Odyssea Magistri Craft (Magister Craft’s Odyssey) – Official Trailer (HD)

Odyssea Magistri Craft (Magister Craft’s Odyssey) – Official Trailer (HD)

This fall one man towards one goal with the help of friends and the help of the gods will make a journey. Will he reach his goal? Magister Craft’s Odyssey

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  1. Excitatiorem me fecisti! Nunc velut Propertius exspecto: «Nescio quid maius nascitur Iliade».

  2. Could you do any more tour videos love your work

  3. Ave! Quando ponentur ligamina ut in mundo Minecraft tuo ludere possim?

  4. Maxima odyssea magistri Craft!! Novus Aeneas!! Optimeee!!
    Eas excitatione exspecto!

  5. Quando hanc seriem pusillam (😂) spectare possumus?

  6. My Latin isn’t that good 😂

  7. 0:09 Velim scire quomodo melior magister fiam. (I'd like to know how to become a better master?)

  8. Hello i am in hps 4th grade and i know ur friend mr.sweet

  9. My dream is to feature as one of your friends. Fuge! Fuge! Fuge!

  10. Vir cacumen adtigit.

  11. Truly a thrilling movie-going experience. Available in 3D for those above the age of 13. Love the passion in the trailer “Ite Ite Ite”

  12. Fuge fuge fuge! 🤣 That was an intense battle.

  13. Salve!! Esketit!!!

  14. 0:55 Will he come to the goal?

  15. This is such a good use of Minecraft!!! The ship is really cool.

  16. Great content! Can’t wait for the full movie!

  17. Excitatior sum huic quam “Avenger’s: Endgame”. Magister craft perveniet metam eius; scio id esse verum!!

  18. I don't know any Latin but I'm going to try and watch this anyways

  19. Very great video magister craft! i love you

  20. sick episode, well edited and made

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