Olight S1R Flashlight – Olight Rechargeable Flashlight

Olight S1R Flashlight – Olight Rechargeable Flashlight

Hey guys Matt from Adventure Sport. Oh unbelievable! Got one shot, I’ll make it a good one. Look at that what a trophy! Aside from being the ultimate white wall
hunter with its velvety soft beam the o light s1r has some very useful features
boasting 900 out the front lumens when powered by an RC are 123 sell it packs a
real punch in the field as well the light has for brightness settings
1-click will always be on and one-click will always be off. from the on position
press and hold the move up to the next mode or you can simply press and hold
and it’ll just cycle until you find the mode you want and then let off from off
a press gives you instant access to moonlight alternatively from the off position too
fast clicks will give you turbo the last mode in use is memorized and three fast
clicks from any position will give you strobe from the off position if you
press and hold the switch you’ll hit moonlight and then if you continue to
press and hold it will go back off and then you have a lockout for the switch
to unlock it you do the same thing you just press and hold now we run walked or
back into the regular modes alternatively you can lock out the
switch function mechanically by loosening the tailcap from the factory
the s1r comes with a no light brand rechargeable self a lanyard pocket clip
and also a soft carry pouch with the selling place the charger simply snaps
on via a powerful magnet red is charging green is finished light can also be
powered by a standard 3-volt lithium cell it can do this safely because the
charger will not engage with this cell in place cons for me with this light or if even
if you use a another brand this is An efest 16340 the charger won’t engage
with that it will power the light but because the Olight brand cell has
both positive and negative battery area exposed to make contact with the charger
other brands I’ve seen do not still a good trade-off though for that safety
feature some of you might also be wondering with these metal contacts
exposed is there a risk of a short if you had that in your pocket with your
keys or something i know i was wondering and so I put my a light cell in there
and jump them i’ve yet to get a spark or any current I tried everything I could
think of and it looks like they somehow they’ve got that covered too I don’t think this comes with every
purchase but it was in the package the lights it me their very own
multifunction headwear says here it can transform into a neck scarf a headband
wristband a hair tie does my hair look nice balaclava and get
it right here it actually says pirate really feel like
a pirate see more great videos like this don’t forget to subscribe if you’d like
to get your own a light products i’ll put a link in the description thanks for
watching I think if they were gonna go with
pirate for the other one they should have gone with bank robber for this one

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  1. 900 lumen for how long ?

  2. Here is an update to the part where I showed the jumper wire across the charging contacts. With further attempts I was able to short them. With the cap on tight with a press and hold I could do it rather than the quick taps. With the cap unscrewed slightly it was easier to short. The positive terminal is recessed so risk of short is reduced, but it is still possible.

  3. I appreciate the included "Pirate" headgear. Olight is certainly ahead of their competition in that department 😉

  4. Hi! Thank you very much for reviewing our S1R flashlight we hope it is serving you well. This is a very quick reminder to all your viewers that we are launching in the UK on the 18th of May we have some amazing offers across our range of Flashlights to include 50% off selected items.

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  5. i have tryed my best to find one of the headwear bands but i cant find them id love to have a olight headwear

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