Olympic Torch (Working!) | Minecraft Redstone Tutorial | 1.10+

Olympic Torch (Working!) | Minecraft Redstone Tutorial | 1.10+

[Dramatic Music] [Fire Roars!] Hello fellow crafters CraftyBeardsman
here back with a new redstone tutorial just for you and in this episode I’m
going to show you how to build a redstone powered Olympic Torch in honor
of the recent Rio Olympics now as you would have saw on that little intro bit it works by simply pressing this button
right here and it powers the top look at that it’s a redstone powered torch how
cool and when you want to put the torch out you go to the back over here you
press this button it will dispense water which turns it off you click it again
and you’re ready to relight your torch once more now there are two different designs you
can do there’s the central pillar as you can see here and then I have another
design where it is a two sized pillar which is just basically this
duplicated over that’s the one that you saw in my intro and is on the C-R-A-F-T Server I
will show you how to do both because they’re both very simple and
straightforward to build now to build this you’re gonna need a 4 x 3 x 6 area
that you can place this and you’re going to need fire charges a bucket of water
dispenser button redstone torches and then you’re also going to need
netherrack pressure plates and then any kind of finishing blocks these are
completely up to you however you want to style the outside as
well as any kind of light source now to start off go ahead and start with the
finishing block you would like to be on the face I like to use this pillar
quarts just because it looks very fancy and on the second one up you’re going to
place a button then directly behind that button is where you’re going to put your
first redstone torch now we’re gonna go ahead and build out the outside go ahead and get another finishing block
or whatever you choose going to do two and two just like so you can bring that
up to match the same height and you can even fill in here now the overall height
for this build is six we already have three so we’re gonna do four or five and
six you can change the height however you
would like doesn’t really matter but for this we’re sticking with six at the top
here you’re actually gonna go down one with your dispenser make sure you have
it facing upward just like this and then right on top put your netherrack then
right below it go ahead and add in any kind of block here this doesn’t matter put one there and then you’re going to
put another torch there you will hear it click that’s a good sign before you proceed go
ahead and press the button you should hear both click if it does
you’ve done it correctly now as far as the back right here you can go ahead and
fill that in and bring this up to match just like so and it doesn’t really
matter how you do this part because it’s however you want to look but I want it to
match the front make it look good all around just like that now directly behind
this dispenser you can go ahead and put a block there and you’re going to put
another dispenser right above it facing upward this is going to control your
water to turn off your torch go behind it right here and place a button that
will be the one that powers the water on and off now to finish off this section I
put some quarts stairs just like so on both of these in line with that first
dispenser and then I did some upside down ones like so all the way to here
the corner one just like that and that completes the upper part now up on the
top you’re going to get some pressure plates and go ahead and line the
perimeter just like so what this will do is keep
the water contains so it won’t run off and it also stops mobs from spawning on
top of your torch now it’s just a matter of finishing up however you’d like I
went ahead and put some light in the corners here just to keep it lit during
the day and times you don’t have the torch on and then i used some iron
fencing just all the way up like this just to kind of give it a little bit of a
different look now if you like this decorative ring and
want to use it yourself it’s just a matter of using any kind of half slab
and starting at the back corner in line and then kind of making a stair pattern
downward until you reach the front center one block above and actually the
top of that block and you can continue it on the other side as well now to load
everything up what you’re gonna have to do is go to the top one here put in your water
bucket just like so that is going to turn off your flame and as you can see
it does not spill over you press it again to turn it off and your flame will
be off now to load the one below it you’re going to remove this one right
here or you can even remove the front one here it doesn’t matter just get
yourself some access to this one here and put in your fire charges now once
the charges are in it should all work perfectly just like so and you’ve got yourself an
Olympic torch and if you wish to build the two wide version so you have a
larger flame it’s super simple same exact design but you’re essentially
duplicating it over one so you’re going to go
ahead and create your six high pillar right here and place a button right in
line with the other one go around here and you’re essentially duplicating this
going to put a torch there some kind of block right on top with another torch on
top there on top of that torch you’re going to put a dispenser facing upward, opps, facing
upward just like so and on top of that your nether rack now something to point out
with the two wide model is because it’s a little bit wider you can actually make
a little cavity in here so that you can walk in and refill all the dispensers
when needed then it’s just a matter of finishing it
off you can even add in a ladder to give you better access but you’re gonna go
ahead and close it off just like so in line to there and right here now when
you want to access inside just remove these two and you can walk right in and
add in what you need to add in next you can go ahead and finish off the top just
like we did the other one with the stairs and something to keep in mind
here is you only need one dispenser for the water just make sure you fill in the
other gap with another block and you put a pressure plate right on that block as
well as the other ones the only ones that do not have pressure plates are the
dispenser and the two where the fire will be then on the back I have two buttons
just to make it look good but this button does nothing this is the only one that does the water
you have to press it again to turn it off but let’s go ahead and test the
front you should be able to use any button so we’re going to use the right
button you can see both fires turn on and then if we use the left button
you’ll see both also turn on and with that that concludes this video thanks
for watching please leave a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more minecraft
tutorials as always I’m CraftyBeardsman and Staaayyyyyy Crafty! 😉

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