Pelican Flashlights: Safety Features for HazMat

Pelican Flashlights: Safety Features for HazMat

No matter how good your flashlight, it creates
a tiny spark when you turn it on. If it’s not a safety approved light, that spark can
ignite flammable vapors and gases. Of the dozens of safety lights that Pelican
manufactures, the Super Sabre Light has more approvals than any other light in the world. A safety approved light is sealed by an O-ring,
so vapors and gases can’t enter the body, and be ignited by the switch spark. This light is equipped with a tray that prevents
the batteries from being reversed. The batteries naturally off gas explosive
hydrogen, and if the battery is reversed, it will off gas hydrogen rapidly. That’s another
reason that non-approved lights are dangerous. Because the light is sealed, we’ve invented
a one-way purge valve that allows the hydrogen to escape. Any residue is handled by these
hydrogen absorbing pellets. Not only is the Super Saber light the safest
light you can buy, it’s also the toughest. And that’s the way we’ve been making them
for 25 years.

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  1. I have a pelican Sabre lite 2020 recoil LED and was wondering about that hydrogen port that was pointed out in the video. I luv it but do wish it had an on & off button switch.

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