Olight H1 Nova 500 Lumens Head Torch Camping In The Woods

Olight H1 Nova 500 Lumens Head Torch Camping In The Woods

oh we’re going guys I don’t know if you
can see mate that little bit dark bar I’m here – no I’ve not been no camping
since I wait worth going a little bit Wendy but I’m gonna find myself a spot
on the beach I know it with all the sports are so I can find them John the
dark I’m also testing this new air headlight over as well that I got from
all light so I want to say thanks to all like where the head torch will be
fighting percent off from the 14th to the 17th I’ll put the link below so my
famous sport gates come to Piguet or fuller house so using wow that is great
let me go in guys I’m doing a tabletop review of my oh wait torch they got so
it comes in a nice blue color right Molly he likes a he’s not addict Linda
so I’m gonna have to get myself another one
I’m on so here’s the actual light of plus so when you buy it you’re getting
actually two and when if you knew I mean you’ve got a little torch I’m just
getting an actual headlight oh yeah because yeah it comes off and then you’ve got an actual late as
well so I just get five a little weight since I’ll show you anything from one
lemon to 500 lumens sorry we’re not twisty deadlift things
came off at the bottom there so they’re gone
this outfit 1 to 34 and then SOS probably 5 so that is their what is it called again
all eight Nova each one Nova so it comes on your long box you get a little box
for it as well what I do like this very handy I like that little future and it’s
very late I’ve got some head torch is that quite heavy on your head this one
has only 50 grams on your head so it’s very late and it’s got the rubberized
properties mount the usual head stop I like the feature that’s only got the
one usually you get head straps I’ve got yeah when that goes over the top if you
know what I don’t want lightly once they do honest I like this feature so this is the torch their torches
magnetic made magnetic at the bottom I like my magnets those my magnets on
the fridge so like this this is a good but that it’s a Magna it’s text us
anything mail so you keep your Watkyn below I like that but over so there we
go guys I’ve set up my Dutch army buddy I’ve got my sleeping bag and all that
sicko I’ll give y’all look I kept that good so I’m under words don’t you can
see but it’s pretty dark so it’s not going to be the one this of the longest
I’ve ideals of them it’s just going to be a lot with choked up you know so I’ll
go yeah look this is my usual setup Dutch army above it look where I am if
you can see it’s pretty dark some trees here’s the Buffy just taught them to
knock these out walking and the walk over the column cuz I’m all just down
the beach but so they’re big or the buff a Dutch army one if you’ve watched my
channel you’ll have seen me unless a few times before trying to get the torch on the high
setting so thanks for watching guys just to say
that I’ll put a link below in the box below where you can get this head torch
for 45% dust came from the fourth team for December to the 17th of December and
all eight are also having a sale on the website 20% to 50% of all the products
so good share the links can check the only stuff on the website thank you
thanks for watching

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  1. I love this olight head torch mate…i like that is USD as well

  2. thank you Stu for getting me through my working day as usual.

  3. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘

  4. Nae cooking disappointed

  5. What is it with the UK and sodding torches, lol. Every outdoors channel does a review about them, same with fold out stoves, lol, i just don't get it. It's a bloody torch, powerful maybe but thats it. ๐Ÿ˜‚ good drills Stu. Enjoy your torch. Cheers Moose

  6. Nice vids, just found them this morning. What's up from new Hampshire. ๐Ÿ‘

  7. I donโ€™t get it, you were all about a different torch last week, I loved your vids, you were so genuine, loved the cooking, the regard for the family, love of the outdoors. But Iโ€™m afraid youโ€™re just another advertising tool for companies now. Unsubscribing now and off to search for someone who wants to share their stories not for profit.

  8. Looks a neat one bro. ATB

  9. Wow, Ollie is getting so big. Like the camp bivy.

  10. Ollie is way too cute !!!! good little helper !! those Olights are pretty darn good, I recently received one that I won in a giveaway so I'll be reviewing that soon

  11. We have come a long way in the last 100 years, just to think that not all that long ago Miners were still wearing carbide cap lamps, I got a cheap head lamp from a fishing shop years ago and it still does me I forget the name I will need to look it out.

  12. Another shit video by the same beach the same set up … just advertising

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