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see you at the end hi everyone its Rhys Barber from audiology
associates thank you very much watching our video today and this is an ear wax
compilation video so an ear wax removal compilation video for you this gentleman
comes through with quite hardened up ear ear wax on one side just needs this
removing today just had a bit of reduced hearing basically in here while we’re
looking at this ear canal thank you so much for your messages of good luck and
congratulations about me getting married last weekend we had an absolutely fab
times amazing thank you so much guys it was really really appreciated by my
self and Leah so what we’re going to use today is a standard size zoellner
tube we’re using this just to free up the ear wax from the ear canal wall at the
moment you can see as we’re moving the zoellner tube through this ear wax it’s moving
a little bit so it’s not completely hardened up into a kind of a solid block
but there’s a little bit of movement a little bit of flexibility to this ear wax
because that’s the case you tend to find its really tacky and sticky so I’m
trying to unstick this from all the ear canal walls around the ear wax first of
all just moving it back and forth just to wiggle it back and forth the reason
I’m doing that chances are we’re probably going to need to use a Jobson
horn to remove this and if we free it up from the ear canal walls first of all it
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on YouTube I’ll pop a link into into the description below so just put a little
bit of olive oil in here and we’re just loosening this ear wax up a little bit just
so we can get the Jobson horn in over the top so
with the Jobson horn we’re looking to try and get behind the ear wax and bring it
forwards so we’ve got a good grip on it there and out it comes so it came out in
one nice big piece and there we go you can see there’s a little bit of a
little bit of swimmers here to the left-hand side there as well
so this is the piece we took out here if you’re watching this video on YouTube
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well now so you get we cover every base for you so this is another patient coming
through they have some quite dry ear wax here you can see the entrance ear canals
a little bit on the narrow side so not as easy to to remove this it’s not going
to leave us a great deal of room in there so the first thing I’m going to do
is you just and the size zoellner tube just to do a little bit gentle probing
of this ear wax you can just see just scraping on the outside edge of the ear ear wax
here breaking a few little crumbly pieces away on the outside part of the
ear canal really using the same kind of technique as you saw just a second ago
so really kind of free in this ear wax up from the ear canal walls first of all just
moving it back and forth you can see lots of little pieces all crumbling away
getting sucked up into this into this on the tube here some skin and dry ear wax getting sucked in there the skin that we’re removing from the
ear canal was actually dead skin it should normally come away but the ear wax has
trapped in this it won’t wasn’t able to get through got a grip on and I suppose
dry ear wax there at the base that’s come away let’s try to take the leading edge away
there on the right side and towards the bottom you can see the center this ear wax
is actually quite dry the outer side is quite crumbly and came away quite nicely
when you get to this the center section it’s more of a solid plugg so here comes
the Jobson horn it’s then narrow we have to go in sideways to get it in first of
all so the trick here is to get above the ear wax you can just see they’re just
pushing it a little bit of downward pressure in there just to try and get a
little bit of a grip on the center of the ear wax as we bring it out then go
behind it again just try and bring it a little bit more slowly there you go it’s
on its way there we I can see a lot a little bit to here in there get a good
look at it there and just check in behind this now so what we can see
though we’ve got some dry skin around the outside edge we’ve got some ear wax
covering the actual eardrum itself so the first thing we’re going to do is
just use the standard size on the tube we can’t use the Jobson horn on this
because it’s too deep we would run the risk try imagine you’ve got to get
behind the ear wax to bring it forwards this this ear wax is actually stuck to
the eardrum itself so we just going to do very gentle there you go see somewhat
dry skin peeling away there as we take the other way
very gentle suction holding on to this ear wax bringing it forwards getting it away
from the eardrum allows us to make larger movements then there you go
starting to work its way out you can see it’s stretching is quite dry stretching
away there obviously you go remember it’s a narrow entrance to the ear canal so
getting it past that point is a difficult yup there’s the eardrum looks
nice and shiny so same patient other side now so you
can see we’ve got quite a large hard drive of ear wax there as well same thing as before using the Jobson
horn at Joslin sorry using this zoellner tube to unstick it from the ear canal
wall yeah it’s broken a piece off you can see we got this long strip of skin
here see how thin it is it’s it’s difficult to pull this out sometimes
with with the suction tube so I’ll just use the crocodile for so it’s just to
grip this and take this away there we go because that’s just holding a lot of
this dry ear wax in there back to the suction tube now see once we get that
one piece where you can see the skin of your ear wax now that it’s behind it’s all
starting to move starting to migrate down the ear canal you know I just we’re
going up and down to make sure we get it out okay let’s take a look behind that
now okay just gently coming down the ear canal
try not to touch too much on the ear canal walls as it comes down just because it
can be quite uncomfortable for the patient go to the outer part of the ear
canal now this is actually the entrance of the ear canal here you got check behind
that now mm bit more still in there as with the other side it’s pushed right up
against the eardrum so be very careful here so very gently pulling this ear wax
towards us so rather than using the movement getting a grip on it using the
movement of the zoellner tube to wiggle this free I’m just going to use
the the actual suction movement itself so get close to the ear wax and pull it
towards the suction tube there you go that way then you don’t run risk of
damaging the eardrum you know you can be a lot gentler with this just you can see
there we’re just getting a grip on it just gonna touch and grip they see that
pulling away and peeling away as it comes away there’s a little bit more in
there yep yeah so this is quite stuck to the right-hand side ear canal wall so if I
try and get suction on the the rear end of that ear wax to bring it forwards it’s
not going to pull forwards easily so I’m going to keep this on or to really close
to the ear canal wall and just gently scrape along the top of the ear wax which is going
to lift it from the ear canal wall and that should then help us get a really good
grip and it should all peel out in one go so it’s just aiming so we’re just
going to go back in same thing again very close to the ear canal wall but try not
to touch it and then getting a grip there can you see it pull the it drags
all that ear wax from deeper in the ear canal the area comes there you go so that was
resting right up against the ear canal and
ear drum there we are lovely shiny eardrum so this is what we removed from the
second patient so obviously this is both ears here guys
so lots of our dead skin clumps of ear wax in there as well
thank you very much for watching our video today if you did enjoy the video
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