Polymer Clay Finishing – Renaissance Wax

Polymer Clay Finishing – Renaissance Wax

Hi guys, its Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay
Tutor, and today’s studio tip is Renaissance Wax. Now this is a new product that I am currently
in love with, it’s probably my favorite finish for getting a shiny glossy look on Polymer
Clay. Now, the reason why I love it is that it’s
easy to apply, it gets a nice beautiful gloss and it’s just…it’s just so easy, there’s
no drips, there’s no wait time, there’s no dry time, there’s… it’s just easy to work
with and beautiful finish. Now let me just show you what it looks like
on some little butterfly beads. Now here is a little butterfly bead that I’ve
put the wax on, and you can see it’s just gleamy and shiny and beautiful. I’ll show you the difference between…here’s
one here where I’ve put the wax on one side and I didn’t put the wax on this side, and
you can see this side is quite matte finished; that’s how it came out of the oven, and on
this side, it’s all shiny and glossy. Now sometimes you know… like…you know
that I already…I love to sand and buff things to a high shine and not even put a finish
on, but on projects like this, on these little beads where you’ve got a lot of sculpture
and especially anything that has a finish on it like Gold Leaf or Silver Leaf or PearlEx
Powder or something like that, where you can’t sand it, or it’s difficult to sand, it is
great to put a finish on it to protect it or give it a nice, shiny look. But there’s so many different finishes out
there, and I am really starting to find that most of the liquids are more hassle than they
are benefit. A wax like this, now this is a specialty wax,
it’s made in England actually, and it was designed for the galleries to use. Now it’s a UV protector, you can put it on
absolutely any finish, and without harming it. You can put it on paintings and that’s what
they do in galleries, they put it on wood, plastics, fabrics, paper, they’ve even used
Renaissance Wax for things like really precious photographs that they’re worried about breaking
down by UV light. You can put this wax onto anything you’re
worried about getting fingerprints on, or oils, or it works beautifully on metals, so
you can put it on like a Copper pot or Copper jewelry and it won’t tarnish, you can use
it on steel and it won’t rust, it’s just an amazing product. And it says it’s a micro crystalline wax,
and it comes in a little tub, I believe you can buy great big giant tubs of it, it’s relatively
expensive, but not in the long run, it’s about $16 or so. I bought mine at Otto Frei, or Frai, I’m not
sure how you pronounce that, but you can also get it at places like Polymer Clay Express
and other places online. It comes with this little pamphlet that just
talks about the wonders of it and how it’s used, and where it was designed and everything,
it’s just a really neat product, but it’s super easy to use. So I’ll just show you on this little dragonfly
bead where I didn’t coat these 2 wings here, and you can just use a soft cloth or a piece
of paper towel, and you just wipe it on, and like I said, it seems expensive for a little
container, but it goes forever and ever and ever and ever, so in the long run it’s not
expensive at all. So I just got a little bit onto my towel here,
paper towel, and you just wipe it on, and it dries really quickly, it makes a very hard
clear surface that dries really quickly, and you just can wipe it on, it works beautifully
on, you know…surfaces like this that are kinda tricky to get a nice glaze on. Then you just let it dry for a minute or so,
and then you can just buff it right up, and it looks to me like it’s kind of gone matte,
so that should be dry, so I can just start buffing this up, and you can add…you can
add more layers if you like, it’s not quite dry enough yet, anyways I’ll just keep going,
and as it starts to dry, it buffs right up to a beautiful shine. You can add more finishes, I mean more layers
if you want to get it super glossy, much easier than putting on a liquid finish, don’t you
think? So my question is, would you use a wax like
this for surfaces instead of a liquid? Or do you prefer to use like…something like
a gloss finish, that kind of thing? And would you pay the $15 for a little container
or not? If this was helpful for you, make sure to
press that like button; that would be great, and feel free to share this with whoever you
like. And if you have any comments or questions,
please leave them in the comment section below. So I hope that you enjoyed that, and I will
see you next time. Bye for now.

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  1. I've been skeptical about trying this, will the finish wear off? I use varathane because the shine lasts over time.

  2. No the finish does not wear off LDeath68. All it needs is a quick buff with a soft cloth to restore the luster. It was designed to protect artifacts and fine art museum pieces. If you want more info you should go to the manufacturers site

  3. Do you have to sand first?

  4. No you don't have to sand first Melodie, but if you can sand the piece, it will be smoother and will have an even higher shine once it is waxed and buffed.

  5. Thanks Cindy, Loved the tute and that you share all you wonderful finds with everyone. I am going to go price it on the internet now and yes I will buy a container. I think it will more than worth the money. I do have another question about PYM II. I heard that they now have it in high gloss finish. Do you know if this is true and have you tried it yet? Thanks again

  6. Hi Peggy, I hadn't heard about a high gloss version of PYMII. That sounds interesting. Will have to ask Donna about that. Glad you loved the tute!

  7. Thanks, Cindy, for sharing where to find Renaissance Wax. Can't wait to get some as most of my clay projects are difficult to sand. I so appreciate your cherry voice and all the valuable information you share.

  8. Thanks Cindy
    When you apply it to a gold-leaf-covered piece does it remove some of the gold leaf due to rubbing and buffing?

  9. I've been waiting for this. I will buy. The liquid is such a hassle for rings and beads. Thank you.

  10. Loved the tute! You have such practical tips. Could you please tell us if this wax has an odor at all? I am chemically sensitive to fragrances. Thanks!

  11. Yes it has an odor. Reminds me of shoe polish. It doesn't bother me at all, but I have heard it bothers others. I don't know if you saw my video on my first impressions of Kato Polyclay, but I had a real hard time with that smell and others didn't. I guess it really depends on the person and the type of chemical, as to whether it will bother you or not. I wish I could send the smell over the net for you, to see if it has any effect on you or not… but of course that is impossible! 🙂

  12. If your gold/silver leaf is stuck well to your piece then putting on the wax is no problem. If it is something loose like chalk, or a wax based rpoduct like Gilder's paste, you may find the Renaissance wax will remove the color rather than sit on top. Other than that it pretty much works on everything.

  13. Cindy, Linda K. here. I've been curious about Renaissance Wax for some time, but didn't want to spend the money on an unknown result. Your video shows me everything I need to know! Yes, now I know I'd spend the money on this product. It seems so much easier than liquids, which drip and take so much time drying and curing.

  14. Hi Cindy, this is great and I can even get Renaissance Wax, here in Aus..
    Yes I would use it as against the liquid varnishes as it looks easy to use and no mess.
    Thanks for the tut. Love seeing you in person.

  15. Hi Cindy,
    I am the exclusive agent/wholesale-distributor for Renaissance w/p & other products manufactured by Picreator Ent. Ltd. of London England. It's uses are endless! Apply it extremely sparingly…and while it's still soft… genlty buff with a microfiber cloth..let the fibers move the renwax evenly onto the object! A little bit goes a very long way! Please contact me for further information.
    [email protected]

  16. I haven't used Jonson's wax SantaandMrsClaus, but I have used Minwax which works well, but I still prefer the Renaissance Wax. The finish is harder, is archival safe, UV Protected, buffs to a very high shine, doesn't yellow and just plain feels nicer to the touch than any other wax I've tested. You may want to test the others yourself if you have some, but from what I've read and experienced the Ren Wax is the best that I know of.

  17. I think you will really like it Linda! I can't tell you how many times I have had to remove a finish that dripped, got lint in it, got bubbles in it or just plain looked bad. You'll never have those kind of issues with the wax. Glad to be able to show it to you. ~Cindy

  18. Nice to hear from you too Elizabeth! Glad you like the product!

  19. Do you know anything about Dorland's Wax Medium and whether or not this would have comparable results?

  20. Someone on the blog asked me about Dorlands as well. I have never tried it but it looks like and interesting product. I see its Beeswax based. Renaissance Wax is man-made, which according to their flyer has benefits over the natural waxes that “…contained acids which, in time, could spoil original finishes on national historic collections of furniture”… etc. Other than that I would have to try it to see what other differences they have.

  21. Thanks…I'm fairly new to polymer clay and have had the hardest time with finishes…not really loving any of them. I'd appreciate your feedback if you do get the opportunity to try out the Dorlands…I liked it, but don't want to jeopardize my work later on down the road.

  22. Hi Cindy – LOVED the video and immediately ordered it. Just got it today and aside from the smell I must say that it rocks. I tried it on a couple of pieces and really like the smooth feel it gives them. Many thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  23. Thanks Cindy! I have been looking for something like this. I don't like the waiting and dripping problems I have with liquids. I have to hover over any project I use liquids on and it is frustrating. I'm not good at watching paint dry either. I am going to purchase this right away, can't wait to get it and try it out. Thank you so much for sharing this, I never would have thought to use a wax.

  24. Have you tried Conservator's Wax? It is made in Canada and sounds similiar to Renaissance Wax. It is "a highly refined blend of microcrystalline waxes (petrochemical based) used by museums, art galleries and conservators to protect against airborne pollutants & finger marks, & is moisture resistance.
    It is a clear, light wax used on finished woods, metals, ceramics, marble, leather, gilding, photographs and even paper. It will also gently remove grime and wax build-up." Lee Valley Tools

  25. Hi Sylvia – In order to keep all of these types of follow up questions centralized in one place, I have re-posted your comment over the blog. The link to the relevant blog post is up in the "Show More" Description Box above, right under the video on this page. Unfortunately, YouTube won't let me add direct links within these comments.

  26. Hi Cindy, I'm a supplier in the UK that sells the Renaissance wax in both 200ml & 65ml cans. It is such a versatile product,it can be used stone, antiques and modern items of furniture and Sculpture Its great for people creating Jewellery using beads as well as metalwork. A little does go a long way, always apply a thin layer first then buff to a shine, for a more deeper luster apply again. Dont apply to much in on go as it will set in its paste like form. more info at tapesandpolishes

  27. Thanks for commenting MjrSupplies3038. I am sure that our friends in the UK will love having a local source. Thanks for the tips!

  28. I just bought this wax and my polymer clay pieces is not coming out shiny. 🙁

  29. Hi 1StandOut1. That can happen for too reasons. One, your piece is not smooth to start with. The more smooth it is, the shinier it will be when it is waxed. Or Two, you may have too thick a layer of Renaissance Wax on your piece. Just use a tiny amount and buff well when dry. Go try these things and let us know if that helps. Good luck!

  30. Hi, I love your dragonflies. With the wax, do you have to reapply at a later date to keep the piece looking nice or does it last a long time?

  31. I love Renaissance Wax, but I never tried it on polymer clay (I use it on metal). Can you use it on polymer over mica powders like perfect pearls, or would it rub of the mica powder? (I put the mica on before I bake the clay of course), and what with alcohol inks? Also, is the wax water repellent, waterproof?

  32. Hi Cindy have you ever used crafty notions acrylic wax?

  33. Hi Heidi, You usually don't need to reapply the wax at a later date unless you feel it may have worn off. A quick buff with a soft cloth will usually do the trick!

  34. Wow lots of questions karmelidesigns! Ren wax works great over perfect pearls but on other mica powders like PearlX powders, it will remove any powder that is loose since you have to rub the wax on. It also works well on alcohol inks, though I did find it will remove a little of the metallic alcohol mixatives. As far as being water repelant, yes it is. I haven't tried coating a piece of paper on both sides to see if it is totally waterproof though. But that would be a fun thing to try!

  35. Hi Kate, no I haven't tried Crafty Notions acrylic wax yet. Have you? I'd love to hear more about it!

  36. I am testing it out on a bead on my key ring at the moment. I figure it will get a good workout that way. I applied it to another bead and found it did seem to scratch off quite easily with my fingernail but it may not have been completely dry at the time. If it turns out to be ok I will be sure to let you know 🙂

  37. Thank you Kate for coming back and letting us know more about the crafty notions acrylic wax you were talking about the other day! Definitely come back again, when you have results of your testing. I'd love to hear more about it!

  38. Just got delivery of my little pot of this wonderful stuff,haven't used it yet and have just watched your tutorial on same. I bought it to put a finish on some metal and hadn't even thought of it for clay finishes, so I'm particularly happy about that and thank you so much. Your tutorials are wonderful by the way, not too long and to the point.

  39. do you know of any stores that carry it in the U.S.?

  40. I would use that and pay that! Thank you so much I'm having a time with my gloss. Thank you!!

  41. Rings & Things carries it. A Google search will give you other places to buy it. Thanks for commenting!

  42. I ordered it from plymerclayexpress 15 and some change. How shiny can you get things Cindy?

  43. That's great maggwhlz ! The smoother your piece is to begin with (sanded and buffed) than the shinier it will be with the Renaissance wax. If it is not smooth however, you will only get a soft sheen.

  44. Hi,

    Can I use this wax over a painted polymer clay piece (acrylic paint) to protect it instead of varathan liquid polish? Will the paint last?

    Thanks a lot for your tips!

  45. I am going to order this right now!!! Thanks!

  46. Hi Yana Mostizky, if you use a good quality acrylic paint to paint your polymer clay pieces with, you don't need any coatings. But if you wanted to add a soft sheen to the paint, you could definitely use this Renaissance Wax if you like.

  47. I've used this wax for years…so long in fact, I still have the tub I bought for $8.00 LOL I've used it on Steel Knives, wood carvings, and Sterling Silver. As she says, this is a miracle wax. I never thought of using it on polymer clay. GREAT NEWS! Thank you very much for the tip!

  48. This sounds like a great and easy to use product. I like using good quality rubbing stains and protection products for wood. So yes I defently would try this one out. I like the comment below me. It say a lot on how long it would last.

  49. I use mica and ink to color my clay jewelry, my question is, can I use this wax on it?  Is it better than Varathane and Future Floor Finish (just read about it on your website)?? Also please advise how can I give an ultra shine to my products. Thanks in advance.

  50. Hi Cindy, I highly appreciate your reply! I've heard about "Triple thick gloss glaze" (decoart). I hope you must have experimented it. Some people said its glaze lasts long plus it gives shine and depth like resin to polymer clay jewelry. What is your opinion on this?

  51. I had some textured pieces i made for jewelry that probably wouldn't be able to capture the wax in the crevices. I would love to try the wax though.  It seems easy and very shiny.

  52. I found Conservator's Wax (same product) at .  125 ml (4.4 fl oz) for $13.50 CDN.

  53. Hi Cindy!  I heard so many wonderful things about the Renaissance wax so I just recently bought a jar.  My concern was the smell?  Does it ever go away?

  54. I'm far too lazy (I would have said "busy" to sound better, but what the heck) to do the sanding, so this is right up my alley. I was so impressed w/ how easy it was to get the look that I usually prefer on my polymer clay pieces that I went to Amazon and bought a jar before I'd even finished this video!

  55. Cindy, I just bought a 200ml jar (7oz) for $18.95 on Amazon…great deal thanks for this tip or I would of never bought it..this jar should last forever ( well a very long thanks for all you tip, trcks and tuts

  56. Hi Cindy I can seem to find any answer on Do I need to sand first??

  57. Love the look of this. I am definatly going to try this, it looks so nice and gives it an awesome shine.

  58. Can u use the Renaissance wax on clay that has low & high levels on it

  59. Cindy did you ever try Minwax Paste Finishing Wax?  I'm curious how they compare, I just bought it for $10 for 1 pound 454 grams at Amazon

  60. Awesome il give it a try thank you

  61. I am just starting my polymer clay journey.
    And this is absolutely what I was looking for. Being new and with the research I've done and for what I'm looking for in the end result, this product looks fantabulous!

    I am excited to see how it turns out with that finish on the Fimo Effects Gemstone line.

    Thank you for this video!

    I have just put my order in thankful I found this before placing.
    As soon as it arrives I will post an update on how it's working out for me.

  62. I did buy the Renaissance wax &I I believe it is well worth the price I paid. Thanks for showing me how to use it properly . Joyce

  63. you just BLEW my mind…  Thanks

  64. I'm so using this on my beads!

  65. Really helpful! Thank you so much 🙂

  66. Thank you for your lovely tutorials. 🙂 xxx

  67. I can't believe I am just now finding this video! I swear YouTube hides videos from me! I hate the overly shiny, sopping wet look of so many glazes out there. This will be a wonderful way to add little shine and a bit of protective layer too. The price is not too much to pay for such a simple product. Going to order some as soon as I finish this comment. Thanks for all your wonderful tips.

  68. I would use this.  I have found that liquid finishes tend to peel off and I didn't like the results.  I really love polymer clay but moved away from this medium for jewelry mainly because I didn't like finishing results.  UNTIL I FOUND YOU and your tutorials.  You are a really smart lady and I really enjoy your tutorials.

  69. Hi, Cindy! Do you think this wax would be protective enough over metal leaf or small embroidery alike details of polymer clay. I guess it's not something I can replace with honey wax, right?

  70. Hi Cindy, I love your tutorials, you explain everything so well. I am new to polymer clay and can't wait to start making things. Thank you again
    Best wishes
    Karen , Greenwich, London UK

  71. Hi Cindy, could I use Dorland's wax instead?

  72. Hello Cindy, I am sure when I try the wax it will become the way I shine every thing. I am not good at waiting for something to dry. Leaving things to dry over night and then put another coat on and keep on waiting. No I just have no time for that. I am happy to know about this product. I have learned so much from you. I want to say thank you very much for your time, and the sharing of your knowledge. Blessings to you and yours, Ms. Judy 😃

  73. Want to use it on beads and put them in tumbler.Do I nee t add any thing? If so, what.Thanks

  74. Thanks for the info. Will be trying it!

  75. Thank you Cindy, I found this a very helpful tutorial. Have watched it a couple of times now, plus looked the product up from the link on your website. Found a seller here in NZ too, so easy to get. Loved your little dragonflies too by the way.

  76. I have some of this was and love it. I think it is deconstruction worth the price. A little goes a long way so it lasts a long time. I was amazed at the finish it put on sea shells.

  77. How would you go about sanding/polishing/finishing a rose, or other items with small nooks and crannies?

  78. Hi Cindy, I watch your videos all the time…I am now considering buying Renaissance wax but then I stumbled across Decoart Creme Wax…and wondered if you have ever tried it on polymer clay to compare with Renaissance wax.

  79. I just got in my Renaissance wax and I came over to find your tutorial on it (again). Looking forward to this!

  80. Hi!!! Better Renaissance wax than liquid varnish, because it is difficult to hide the brush marks… By the way… Thanks for your videos, I have learned a lot about polymer clay with you… I am a beginner and I have a lot of questions, therefore I will continue watching and thumbs up your fabulous videos… Regards from Mexico.. Bye

  81. Yes, Yes and yes. The question is: Will it be available in Australia? Thanks for the demo.

  82. I was able to get a sample size of this wax. Planned on using it on metal but now I'm going to try it on a polymer clay necklace piece I just made. Thanks for the video!

  83. Super high pitched "hi guys" in the beginning of the video made me not watch . Why does every you tuber do this

  84. Have you ever tried this on a piece with a lot of raised detail? I'm thinking of the polymer pieces made to look like embroidery. They don't take well to sanding 😉

  85. A purchase for me in the very near future. You can also buy this from Shades of Clay in Canada. Have you tried this over Alcohol Ink?

  86. This is an amazing wax. I was looking for a product that I could use on my seed bead embroidered jewelry pieces to help minimize color fading of the beads and the metal clasps, etc. I stumbled on this about a year ago and I love it. I did kind of learn the hard way, the importance of buffing the product off very well once dry. I had coated my necklaces, bracelets, etc. with a fairly thin layer and buffed with a jewelry cloth. I was doing a craft fair to sell my pieces. It was my first craft fair, my pieces looked amazing, but it rained and not many people braved the rain and I only sold 3 pieces. Little did I know that was a blessing in disguise because a few weeks ago I was outside on a fairly warm and sunny day, taking pictures of some of my pieces for my website and to my horror found the pieces that were in 5ml plastic bags had warmed and now had the feel of stickiness. My heart sank. I thought all my beautiful pieces that I had spent weeks and weeks and weeks making were now ruined and I thought of my 3 customers and what they would be thinking. I took the pieces inside and tried buffing with a cloth again but I could still slightly feel the residue. Then I thought of my dog’s nail dremel. I ordered some little buffing heads of various sizes from amazon and voila I was able to make light work of removing the wax. So I share this as a cautionary tale. If using this on something with intricate nooks and crannies or something that will be exposed to warmth, make sure to buff and buff again. It may seem like a lot of work but when done right the end results and benefits of it’s amazing protection properties make it worth it.

  87. This stuff is AMAZING! I really do not care for the liquid finishes at all. I HIGHLY recommend. Seems expensive, but well worth it. Lasts forever!

  88. Magic wax for polishing coins..

  89. Hi mam I have one question
    If I don't have that UV lamp ,then ?

  90. Do you have to sand the piece first?

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