Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather (Neutral) Product Overview

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax for Leather (Neutral) Product Overview

Leather boots perform two really important functions when we’re in the outdoors. Firstly, they keep our feet dry in wet conditions, and secondly they prevent injury by protecting our feet and supporting our ankles. Both of these functions are affected by
water repellency. New boots like this one come with a factory applied water repellent coating. But that won’t last forever so before long you’ll have to restore the
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  1. can this be used on nubuck leather?

  2. Hi SuperBorka. Our Waterproofing Wax for Leather is only for smooth full grain leather. If it's used on nubuck it will change the cosmetic appearance by smoothing out and adding a waxy feel. We advise you to use our Nubuck & Suede Proof, which waterproofs, maintains breathability, support and texture of nubuck and suede footwear.

  3. You haven't treated your boots for a very long time? But you're the Nikwax product expert =(

  4. Funniest subtitles EVER!

  5. Used some of this on an old pair of boots a couple of weeks ago,
    they came looking like a new pair, i was very impressed,

  6. lol :p

    Gonna get some of this and see if it renews my RST boots.

  7. hi, any good for dr martens oily leather dealer boots ?

  8. Will this change the color of the leather?

  9. closed captions after :50 are hilarious.

  10. Is it ok to use this on gloves? I just don't want it to stiffen the leather so much that I lose some dexterity in the fingers.

  11. Decent review, but neutral, I don't think so hahaha

  12. LOL – the subtitles on this video are hilarious!!

  13. did exactly that to my Meindl shoes using Nikwax once again about an hour ago and they look and perform just as pair of new ones after many years… cheers!

  14. After removing the excess wax with a damp cloth, can I buff right away and how? Can I use a plain horse hair brush and nothing else for a nice shine?

  15. Should I also use a hairdryer to warm up the boots before applying the wax for better results?

  16. Hilarious closed captions but not so funny for someone who NEEDS them to understand!

  17. what jacket is he wearing?

  18. I'm guessing this can also be used on a dress/oxford shoe, is this correct?

  19. Terrible instructions lead to a terrible result. Won't be purchasing this overpriced product again.

  20. I tried to remove excess product with the Democrats…now Trump is President….so…thanks for that :'(

  21. I used this product on a brand new pair of black Blundstones. Put the wax on by hand, and took the little excess off with a cloth. After using them for about 30 minutes the following day, huge parts of the leather has become sort of white and spotty. Looks dry and cracked even. What happened?!?

  22. Can I use coconut oil?

  23. Feel free to use your fingers to rub it out, I mean in. 😛

  24. Why doesn't anyone take the laces out and do the tongues. That totally baffles me the tongues dry out and crack as well.

  25. Awesome product and kit

  26. just spent day on motorcycle in downpour with leather motorcycle jacket. My beautiful jacket is heavily water logged. Will this stuff water proof it?

  27. Hi, what Nikwax product would i use for a pair of La Sportiva Karakorums?
    (Idro-Perwanger Roughout Leather). Cheers

  28. Hi nikwax what would you recommend for light brown Rockport boots gore ones

  29. I have a pair of boots that are soft leather (Mammut Adv. Trovat Boots).
    I see that there is the Nikwax Waterproofing Wax and there is the Nikwax Fabric & Leather Protector
    Which should I be getting to not only waterproof the boots but also to keep the leather from drying out and cracking?
    And should I be doing this after each hike after the boots get dirty?

  30. Hi Nikwax. Would your products work on a pair of Alico New Guide boots which have perwanger leather?

  31. I can tell that the instructors shoes are from Meindl..but what is the specific name of those ?

  32. I just bought a new pair of leather boots, and I applied Mink Oil to them. Would it be okay to apply the Nikwax Waterproofing after the Mink Oil dries? Thanks!

  33. He just walked out and didn't clean his mess. Thirty lashes with a wet noodle!

  34. Would this work on leather motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, and gloves?

  35. I miss the tin with Nikwax. This was the best waterproof wax and more importantly, it had a matted finish and didn’t make your shoes shine. I hate when my Timberlands or Lowas shine like ballroom shoes. The only wax that was really not shiny was the flat tin with Nikwax. So sorry they don’t make it anymore.

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