Nitecore R25 Flashlight

Nitecore R25 Flashlight

(upbeat music) – Good day, folks. Ben
from Snowys here today with a Nightcore torch, the R25. This is a great torch for both tactical and law enforcement use
but it has good features for just general use, as well. I’ll show you about all the features later but I’ll tell you what comes in the box. Along with the torch and an
included rechargeable battery, you get a charging dock,
which is powered through the 12 volt cigarette lighter, or 240 volt. We’ll show you how that works later. You also get a holster. It can go on your belt or
just as a clip on a backpack or on your pants. Get a lanyard that can go
on the end of the torch, pocket clip, and also a tactical ring with the associated O-rings to
keep it nice and waterproof. The dimensions of the
product and the weight, it’s 109.1 grammes without the battery. In terms of the size,
14.1 centimetres long, the head here is 31.8
millimetres in diameter and the tail, or the shaft section here, is 25.4 millimetres in diameter. It’s made with an aero-grade aluminium and it has a military-grade
hard anodized finish on the outside. There’s a topfin of mineral
glass in the end here with a high quality Cree
LED emitting the light from the end. Talk about how to use the unit. It’s all operated through these
two buttons on the end here. The big button is your
general on, off switch. This one on the side here, little lever, is a mode switch, it
does various settings. Now there’s different outputs, anywhere from 53 to 800 lumens, and it depends on how
you wanna use the torch. It’s got three modes. There’s a tactical mode
which just gives you access to high-output light
settings, so 800 lumens, or all the high settings
and the strobe setting. Law enforcement gives you a combination of high and low output
with the strobe setting. And then general use gives
you the full gamut of use with a high, medium, and low
output, plus strobe as well. What I will show you
today is how to scroll between the three settings and that’s done by this mode button here. So to change the mode that
this torch is in at the moment, I unscrew the end to
disengage the battery, I hold down on this button
and I do it up again, and then I watch how
many times this flashes. That was one flash. One flash indicates to me
that it’s in tactical mode. So no matter how I use this now, it’s just on and off
directly, in high-output mode. To change to the second mode,
which is law enforcement, I disengage the battery again, I hold down on the mode button, and then I do it up and look
for how many times it flashes. Two flashes indicates
law enforcement mode, which now gives me high,
low, and if I hold down, it also gives me the strobe setting. And the last setting
is the general setting. To change that, again I
disengage the battery, hold down on the mode key, screw it up again, and
it’ll flash three times. That now gives me access to
low, medium, and high lights, as well as the strobe setting. Now there are a few other settings or a few other features
around how you use the torch. Refer to the User Manual
to understand those to the full extent. But that gives you a pretty good overview of all the settings of the R25 torch. Let’s talk about how to
charge the torch, now. You start with the battery, which goes in the end of the torch, here. It’s a lithium ion
battery enclosed in there. There is an O-ring around the end there. It’s IPX8 rated, which
means it’s submergible to two metres. Now, charging this is done
through the dock here. It’s a floating charge, so
there’s two little points here that match up with the two
points in the charger here. So we can mount this to the wall. There’s screw holes here, we’ll
leave it flat on the ground however we like, flat on the bench, sorry. This just clips in here,
then we use either the 240 or the 12 volt charger
to plug into the top here and that’ll start charging. Now there is a charge indicator
light on the front here. Now while it’s charging, this little light on the front here will blink about once every one and a half seconds to show that it’s charging. Once the battery’s fully charged, it’ll just stay on constantly to indicate that it’s ready to use. You can use other batteries in here CR1/3N or other 18650
batteries is not recommended or you can’t recharge
them in this recharger. The only battery you can use with this is the one that comes included with it. Now on full charge, you’re gonna get about 11 hours of run
time on the low setting, and about 45 minutes on the
high 800 lumen output setting. The R25 does have a battery
indicator built into the end. There’s red LEDs inside this switch here. When you first instal the
battery, do it up tight. Watch how many times that blinks. Three blinks indicates
more than 50% charge. Two blinks indicates less than 50%, one blink less than 10%. That’s pretty much all the features and how to use the R25
torch from Nitecore. You can pick these up off
our website at at lowest prices every
day, with free delivery to just about everywhere in Australia. Thanks for watching,
we’ll see ya next time. (bright, upbeat music)

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