping. You see a pimps love is different that that
of a square. Cool wrapping up. The Thrunite is an excellent light for every
day carry its versatility from its deep carry pocket clip to its holster then its ability
to use different sizes up batteries should please most people. It has a nice UI pretty intuitive. Its water proof to ip8-x standards
and no visible PWM was detected by my eyes or camera on any of the modes when using lithium
ion batteries. If you like this review give it a thumbs up,
subscribe, and comment. Thrunite provided this light for review. Thanks for watching.

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