Olympic torch sent into space as part of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics relay

Olympic torch sent into space as part of Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics relay

Lifting off from a base in Kazakhstan. Another
Soyuz rocket launch, but this one has a slightly different cargo. Because on board along with
two astronauts and one cosmonaut is the Olympic torch heading to where no Olympic torch has
been before- open space and the International Space Station. The ISS 38 crew very publicly received the
torch which won’t be lit throughout the journey for safety reasons, but will be taken on a
spacewalk with the pictures relayed back to Earth for all to see. It’s a short trip for the Olympic torch as
it returns on Monday to continue its 40 thousand miles relay. Ending up in the Black Sea resort
of Sochi in February where the winter games are being held. Lift off for the Soyuz rocket and TMA-11M
spacecraft on a truly Olympic leap. This is a good news story and a temporary
distraction from other negative issues engulfing the games in Russia where authorities are
being accused of using migrant workers on low pay and difficult housing conditions,
prompting outcry from human rights campaigners. While a new law banning “homosexual propaganda”
towards people under 18 has also provoked anger. Despite a lack of a substantial boycott,
President Vladimir Putin has said gay and lesbian athletes will be made to feel welcome.

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  1. I dnt gt it. Wth r country n th financial crisis it's n tht was a blatant waste of money.

  2. Would've been better to send the legislators who've instigated anti-gay legislation into deep space…& leave them there.

  3. LOL, @JohnPaul Dixon

  4. this seems really unnecessary

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