Olight S2R Baton Rechargeable Flashlight

Olight S2R Baton Rechargeable Flashlight

Ever been there? Retina steering power is great when you need it but, what about what you don’t. If you’ve ever had the experience of getting that backsplash from a hotspot your eyes or encountered high-mode when what you want was low do you know what an annoyance this can be. now there’s a solution submitted for your approval the Olight s2r baton with its pmma TIR optic and 22 degree beam angle the Olight S2R gently bathes your surroundings with a smooth even splash of white light like a warm embrace from an old friend it’s medium-sizedbeam projects and evenly bright spot from edge-to-edge eliminating the I piercing backsplash produced by many traditions style flashlights the s2r comes fully equipped with an Olight brand 18650 battery plug-and-play charger lanyard pocket clip and soft carry pouch but its compact size of 4.1 inches it’s just slightly larger than the battery itself weighing in at three point six ounces including the battery do is to are still sneaks under the bar for a great everyday carry flashlight although the beams very soft that’s not to say the s2r is a lightweight in the output Department boasting a thousand twenty lumens and maximum this little champion rivals anything in its class while its thoughtfully designed user interface still grants instant access to low modes the s2r maintains the classical like one click on 1-click off function a press and hold from off as moonlight a second press and hold will cycel through low medium and high modes a double tap from any position is turbo three fast clicks from any position is strobe. The light will memorize any mode last used except turbo or strobe. turbo modes do have a timer that reduces the output after time to protect the light from overheating another interesting feature is the timer function the timer can be set to automatically go off after either 3 or 9 minutes access to this function has changed slightly from previous versions rather than a double click like used for the s1a you can access this by a click and a press from the on position one flash will give you the 3-minute timer and a double flash will give you the nine the Olight s2r also has a mechanical lock out to prevent accidental turn on as well as the programmable lockout that can be done by a three-second press and hold in the switch the plug and play USB charger is a magnetic snap red means charging green is done the battery in the s2 are is installed with the positive in toward the charger the tailcap has a recessed positive contact to help avoid short circuits using a jumper wire i was able to get a small spark from it holding the wire on to initiate a hard short did not yield any current so i suspect the battery protection circuit was engaged on that subject any 18650 battery can be used to power the s2r however only Olight brand cells can be used in combination with the charger because of the exposed battery- area around the top of the cell overall I rate the s2 are at 4.5 out of 5 stars because it’s a good quality build and it’s easy to use easy to charge on the go and because of the lightweight compact size retail price on the S2R is $72. 95 and there will be a link in the description for purchase if you have an s2r please let us know in the comments what you think about it how does it compare to your other lights if you enjoyed this video please like share and subscribe thanks for watching

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  1. This is the model I'm planning to get

  2. Looks good. My only question/concern would be is there a micro usb charging capability as well?

  3. I carry the s2r as my edc. And I love it. It isn't too heavy, has an incredible battery life (I have on one charge 30 days of normal use) love the moonlight and it carries enough distance to see well.

  4. I’ve had my S2R for about a year. Bought it from Going Gear for a little less than $80 I think with shipping. Love it. If it’s not in my pocket it’s within arms reach. So much better than the hardware store flashlights that fail after the first drop.

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