Pesticide Bans Are Here California Leads The Way With Active Ingredients & Cities Banning Pesticides

hey welcome back welcome back to this
edition of the pest geek podcast I am Frank Hernandez your pest geek hey we’re gonna
be discussing pesticide bans and this has been something that I’ve been
talking about since I started this podcast over five years ago and I
started talking about this and when I talked about it
I was so ridiculed I was so chastised I said you got you’re crazy what you’re
saying isn’t going to happen and I said guys we’re going the way okay of Europe
and Canada where you’re gonna lose the majority of your pesticides and you’re
gonna lose a lot of active ingredients and not only are you gonna lose the
chemical but it is not going to be through the legislation of losing the
chemical that you’re gonna get the restriction it’s gonna by be by cities
passing bans on pesticide use in cities and in communities and in counties and
in possibly even states and the state that is leading the way is California
California is banning pesticides and more cities and counties are putting
bans on pesticides like rodenticides and they’re banning all types of
organophosphates even in agriculture and California is one of the largest
agricultural producing states that we have so they are dealing with this and
there is federal registration stuff going on that they’re going to be banned
but look at what I did back in 2015 okay let me show you here for a second here
go to 2015 here’s my podcast that I did on October 12 a pesticide ban is coming
to a near you and yet people told me oh
that’s not gonna happen I said guys I’m starting to see it I know what’s coming
where this podcast was on one city that band
okay the application of pesticides to lawns on residential properties but they
didn’t exempt themselves on government property or on parks and recreation yet
you personally were not allowed to apply to pesticide to your lawn because they
banned it in that city and everybody chastised me for it when I put this out
I got more hate mail on this than anything and if you look now go if you
go to none toxic communities dot-com non toxic
cities you will see an entire list look at this of City after City after City
after County that has banned pesticide use look at this over 75 bands are in here right now you
can count them they’re over 75 bands I we got a van here in miami-dade county
on the use of glyphosate roundup because supposedly it causes cancer now that
hasn’t been demonstrated yet that is not the EPA’s finding and we can have a
debate all day long about what the EPA the EPA is doing let me switch over here
so you can get a better look at me on what the EPA does okay but the reality
is that there are bands going on everywhere across the country and this
isn’t something that is happening in California this is happening in their
Northeast and it just happened in my backyard where we got banned and I had
the privilege in the honor of teaching about seventy-five miami-dade county
employees that are going to be using the new herbicide the new label on how to
properly apply this product and the challenges they’re going to face with
the new amount of Labor they’re gonna need and the effectiveness of this new
product when I ask the question how many of you that have been doing this and
applying herbicides have been doing it for more than thirty years none how many
of you the only herbicide that you ever applied was glyphosate and everybody
raised her hand see for the only time they’ve been using chemicals and using
an herbicide this is really all they’ve used they don’t know anything else they
don’t know any other mode of action they don’t have any other training in any
other type of active ingredient except this one and so now the reality is I got
to teach an entire county on how to use the new product and there is a lot of
restrictions with these newer products that they weren’t away
this product is actually more restrictive it’s actually less effective
so what you run into with these bands is the alternatives that are out there
people are thinking they’re gonna be able to switch from X to Y and it’s
gonna be just as effective when the reality is that you’re gonna have to
make more applications more times a year which means you’re adding more pounds of
active ingredient of a certain product because the unintended consequences of
it the amount of protection that you now need because this product has actually a
more restrictive label for PPE then did glyphosate so now you have cities having
to invest in a lot more equipment they have to get goggles for everybody
applying this product they have to make sure in in standard PPE we’re used to
this guys but understand we’re talking about the landscape industry and when we
talk about pesticide use we’re not just talking about GHP we’re talking about
lawn we’re talking about an ornamental we’re talking about termite okay we’re
talking about golf course industry we’re talking about the landscape industry in
itself doing something else so these things that are going on that are
affecting us as an industry it’s it’s it’s it’s a it’s going to affect the
homeowners and people and the property owners when I mean just Malibu just came
out where they got a whole city that they want to ban every pesticide they’re
banning rodenticides they’re gonna get overrun with rats in that city they’re
gonna have starting having viruses and diseases associated we’re having an over
communication basically what’s gonna happen in Malibu is Malibu is gonna turn
into an inner-city ghetto infested with roaches because they’re
wanting to ban every pesticide when you want to ban every single pesticide
that’s just ludicrous that’s not based on science that is based on one or two
people on council that decided they have the power and they went power crazy on
this issue and lost it there’s no rhyme or reason for it
there’s no logical thought and scientific thought of and and of course
California says you can’t do that that’s illegal the state of California you cannot ban
every pesticide you’re gonna have an epidemic on your hands I can’t wait
until they get the first you know all these epidemics and then all of a sudden
they’re they’re 20 million dollar mansion falls off the side of a clip
because it got destroyed by termites I want to see how far that’s gonna go
that’s just ludicrous so we gotta balance the science with the facts so
you know what was it claw peripherals that got banned now for use just ban
there’s no more use of it in California for crops and I said well you know it’s
an organophosphate cheese they got so many more active ingredients than we do
okay I mean what’s the deal there I mean you
got one organophosphate how much are they actually using so understand that
let me go over here again let me show you something
well I lost my my little screen here you got toxic cities and we’re gonna go over
here I want you to see this House of Representative bill HR 230 which bans
core peripherals completely bans it completely in the United States well
that got approved by the House of Representative I got passed they
actually had a ban on it on the EPA President came out and said no it’s
perfectly safe and EPA basically challenged this decision and reversed it
and I don’t know if that’s good or bad I can’t tell you I’m just telling you what
the news is I can’t tell you you know how I mean I’m only telling you what the
weather is like I can’t tell you how to dress but the reality is that that’s
what’s happening so California goes and says hey we’re gonna ban it take a look
at this you know you can see it right here and get you a little bit bigger and
I’m shooting a video for my audio podcast listeners
I’m wondering what the hell is Frank doing and what is he talking about
seeing this is a podcast no we’re doing a video podcast now of the entire
podcast so that we can be PC give people the media that they want where they want
it how they want it but California act to prohibit crystals pesticide so that’s
already a done deal now it isn’t like the farmers didn’t have any warning
about this was coming they did they knew about it they are always prepared for
this they’re doing testing on new products always problem is there’s hold
not a whole lot of new active ingredients you know in a group and in
the pesticide the the pest control products group Michael Burke put out a
post this week you know if you’re three you know what three active ingredients
would you fight to protect if you were gonna lose them and some people lost
their frickin mind other people the majority just didn’t care and this is
the problem in the industry that you’re gonna sit there and wait until somebody
does something for you to bellyache about it you’re non-responsive this is the
problem with our society as a whole this is not just in the pest-control most of
society will agree something needs to be done except only two to three percent
are actually screaming loud enough to be heard so that things change and that’s
the problem that ninety five ninety seven percent of people are inactive we
have a generation of I generous who will go on social media and complain about
everything but when it comes to showing up at the table to actually do something
about it they’re not there the next generation is
just not there they’re not engaged they’re not really engaged all the data
shows that the evidence shows that so us as as as pest control professionals okay
that we are supposed to be involved in this industry well because it happened
in the crop industry it didn’t happen in our industry and you will wait till a
band comes to your city and then you will just start screaming about it
complaining about it on social media you’ll never stop working that day to go
to the courthouse and to testify and to be active and to sign the petition and
to get active you’ll do nothing about it PCT magazine had the petition for
certain bands in California the last rodenticide band two-thirds of you say
you’re not actively involved in it you and your own survey in PCT magazine says
you were not involved okay so now we’re looking at this I say well how serious
is this problem with the the apply refroze corporis was being banned in
california and what does it affect well here’s the economic and pest management
evaluation of the withdrawal of fly riffles six major california commodities
meaning six major crops and i said okay so let’s see what it is all right so we
go down here and we say okay what are the six major crops where we’re looking
at alfalfa almond citrus cotton grapes and walnuts okay so I say okay so okay
there’s alternatives I mean the big 33 per
scent of the pesticide using california’s insecticide and there’s
basically five major insecticides used pyrethroids neo Nix I think in dr. carb
and I forgot one other active ingredient but they got way more than we do
available as pest control and I said okay let’s look at this so now the
current color peripherals program for alfalfa is per acre four dollars and 28
cents an acre to spray it with glorify refills
okay the next alternative is $13 and 77 cents this 221 percent increase and
there’s a hundred and fifty three thousand six hundred acres in 2016 of
alfalfa that seems to be the most difficult because of the weevils that
affect the alfalfa crops and those are much more difficult to control almonds
are gonna go from $15 to $20 35 percent increase that’s not a major issue now
considering that the nation’s almond supply 99 over 99% of the almond supply
comes from California and they export about a third of it or almost half of it
I think about 49 percent it gets exported citrus we’re gonna go from 28
to 42 a 49 percent increase not a major grapes oh my god they’re gonna see a
huge I’m sorry not walnuts I said almonds and
raisins and grapes they went from $14 check that to $68 okay which is a four
hundred and thirty seven percent increase in the cost of spraying grapes
I said man is the price of wine gonna go through the roof because that’s my next
question is what’s gonna happen to the cost of these commodities when the price
goes through the roof well walnuts and it wasn’t Allemands
that are our 99 percent I’m sorry walnuts are the ones that are
99% of the nations that’s a big you know they export most of the of the world’s
walnuts especially to China and which is a big buyer of walnuts so you’re looking
at $15.25 264 is a 320 percent alright so it’s only really about six crops that
get affected major major problem for California because one of these things I
mean they do a ton of wine so I said okay let me look and see what’s gonna
happen with wine well let’s look at walnuts California walnuts produces 99
percent of the walnuts grown in the United States 30 percent of the world’s
production 38 percent of the world’s production in walnuts now the biggest
problem that California faces with walnuts is not losing claw peripherals
for spraying those trees it’s the problem that they have with the post
fumigation that they have to do the walnuts with methyl bromide check this
out see they have to be fema gated because other countries will not allow
the product to enter the country unless they’ve been fumigated here’s the thing
normally it’s 3 to 3 to 12 hours with methyl bromide the next which is
phosphine is 4 to 10 days what that does to the crop if they actually get rid
completely and they don’t allow methyl bromide to be used anymore then we’re
gonna see a real spike in the cost of walnuts in the in the world okay
and so that is I said okay let me see what else I went to wine
well wine doesn’t seem to be grapes doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem
right now Napa wine industry boost environmental sustainability here is
here is the Napa Valley Register Napa growers ahead of the statewide band
on harmful pesticides of coli refroze and what Napa Valley says it says hey
guess what we haven’t even sprayed it in a year
they were ahead of it they’re looking at being more sustainable so they’re not
really being affected by it walnut growers one of the biggest things
facing walnut growers is not the pesticide it’s tariffs we understand so
I’m looking at this and I’m looking at hey what’s going to happen with all
these commodities coming out of California and what’s going to happen
with all these farmers that have to raise all their prices well there isn’t
a single chatter from any of these magazines on the cost okay so I’m
linking okay maybe you know in alfalfa California almonds while they looking at
another five million five hundred million pounds of producing ailments
there isn’t one chatter from any of these guys going the price is gonna now
increase from any of the commodities traders none of these guys lower prices
by refroze scrutiny dominate stalk with alfalfa growers the problem with them is
they can’t get their premium alfalfa they’re having to sell the low quality
and medium quality alfalfa okay and that’s where their price has been but
when you look down here at where this dominated the conversation it doesn’t
the problem that they have with alfalfa alfalfa weevil is that they’re very
difficult to control and with there are no other alternatives there are as good
or as cheap as color prairie for us here’s what’s gonna happen guys the
chemical industry is gonna immediately get on this and within a year they will
have a new active ingredient to deal with a lot of this because nothing
creates change necessity is the mother of invention it doesn’t it doesn’t kill
me what are gonna happen if we lose all of the products that we’re currently you
in this country it will have to do what Canada has done they adapted that’s the
trend what you got to think about is the trend that is happening
I’m warning you in preparing you about the trend that is coming that Europe is
effectively controlling pests in their properties and in homes and so is Canada
and what’s going to happen is labor is going to increase because as IPM
integrated pest management you’re gonna have to be integrated pest management
professionals what’s this country has gotten used to is the cheap chemical
prices and made the ability for a spray-and-pray guy to come in and spray
your baseboards every month and start and charge you thirty five dollars and
what’s gonna happen is that’s going to be gone okay
that is what’s gonna happen in this country that you’re gonna have to be
real pest management professionals learn real integrated pest management and
people are gonna have to repair their homes and they’re gonna have to seal
their homes right now you know people are like well can’t you use a product
and throw it in the attic and get rid of the rats yes you can and kill all the
rats in there and have a sting but the rats are gonna get back in because
you’re not spending the money to make those repairs and I know what people are
tell me well they’re parts of the country where people 100-year old homes
are not gonna get repaired they’re gonna get it done or they’re gonna be
inundated with rats when the community bans her identified when you’ve got an
infrastructure in California like in let’s say San Francisco who has a very
old city well look at what look at London 300 year old buildings it takes
real knowledge real professional real understanding to control a rodent
problem much more difficult to control a rodent problem in London than it is in
New York guaranteed and yet we’re not looking at this and saying what’s gonna
happen the reality is that we’re gonna end up with less chemicals and really a
higher grade of technician and this is why I’m doing this podcast and this is
why I’m doing the online training and this is why
I’m educating the world on IPM because I know what’s coming and what’s gonna
happen is all you guys are dependent on your little chemicals just solve every
problem are now gonna have to go to exclusion work and sell higher level of
service and then you will be paid as a true professional where you’re getting
paid two twenty-five and thirty dollars an hour because you no longer have
people in the industry there’s gonna be supply and demand less technicians
higher demand I mean that’s what really the industry wants that’s what we want
as pest control professionals right that’s what we want yet you’re not gonna
get it until this happens see what necessitates something new is getting
rid of the old it’s that simple but that’s not what you want to hear you
want me to tell you know you should be banning together with the industry and
talking about the bans and saving the bans look we’ve made an entire business
are we started dealing with nitrogen block out dates two years before they
were even there because we heard the chatter we know what’s coming and we
prepare for it and we got rid of nitrogen completely in our spraying of
lawns and shrubs and trees we don’t even use it and we don’t even need it and we
manage multi-million dollar properties for people who are highly demanding
because they’re not needed if you understand how to fix that soil biology
which takes one to two years the problem is here’s what the reality in America is
chemicals are cheap and available and as long as you can buy something cheap and
available and you can apply it then the instant fix and the instant is the
biggest complaint that universities have about IPM training is that people are
addicted to a quick fast cheap solution and it’s gonna come a day when you’re
not gonna have a cheap solution that is fast you’re gonna have to adapt to
waiting it’s it it’s other spray-and-pray or bait and
wait we went with bait and weight and spraying outside where we can control
things you see there is the difference of what is happening in our country so
I’m going through this and and I’m seeing what’s gonna happen you know
California loses peripherals what’s next you know that’s from croplife and the
reality is that next is the next thing it’s done it’s gone now you’re now
everybody has to get creative and and nothing happens into your force to get
creative necessity is the mother of invention we will have a new active
ingredient we will have a new combination we will have a more organic
crops we will have something it isn’t the end of the world
but understand this is the new trend this is the new normal this is what’s
coming to America and you don’t you’re not listening to me and you’re not
hearing me and I will continue to say this and repeat it and teach and train
and exhort and exhaust myself until America gets it that everybody in
America understands it and where we’re going so I hope that this podcast has
been helpful to you if it has do me a favor subscribe to the channel give it a
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