Olight X7R vs. X7 Flashlight Review. A 2017 update comparison and test against the original.

You know those people who say Ill wait till
new model comes out and buy that one. Well dude, you can finally by the new model
of the X7, the X7R is out- and Going sent it to me for review! Oh wait youre waiting for the X7RX oh nevermind. So the X7R improves upon the X7 but it being
brighter overall, taking away battery choice and just fully integrating the battery pack,
and giving it a sensor so it backs off the high brightness when youre near an object
like your living room wall. The X7R has an integrated charging unit featuring
USB C fast charging speeds. Youre like how long does charging take glad
you asked. Im the idiot who time lapses charging batteries. Or like a subscriber put it recently arent
your cameras and lenses a little too nice for the subject matter. By subject matter he means send me your camera
and lenses because your videos and subject matter suck. make sure you use the included
UCB 3 charging brick if you want fast charging times using a lower amperage charger will
make it take longer to charge and no I will not test it. I hear ya. 3 and a half hours aint bad- which
is actually shorter than a flashlight review feels. The X7R is made out of microbrew keg grade
aluminum, has a pop up lanyard hole, a glass lens, uses 3 Cree XHP70 cool white emitters,
and a cool sliding charging port! It comes with a holster, a lanyard, the light,
and a USB type 3 cable and adapter, a manual, a box. Output levels. It has 6 constant output levels and a strobe
because of course. Here are the six output levels starting with
NightNight mode, Then low, then medium, then high, then turbo, then turbo S.
Yeah man. Both the lowest modes are similar , good for
ceiling bouncing in a dark room for just a tiny bit of light. I think the X7R has a slightly higher low
mode. The UI. Pressing it once turns it on and off. Shortcuts first. To get to nightlight mode press and hold from
off- nightlight is saved into mode memory Cool. Turbo and Turbo S can be accesses from on
or off by double clicking. First double click gets you to turbo second
one gets you to turbo s. These are not saved into mode memory. Ok regular modes click once from off itll
loop through the modes from low mid high and low mid high while nightlight is save into
memory it is no longer part of the loop after you press and hold. Strobe is triple click at any time. Also high mode will be remembered for 10 minutes
after off- then it reverts to medium. Cool. Runtimes. Got lots of stuff going on right now, so lets
do turbo and turbo s only. First is Turbo S. In the first minute we have
dropped about 10%- give or take because it drops fast. About 3 minutes in weve dropped 55% of initial
brightness. About 20 minutes in it finally settles in
at a stable brightness of about 21% of initial brightness or a drop of about 79%. It continues on and drops ever so slightly
and ends the runtime on turbo S at only 19% of where it started 30 seconds in. Turbo in the first minute only loses about
a percent of initial brightness. So nowhere near the dramatic drop of turbo
s. 10 minutes in were at only a 4ish percent
drop. From 30 minutes to 1 hour we see a sort of
significant slow drop of a total of 27% so not quite a third. And remember the X7R does have thermal regulation
so different ambient temperatures can affect brightness drops and runtimes. At 2 hours in weve dropped only 35%. We end our runtime at about 2 hours and 20
minutes you see the power button glowing red telling you its time to charge. Ending percentage just showed a 38% drop. This runtime was done in the basement. Cool. Beamshots. Moving right along right? Here are the lights Ill be comparing the X7R
to. All big lumen lights and a context light. The context light is one of my every day carrys
with a 1200 lumenish high level of brightness. Cool. First up is the context light, one of my EDCs
the Zebralight SC600 mk III, did you watch my review yet? You should. Then the X7R first the Turbo mode for a few
seconds. Then we upgrade to the Turbo S. I didnt find
the Turbo S to be quite as bright as the claim, but its still brighter than the regular X7
on Turbo mode. Yeah how about that. Some subscribers recently said I could shorten
these a bit, but I guess talking doesnt help. I mean maybe it does. Lets blow it up with the Acebeam X45. It aint quite the advertised 16,000 lumens
either- but its still a nice light. You know I have reviewed every one of these
lights right? A quick callback the the X7R before moving
on to the Imalent DT70. Also a bright light. Its about 13k lumens. Thats super fun huh? How about the X7R again. And some filler words. Before wrapping the beamshots up with the
Noctigon Meteor. It seems like yesterday when this was the
brightest light ever. Ok lets wrap it up. This is an upgrade over the X7, with what
I measured to be about 2000 lumens more- not quite but close. In real world usage its not a huge difference. The Candelas are a bit higher too so itll
throw just a little farther than the X7. The USB C charging is a huge plus and it offers
an all in one light solution for people who dont want to deal with which lithium ion batteries
to buy. If youre one of those people who doesnt mind
the batteries, then maybe the X7 isnt a bad idea. The addition of the sensor to cut the lumens
is a good idea too when you get close to things. The light is waterproof to IPX-7 standards. How do you like this slightly shorter review? Did you know Going Gear sent it to me- check
the description of the video for a sweet discount code that code expire at any time. Like subscribe, comment, follow me on Instagram
or dont I aint your momma. Thanks for watching.

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